2 Arrested For Allegedly Holding Man Against Will

ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Two people were arrested in Ross Township for allegedly holding a man in their vehicle against his will.

According to police, Jordan Osheroff, 21, and Rachel High, 20, were arrested Sunday morning.

The incident began after the couple met another man at the Perrytowne Draft House in Perrysville around 2 a.m.

Once he got in the car, they told him he was going with them. When they drove to Squirrel Hill, the victim called 911.

“They threatened him with violence, told him they had guns – even assaulted him while he was on the phone with 911,” Ross Twp. Police Sgt. Ben Dripps said.

“They continued traveling throughout Ross Township, the city of Pittsburgh in speeds that reached excess of 70 miles an hour.”

According to the criminal complaint, the victim said High kept slapping his phone from his hands and hitting him in the face several times.

The victim was unable to get out of the car on his own because the child-proof safety locks were engaged.

“When the officers spotted the vehicle, not only did they recognize it via description as provided by 911, the window was down – he was actually yelling for help,” Dripps said.

Ross Township police pulled over the vehicle at a McDonald’s on McKnight Road. High gave up, but Osheroff had to be pepper sprayed.

Osheroff is facing charges of unlawful restraint, conspiracy, resisting arrest and DUI.

High is being charged with conspiracy, underage drinking, unlawful restraint and public drunkenness.

Both are being held in the Allegheny County Jail.

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  • Terry Trees

    Holding a “person against their will”? Do KDKA journalists comprehend 3rd grade English grammar? Do the words “singular” and “plural” have meaning to them? This is just pathetic.

  • Bob

    More importantly, what bar were they drinking in? Why are they not saying? Is it because the bar was serving an underage girl?

    • Jake

      3rd paragraph. “Perrytowne Draft House in Perrysville”.

  • Ron Burgandy

    KD News makes sure to leave out most of the details so people will tune in at 4-5-6 10-an 11

    • John

      This story is a hoax made up by the non victim and his friends.Joyriding,speeding and stopping at McyDs for something to eat.Nothing more. When the truth is found out,and it probably already has…The non-story will end quietly due to the non-investigation by news stations and the search for a cool story


    I do, if I knew which bar served her I would tell.

  • sasha

    KDKA should do more tennis, more excitement than the bimbos reading the news

  • jc2

    That’s why I don’t live in Pittsburgh

  • Ray

    The hell with pepper spraying. Break out the stun gun.

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