Job Market Dampers Labor Day Parade

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Thousands of people flocked downtown to watch and participate in one of the largest Labor Day parades in the country Monday.

However, a weakened job market left a different feel to this year’s parade.

The weather for the parade was dark and dreary, which was much like the employment outlook for the state.

“For about a half-million Pennsylvanians on any given month for the last two years, it’s not been that happy of a Labor Day as they’ve not been able to find work,” Frank Syder with the AFL/CIO said.

Traditionally, this year’s parade had thousands of marchers, marching bands and plenty of color and sound.

While today was meant to be a celebration, there was a sense of frustration among workers.

“They were saying the job situation in America won’t turn around until 2017. I can’t wait that long,” Shawn Wygand said.

“It’s difficult only because a lot of our rights have been taken away. We have to fight every day to maintain what we have. It’s hard,” Boilermakers Union member Pete Canovali said.

Record unemployment and a faltering economy had many marchers unsure of what is next for their job.

This year’s motto for the parade was, “Stand up and fight back.”

“Hopefully the unions will be strong again one day but right now they are having their problems,” one man said.

Officials estimated that 70,00 people either participated or came out to watch the parade.


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One Comment

  1. frank says:

    Rain not good, parade should be fun. Wouldn’t attend this ‘political’ rally, but since my son is in one of the bands, we will be there to watch. Democrats are good at exclusion and not too good at inclusion I guess.

  2. Dave says:

    That’s very true Frank. It’s amazing how, in this town, labor=union. I guess the other 85%+ of us who bust our butts every day aren’t “labor”, so therefore we don’t count.

  3. Guido says:

    None of them would stand in the rain for a job, but have a parade them come out of the bar

    1. Harley says:

      Guido you are so right, there are plenty of jobs but people just don’t want to either get up early in the morning for a shift or they didn’t figure out that your life should evolve around your work schedule. We just hired a 37 year old grown man a three weeks ago, as soon as he walks through the door he is texting tweeting and talking about nothing. When the boss leaves his pants go down around his fanny and he still does not understand why he can’t smoke a blunt at work as long as it is on his fifteen minute break. Either this dude is stupid or he does not want to really work.

  4. union6 says:

    first bath for them this week

  5. Kevo says:

    The largest number of union members are working for the government, fed, state and local……did the trade unions pay all their out of work members to show up and march today?

  6. adam12 says:

    all Obama supporters. enough said

  7. Dan Haney says:

    Way to go Shawn on getting interviewed .
    What a great parade in The Steel City. We had a great one in The City of Brotherly & Sisterly Love as well. No mayyer who you support, and if you are in a Union or Not, If you are out of a job, you are hurting. And if you have a job, don’t forget, your job can be outsourced next thanks to GREEDY CORPORATIONS and the Tax Breaks that republicans continue to lobby to keep for them.

  8. Eva Kerschbaumer says:

    I would like people to know that our small business hired 12 people in the last 37 days. And we want to hire at least 3 more but we cannot find ANY qualified applicants. All we ask is that someone commit to working at least 5-6 hours on a Saturday and that they show up on time and be professional. No heavy lifting, no degree required, and usually, we take you to lunch or dinner at least every other week. Plus benefits and more. We are doing this ourselves – not government help required. If you would like to apply, visit

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