Council Moves Step Closer To Relaxing Parking Enforcement

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — On behalf of a majority of Pittsburgh city council members, Councilman Bill Peduto introduced a bill to suspend until January the enforcement of city parking meter charges after 6 p.m.

“What we’re seeing is in our business districts, in our neighborhoods, the parking situation has become very burdensome,” Peduto told KDKA-TV Political Editor Jon Delano.

“We can take a temporary leave of that while we solve the things that should have been solved by June and then be able to readdress that by the end of the year.”

If approved, this would reverse council’s earlier action that imposed meter fees until 10 p.m. in seven busy neighborhoods – Downtown, Oakland, Shadyside, the Strip District, North Shore, South Side, and Squirrel Hill.

But some council members are not convinced.

“We should not be suspending enforcement at this time,” noted Councilman Patrick Dowd. “We should be waiting to see what the state says and we should be considering the long term needs of the system.”

The loss of meter revenues worries some if it means a state takeover of the city pension system.

“That’s my principal concern is to make sure that we are not forcing the city into a state takeover which is what we worked so hard to avoid,” added Councilwoman Theresa Kail Smith.

But Mayor Ravenstahl favors the suspension, says Parking Authority chair Scott Kunka.

And on the issue of one hour limits in Market Square and elsewhere, Kunka says he is already acting unilaterally.

“The mayor has also heard that and as of Friday afternoon he has directed me to direct the Authority to change all one hour meter time limits in the city to two hours,” says Kunka.

“In some areas, they are three hours, four hours or more. But in the areas where are one hour presently, they are being changed, starting today, being changed from one hour to two hours.”

That relief takes effect, says Kunka, when new signs are posted.

An initial vote on this bill is expected next week, along with some debate. Final passage is expected in about two weeks.

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One Comment

  1. Dennis R Weston says:

    If they did away with the meters, people might go downtown to shop. That would stimulate the economy and bring in tax dollars. How I can buy anything when I am being slapped with a b.s. parking violation every other week? They change the rules and don’t tell you. No yellow lines. No signs. (I got a ticket for parking closer than 20 feet from a cross walk when there was a meter in that spot just months ago.) They make it too difficult to fight the ticket so people just pay it to be done with it. It’s a racket and they know it. The city gets alll my spare cash and the retailers get nothing.

  2. Level_Green says:

    If they would have thought the parking increase through in the first place, asked their constituents and local businesses what they thought about the idea before invoking it, maybe Pirsburgh Couxncil wouldn’t find themselves here.

    On the other hand, no one ever confused these folks with strategic thinkers at a time when they were considering anything tom stave of state take over of the pension system. How about a bake sale kids???

  3. Mara_in_Columbus says:

    The modus operandi in town is to nickle and dime the people to fix their mistakes. And they wonder why the population coitinues to go down. Stop wondering. This parking meter nonsense is a perfect example. Viewing this video, what a joke it all looks like.

  4. EnoughAlready says:

    The current onerous parking enforcement policy is having a detrimental effect on Business downtown after 6:00. This parking policy is just giving people even more incentives to spend money outside the city. The most common reason I hear for why people do not want to go to the city is parking.

    Instead of basing this policy on revenue, it should be based on a policy that attracts business and people to the city. It is mismanagement by the politicians in the city that created the current financial situation in the city. An onerous parking policy which hurts businesses in the city is not the answer. Fiscal restraint is the answer. If our current leaders cannot solve the problem without making the people and businesses pay more, maybe we need new leaders.

  5. More lost money says:

    I wonder how much money they’re spending constantly changing these meters…

  6. MLK says:

    he be in jail for like 100 years….have a nice life mf’er

  7. Critter says:

    Liberal democrat attorney will get him out in 5 years

  8. JamalDesean says:

    Democrats at their finest

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