Local Residents Want Obama To Focus On Jobs

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — President Obama is expected to outline a more than $400 billion American Jobs Act tonight in a speech to Congress and the American public.

And there’s only one topic on most people’s minds.

“Hopefully that there will be more jobs soon for all the people that are unemployed,” says Tammy Cropelli of Brentwood.

It’s a worry for a lot of people.

“I’m really worried. My sister just graduated college and she’s having a hard time looking for jobs and such, so I’m really nervous, too,” notes Katie Gazdak of the Hill District.

Some, like Carla Gaines Robinson of Oakland, think the President needs to be creative.

“Before we could do manual labor and different things. We have to invent things. All the other countries are inventing things,” she says. “We have to create our own jobs.”

Carlow University political scientist Allyson Lowe says the President has a daunting task.

“He needs to talk to a variety of voters about jobs and about the economy, and he needs to convince them that he’s the leader that they need to follow in order to fix the economy,” Lowe told KDKA political editor Jon Delano.

“I think he needs to inspire some confidence and communicate that he actually has a plan,” adds Chris Bonneau, a University of Pittsburgh political scientist.

“His approval ratings [are] as low as they have been — he’s not been able to work with Congress very well — he needs to have a detailed plan.”
Bonneau says the President needs to get specific.

But some worry Congressional Republicans may block everything the President wants, although that does carry a political risk.

“The Republicans are in the lucky position to be able to say no to whatever the President to suggests,” says Lowe. “But it’s up to the electorate to decide if ‘no’ is actually a policy or is ‘no’ just a position for the campaign.”

Because many believe the 2012 presidential election has already begun, what the President says tonight and how he says it could be critical to his re-election, even if the Republican-controlled House of Representatives fails to adopt any of his ideas.

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One Comment

  1. Pedro Depacus says:

    Barry y el polo globo amigos comunistas deben haber desaparecido en el 2012,
    adios Barry bin decco.

    1. Pedro in English says:

      Barry, the pole puff and his commie buddies are going to lose in 2012′
      bye Barry , you big @#%^ .

  2. Pedro Depacus says:

    Tienes razon roja i debe pasar a Tiawanna gracios a la administracion Barry hay mas puestos detrabajo alli que en la USA By la forma en que Barry se re-electos y ortoga administia a los Illegates que van a necesitar para aprender a hablar espanol.
    bye bin deccos.

  3. Zoeyzotron says:

    Did anyone even watch this campaign speach? What a joke… Lets spend another 450 B that we dont have.

    It is amazing to me that this guy can not even change direction a little.

    As a taxpayer I would be more than will to fund a trip for him and his family to any resort in the world for the rest of his term. Far less damage would be done that way.

    God save us until 1/20/2013.

    1. Robert says:

      I watched it for 10 minutes, it was all I could stand.

      obama is a Joke

  4. PGH Michelle says:

    14 months is a LONG time…. It can’t come soon enough

  5. Tom says:

    I am embarrassed to admit it (which is why I’ll only do it under the veil of this made up name) but I voted for Obama. I was not all rah rah about it, but I bought into it.

    It’s over now, last night was the nail in the coffin and I UNlike Obama can admit when I make an error in judgment.

    How can someone keep doing the same thing over and over and over again when it clearly does not work? Last night was sickening.

    Once again, I am ready for change! Really really ready this time…

  6. Hwright says:

    What major REPUBLICAN responseS!!!! You dont even bother give hom a chance his speech was awesome!!!! Hes doing what needs to be done IDIOTS!! how can one judge something when he doesnt EVEN watch it!!!!! Everything he is trying to do once was brought up by republicans and democrats in the past but was never put through because of politics.. Just watch the MORON REPUBLICANS VOTE DOWN WHAT THEY HAVE WANTED IN THE PAST TO PURELY MAKE A PRESIDENT LOOK BAD…..

    1. TheOne says:

      It’s common sense responses, HWright. When someone has lied and has done the opposite for nearly everything that they said they will do then you can longer trust. Would you stay with and believe in your wife/husband if they consistently lied and betrayed you? How about a friend? Probably not if you’re a normal thinking human.

      Also, please educate yourself with economics (not Keynesian) and how jobs are created. They are doing a disservice to tax paying people by “stimulating” the economy. Do you realize if he pushes through the TPP that it will push even greater number of jobs out of the country?

      No one is trying to make your beloved President look bad, what he does makes himself look bad. Wake up from your liberal state of mind – you’ve been duped. Read history, too.

      One last thing, drop the left/right and/or Republican/Democrat paradigm, they are all against the best interests of the people. People really need to rid themselves of this tribal mentality when it comes to politics.

      1. Hwright says:

        Really what has he lied about???? Has he been dealt a fair deal??? Is he being treated fairly as a President??? Was this country a sparkling glass of wine when he took office??? Was it for george bush when he took office???

    2. HE'S BAD NEWS says:

      How about an Independent response for you Hwright, he started off with an offering and ended up with punishing others where is your fairness there.
      Obama offers and then takes away like he was LORD GOD or did you miss that part.
      Repel Obamacare, stop spending money you don’t have, quit using large government to interfere with private sector businesses as well as individuals which that alone will make a LARGE difference in private sector growth, for no one has any motivation to succeed only to be penalized , and that’s not a fox news quote that is true feeling as to why bother.
      I just hope the GOP or other picks a good candidate for I WILL NOT VOTE OBAMA.
      If the Democrats were really smart they would have a primary and unseat Obama and maybe they would have a small chance. .

    3. Zoeyzotron says:

      Obama need no help looking bad. He has had darn near three years to come up with a jobs plan and has gfailed.

      Last night was noting more than an extention of the 800B plan that failed. I have no interest in seeing another 450 B wasted away.

      1. TheOne says:

        450B isn’t being wasted away.. They are doing what they need to in order to inflate the currency to pay off the bills with a debased fiat and/or electronic numbers, and destroy the middle class.

        The following are 15 examples of how “the little guy” is getting absolutely killed in America today….

        #1 The “Little Guy” Is Finding It Increasingly Difficult To Run A Small Business

        The number of “self-employed” Americans continues to rapidly shrink. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 16.6 million Americans were self-employed back in December 2006. Today, that number has shrunk to 14.5 million. Even though we have 14 million unemployed people in this country and jobs are incredibly difficult to come by, the number of people trying to work for themselves continues to decrease because the environment for small businesses in this country has become so incredibly toxic.

        #2 The “Little Guy” Is Being Hounded By Federal Bureaucrats

        Did you know that hay is not considered a “pollutant” by the federal government? Kansas cattle feeder Mike Callicrate recently told an audience that the EPA is now cracking down on his feedlot….

        “Has the Environmental Protection Agency declared hay a pollutant?” an audience member asked. Callicrate responded affirmatively and explained that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently initiated a formal enforcement action against his Kansas feedlot for, among other things, failure to store his hay in a pollution containment zone. “Now that EPA has declared hay a pollutant, every farmer and rancher that stores hay, or that leaves a broken hay bale in the field is potentially violating EPA rules and subject to an EPA enforcement action,” Callicrate said. “How far are we going to let this agency go before we stand up and do something about it?”

        #3 The “Little Guy” Is Losing Health Coverage Because Of Obamacare

        According to a recent report from the National Federation of Independent Business, one out of every eight small businesses in the United States have either already had or expect to have the health insurance plans for their employees terminated by the health insurance companies because of Obamacare. Another recent survey of mid-size and large businesses found that nearly ten percent of them plan to stop offering health insurance coverage to workers once Obamacare insurance exchanges begin in 2014, and another 20 percent are not sure if they will continue to offer coverage or not. Our health care system is deeply broken and the ones that keep getting the short end of the stick are average Americans.

        #4 The “Little Guy” Is Being Forced Into Desperate Living Conditions By This Economy

        As I wrote about recently, millions of Americans are now living out of “budget motels” because that is the only option they have left. Large numbers of Americans that have lost their jobs or their homes are now living in decaying hotel rooms because at least it beats living on the street. One of my readers named JD recently left a comment describing his own experience with living in these “budget motels”….

        As for living in budget hotels I know firsthand of this. I spent last fall in several of them in my old town. They are shoddy, sometimes you have to share bathrooms with several other people, they are infested with bedbugs and despair clings to the very air itself. Its funny, In Helena MT they have the budget hotel in the general area of the homeless shelter. I call the Budget Inn Hotel Gods Love part 2. Gods Love is the name of the shelter. People go from the hotel to the soupline across the street. Its stunning the people you see in the shoddy hotels and souplines. I saw beautiful women staying in those places. I wondered what happened to them to have to stoop to that level of poverty. I eventually ran out of money so I stayed in my car instead of staying in that terrible shelter. The people are always sick and I was afraid of catching TB or staph infection. Im not better than those people so I hope I dont sound snobby. Im so grateful to God for giving me a second chance to salvage my life. I truly feel like a modern day Cinderella Man.

        #5 The “Little Guy” Is Getting Taxed Into Oblivion While The “Big Guy” Has It Relatively Easy

        Today, the wealthiest 400 Americans pay approximately 18% of their income in taxes. Many middle class Americans find themselves paying a much, much higher percentage of their incomes to the government than many of the wealthiest Americans do. Our income tax system is fundamentally unjust and needs to be completely discarded.

        #6 The “Little Guy” Is Being Abused By Local Government

        Local governments in the United States love to sink their teeth into small businesses. Since they don’t have the same flexibility to just pick up and move like large corporations do, local governments often see small businesses as “captive” sources of income. In a recent article, Charles Hugh Smith commented on this phenomenon….

        Local government sees small business as one thing and one thing only: a captive source of extra revenue via higher licensing fees, junk fees, permits, surcharges, etc. Local government thinks small business is captive, but the local politicos and fiefdoms are forgetting every small business owner has an option: it’s called closing down, and opting out of the rat-race of higher taxes and costs.

        #7 The “Little Guy” Is Being Absolutely Hammered With Ridiculous Regulations

        The number of nightmarish regulations that “the little guy” has to deal with today just continues to increase. For example, a reader named Mark recently left the following comment on one of my recent articles….

        Many of the rules created and enforced by the government are over the top. For example: as a farmer (farming my own land) the government wants to require me to have a CDL to operate my own tractor. This is not needed. These type of regulations just bring more money to the government and then we get more bureaucrats. The family farms will go away and you end up with big corporate farms in their place that can afford to pay the fees. In my state the government claims ownership of all the underground water. They do not think it is fair that we in the country do not pay for the use of it. The folks in the city pay for water, so we should too. When the people in the city pay their bill it covers the water, treatment costs, installation of pipes, power costs,etc. They fail to consider that we pay for our own costs such as drilling the well, buying and installing the pump, the pressure tanks, the piping, no water treatment, the cost of power to run the pump, the cost to repair the system, etc. This is just another way for government too take more money without providing a service. Let’s see, under the new food safty regulations, the government will have the power to come and inspect my garden. What comes next? Will I need to buy a permit to have my garden in order to cover the cost of the government inspector? Another one is the government wants to erect a fence 60 feet from the center of each side our creek. These would be for wildlife corridors to bring on more of UN agenda 21.

        #8 The “Little Guy” Has To Pay The Bill For The Mistakes Of The “Big Guy”

        During the financial crisis, the big banks got hundreds of billions in bailouts and trillions in secret loans from the Federal Reserve. Most average Americans that found themselves deeply suffering got next to no help from the federal government. Instead, all we got was a big debt bill that our descendants are going to be expected to pay off for generations to come.

        #9 The “Big Guy” Will Mercilessly Come After The “Little Guy” If Payments Are Missed

        Because they don’t think that you have any power, the big financial institutions will treat you like garbage if you don’t pay them on time. For example, Bank of America recently called one grieving widow up to 48 times a day to remind her that her husband’s debts needed to be paid. The following is an excerpt from a recent article in the Daily Mail….

        The bank told the widow that it was unable to stop the calls until the debt was paid as they were computer generated.

        Mrs Crabtree claimed that the calls began the day after her husband died of cancer.

        She told the bank that she only had $5,000 cash to hand, which was needed for food and to bury her husband, but debt collectors told her that she must use it to pay them.

        Mrs Crabtree said she and her family spent her husband’s wake repeatedly hanging up the phone on calls from the bank.

        #10 The “Little Guy” Is Struggling To Stay Out Of Poverty

        The middle class in America continues to rapidly shrink. According to a new report produced by Pew Charitable Trusts, approximately one out of every three Americans that grew up in a middle class household has slipped down the income ladder.

        #11 The “Little Guy” Has A Smaller Share Of The Pie Than Ever

        If the United States is still “the land of opportunity”, a whole lot of people are being left out. At this point, the poorest 50% of all Americans now control just 2.5% of all of the wealth in this country.

        #12 The “Little Guy” Is Watching The Federal Government Destroy Our Jobs

        We are experiencing the worst stretch of unemployment since the Great Depression and yet Barack Obama keeps pushing for more “free trade” agreements which will allow even more of our jobs to be shipped overseasand he keeps making it easier for illegal immigrants to come in to the U.S. and steal our jobs.

        #13 The “Little Guy” Is Expected To Pay Through The Nose For Education That Has Little Value

        They keep telling us that we need “an education” if we are to better ourselves. Well, the cost of college tuition in the United States has gone up by over 900 percent since 1978, and most college graduates are not able to find decent jobs in this economy. So we are all expected to go into debt for the next 30 years to pay for college, but then the system fails us by not providing nearly enough good jobs. Is there any wonder why more people than ever are asking if college is really worth it? In the United States today, there are more than 100,000janitors and more than 317,000 waiters and waitresses that have college degrees.

        #14 The “Little Guy” Is Now Treated Like “Human Cattle” In The Name Of “National Security”

        It just isn’t just at airports where Americans are being searched like prisonersand treated like dehumanized cattle. Now, TSA “VIPR teams” are conducting about 8000 “unannounced security screenings” a year at subway stations, bus terminals, seaports and highway rest stops.

        #15 The “Little Guy” Is Seen As A Major Threat While The “Big Guy” Seems To Get A Free Pass Almost Every Single Time

        The federal government has no problem with brutally going after the little guy, but extends every courtesy to the big banks and to the big corporations. For example, the FDA conducted an armed raid on an Amish farm that was selling raw milk at 5 AM in the morning, but not a single Wall Street executive has gone to jail for the mass financial fraud that helped precipitate the horrific financial crisis of 2008.

        Wake Some People Up!

      2. mojorisin says:

        The One, that is why Ron Paul has my vote in 2012 !!!!

    4. Warlock Jones says:

      Hwright – typical union mentality…. so easy to see directly through you.

      1. Hwright says:

        Oh and the Tax breaks from the Bush admisintration that are still in place today have created sooooo Many jobs and give sooo much revenue for our government!! GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND YOU ARE THE MOST PATHETIC GROUP OF PEOPLE I HAVE EVER SEEN. GET YOU EYEBALLS OF CNN AND FOX NEWS AND LOOK AT REALLITY THE TAX BREAKS HAVE DONE NOTHING!!!! You have all missed the comments on the radio and the tv that the republican tea party is there only to stale mate the administration.

      2. Zoeyzotron says:

        No? Really?? I seem to remeber the early 2000s as being pretty darn good financially. It was fine until the housing market crased and that was on the democracts. Do I need to post the NYT article from 1999 again stating that the Clinton Admin forced fannie and freddie to make risky loans. Do I, huh? huh?

  7. brainwashed says:

    It really stinks to live in a country that only respects corporate greed and people who buy them out for respect.

    1. Mad Hatter says:

      What exactly is “corporate greed”? You sound so dumb using that phrase.

      If you have a retirement plan then you are a PART OWNER of the same corporation’s you bash.

      I for one want to retire some day and i hope they all do amazingly well.

      1. TheOne says:

        It’s called corporatism/globalism — that’s done America real well. We’ve been sold out.

        It really doesn’t matter if you have a retirement plan now or not, unless it’s in physical gold or silver. You’re retirement funds, 401k, and savings are being taxed away by endless capital injection to debase the US fiat which is why everything appears to be much more expensive; the USD is just worth less. Why don’t people understand this and prepare? Do some research on countries who have been through hyperinflation already.. learn from them. Argentina is a good one, Germany back in the 20’s & 30’s. Zimbabwe.. Trash the normalcy bias notion that it cannot happen here, it’s going to.

        And, not to mention, that “corporate greed” puts smaller businesses out of business due to lack of competitiveness which leads to a sad economic state, a loss of jobs and defeats a strong personalized local community. Most peoples lack of altruism is painfully pathetic in this day and age.

        And if you haven’t been paying attention there have been more sell-offs in the markets from insiders (CEO’s and the like) than they are buying. The economy is going to get rocked soon, much worse than the crash of ’08. These “stimulus” plans are the duct tape holding it together. Think for yourselves and turn off the TV and MSM. They will dupe you with their propaganda water carriers.

      2. Mad Hatter says:

        I disagree.

  8. Pedro Depacus says:

    You’re right red Tiawanna i must pass through the Barry administration there is no more seats for Labour in the USA By the way that Barry was re-elected and orthogonal to the Illegates administia they will need to learn to speak Spanish.
    bye bin Deccan.

    1. Pedro The Translator says:

      Well Mr Translator maybe I should brush up on my Spanish , what I meant to say was there are no good jobs in the USA and all the Immigrants are going back to Mexico, why do you think Obama is trying to push for amnisty for illegals
      he needs illegals for he is going to lose in 2012.
      If by small chance he wins learn to speak spanish.

      1. Pedro Depacus says:

        Buena suerte por favor vaya a su dirtyness! No es querido en mi neighbohood lo siento. He viajado a Alabama y Tennessee, y en la zona sur de Texas y los mexicanos son muy disrespectfull y convertir los barrios en la basura por favor llevarlo de vuelta a su país, por favor ….

  9. THE reaper says:

    Last night was the END for Obama. Thank God.

    More of the same, I just hope his “jobs plan” does not pass.

  10. Capitalist says:

    My stock portfolio has allowed me to invest in gold and it quadrupled……..American companies make money so do stock holders. Enjoy your Obama job digging a ditch, I’ll count the money I make on your sweat

  11. Sonjia Jones says:

    The speech was a tribute to the unions, Obama’s Army. The government cannot create jobs. Only private industry can create jobs and our government has been making sure those jobs go to another country for 40 years now. The only jobs left in this country are tax payer funded jobs which produced no product and suck the lifeblood out of the taxpayers. We are on our way to being the same as Greece.
    Too many takers., not enough makers, we will run out of other people’s money real soon. get ready. We need to define the definition of a “job” before we are able to create them.

    1. TheOne says:

      Well said, and you’re absolutely right about the unions. Nothing was done to the hostage situation that the union workers did yesterday. Imagine if that had been a tea party protest.

      This weekend may be it for Greece..

      Market Chatter Of Greek Default Over The Weekend

      This email originated by Bloomberg’s TJ Marta currently making the rounds and sending European CDS spreads to the moon:

      From colleague: trader friend just hit me with the following: There is “Chatter” in the market of a Greek Default this Weekend – and their CDS is over 400 wider… Soc Gen is off 7% on exposure – German CDS more expensive than UK;s – despite the ballooning in the CDS prices for Lloyds and RBS.
      In other news, Reuters is reporting that Stark is about to retire; with announcement to come after the German market close according to sources. His potential departure is due to a conflict over ECB bond buying according to sources.

      Total chaos.

  12. omniscient says:

    Obamas Kenesian Speech. he gave the same politivcal speech in 2009, 2(Stimulus to craeate 3.5 million jobs) Joke 2010 to create jobs and rebuild infra structure, 2011 last week . He’s a reall joke that is not presidential , not a clue to how to generate jobs. he can give people $5000.00 and what are they going to buy that is american made??
    Why hasn’t KDKA LIBERAL STATION, CBS< ABC< NBC reported the loss of 320 points on the Dow the day after Obamas speech.WHY WHY because they are democrat supporters only, quick to condemn BUSH but nothing negative about that sophist Obama. send Obama back to kenya where he was born.

  13. METRO says:

    I turned on the TV to listen to our “Let Me Make Another Election Speech” President Obama. I thought there was a rain delay and they were re-running his Stimulus Speech from 2009 .What more can you expect out of a “Community Organizer from Chicago. Do you really think he understands economics? The guys around him are just oblivious.

  14. mojorisin says:

    Ron Paul 2012

Comments are closed.

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