Former NHL Center who had his career cut short due to concussions, Keith Primeau joined Joe Starkey and Josh Miller of Seibel, Starkey and Miller to talk about the update on Sidney Crosby as well as the plane that crashed carrying the KHL Lokomotiv team.

Keith played with a member of the Lokomotiv team that passed away in the plane crash and talks about how hard it is to see something like this happen.

Before seeing the press conference today, Keith was expecting to hear that Sid would forego this season in order to best take care of himself and keep the distraction away from the team.

When it comes to the concussions he has suffered, Keith said only four were documented, but he knows he suffered a great many more, and it was that cumulative effect that forced him to retire. 

Six years removed from his last concussion, Keith said he still suffers symptoms, but luckily has felt the best he has in a long time over the past month, but isn’t sure how long this stretch will last because he had felt this way before.

Sid had some questions and concerns about the concussions he suffered and had his agent reach out to Keith to help possibly answer some of them, and Keith told us how that went.

When asked if Crosby could return to being the best player in the world, Keith said without question, 100 percent he can regain that level of play because things are being handled properly between him and the Doctors.

We wrapped things up with Keith getting his thoughts on what kind of league Sid will be coming back into and what changes should be made.

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