Tuesday To Be ‘Milk Truck Day’ In Pittsburgh

By: David Highfield

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Tuesday is a big day for something known as the “The Milk Truck.”

Pittsburgh City Councilman Patrick Dowd will present the creator of the mobile breastfeeding station with a proclamation declaring it as “The Milk Truck Day” in the city.

Jill Miller, an artist and instructor at CMU, said the truck will be ready in time for an exhibit at the Andy Warhol Museum, which begins this Saturday.

The idea behind the truck is that nursing mothers who are made to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about breastfeeding at certain establishments, can call The Milk Truck for support.

The truck will swoop in and set up in front the place.

It’s an old ice cream-style truck with a giant breast on the roof.

It’s meant to shame the business that shamed the woman.

Now, Miller said she’s getting calls from businesses and events that are supportive of nursing mothers who want the truck to come park at their places.

Some of those calls have been from places in Pittsburgh, but she’s also gotten requests from Arizona, and even Scotland.

She said part of their goal is to start a conversation about women’s rights to nurse.

They hope to respond to women in need of support in a 50-mile radius of Pittsburgh.

They’re also still raising money to pay for gas in the truck.

If you want to contact the group behind the truck, their website is www.themilktruck.org.


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One Comment

  1. Bea says:

    Sure, I think riding around with a huge blinking breast will help the cause. Obviously it will make those with modesty issues regarding the whole feeding issue feel much better. And when 5 year olds ask their parents what’s that, they won’t mind explaining a big flashing boob. Really does in the whole idea.

    1. bflymama says:

      Is there something wrong with explaining breastfeeding to a five year old? Pretty sure they probably already know. People that don’t want to nurse in public don’t have to…truck or no truck.

  2. Nikki C. says:

    I personally think that it should be explained to a young child. My son is 6 and knows that breasts are for feeding a human being and has seen me nurse his sister on many occasions(EVERYDAY). This is a great way of normalizing breastfeeding. It draws attention, yes, but thats what needs to be done.

    1. Ana says:

      Do you hide when you eat also? Are people’s minds so nasty that when they see a breast the first thing that pops out is S – E – X? My God, is not like they are flashing their breasts, they are feeding their children the safest food EVER, many of the women who breast feed ARE modest!

  3. 1-2-3 says:

    Stuipd, with all the problems in this town.

  4. Jessica says:

    Would you like to eat in the bathroom? That is not an appropriate place to feed a child. If you do not want to see a nursing mom go to the bathroom and eat your dinner.

    1. Christine says:

      Why is a bathroom not appropriate for a woman to breastfeed? The baby is not touching anything other than its mother? Also, before formula was invented, mothers would always breastfeed, and guess what, they found a place appropriate for doing this. I don’t want to be out somewhere and see a woman bare her breast to breastfeed, and I am a woman. If a woman knows she is going to be out, she can make other arrangements to feed the baby. Why should the public be forced to accept something that is offensive and would otherwise be illegal?

      1. Lisa S says:

        Before formula, and “appropriate place” was wherever the mother was. There was no restroom-nursing or covering yourself with a blanket. There’s an entire Facebook page about it if you want proof. http://www.facebook.com/HistoricBreastfeedingPhotos

      2. Bothered says:

        It really bothers me when people like you try to tell other people how to handle a situation, yet you’ve never been in the situation yourself. You don’t breastfeed, so you don’t know how hard or easy it would be to “make other arrangements” to feed your baby if you were out somewhere, do you?
        Do you post on celebrity blogs about how you’re disgusted by them baring their breasts, butts, legs, and thighs all the time? I seriously doubt it. So why complain about a mother feeding her child? No one is forcing you to look! You’re not going to like everything that goes on in this world. That’s life! Get over it.

  5. Michelle Fulkerson McFarland says:

    How is a bathroom appropriate? Where would a woman sit comfortably in the bathroom to feed the baby? Public restrooms don’t have toilet lids so your stuck sitting on the toilet and that’s so sanitary. And secondly not all women can pump there breast milk in order to be able to feed the baby from a bottle in public, so the only choice is to breastfeed wherever you are. Life doesn’t stop for the woman just because she has a baby.

    1. dude says:

      A bathroom is nothing. I’ve had to eat lunch in the cab of an ambulance after trauma deaths and transports of long term unwashed homeless. Ever have to eat lunch in a contaminated ambulance after doing a baby delivery?

      Believe me those incidents are far worse than any woman’s room I’ve taken a patient out of. You’re right, life doesn’t stop, you’re not a special snowflake, so start treating people the way you want to be treated and have some discretion. A rest room is not that bad.

      1. Katherine says:

        Sorry sweets, women will breast feed IN PUBLIC. It is illegal to ask a woman not to nurse in public. You just need to get over it. No one should have to feed their child in a bathroom, and no one cares about your stupid stories about eating lunch in an ambulance. You are not a baby.

    2. marnie cusak says:

      Learn to spell.

  6. Marty says:

    The Government should provide private rooms for all the breastfeeding moms to sit down with their child……I suggest Port a Boobs on every corner, paid for By Obamas get to work program…….hey boob babes, where do they breast feed in Somalia?

  7. Respectfully says:

    I breastfed my child when it wasn’t the “in” thing to do and I never had a problem finding a quiet place to do it. Find out which stores have a lounge area in their bathrooms and use it. Many places like Target will let you use the fitting rooms to nurse in private. I never whipped my breast out in public, but I also went about my day knowing which places had somewhere I could stop and nurse comfortably and I planned to be in those areas around feeding time.

    1. Toni says:

      Finally, a comment from someone who makes sense and is respectful of everyone, and not some self-centered womens’ right nut! Thanks for your perspective.

      1. Katherine says:

        Ugh. Sounds like someone has issues. Well, get over it. It is illegal to ask a woman not to BF in public, and that law is not changing anytime soon. If you want to shove a bottle in your babies mouth that’s fine, but some people want to give their kids what nature intended.

    2. Kitty Cat says:

      Thank you. I appreciate your consideration of others. I am a woman who has never had children and I am uncomfortable witnessing other women breastfeeding in public as if no one minds seeing their breasts exposed like we are in a third world country or something. I’m not particularly over-modest and have “seen it all” but I don’t want to see a person of either gender urinating, defecating or having sex in public either. It’s all “natural” but keep your body parts covered unless you’re in private. Thanks.

      1. Kristy Bragdon-Bill says:

        i have a solution for you…. DON’T WATCH! that’s why your head was built on a swivel. when you see a baby close to it’s mom’s chest mind your own business and stop watching – it’s that simple

      2. Frankie says:

        I agree 100%!!! As a mother of 3 who did the breast feeding thing, I too get severely annoyed with my fellow moms who just bare it all with that arrogant look on their faces daring someone to say something. For goodness sakes, what’s so hard about breast feeding with a baby blanket over your shoulder??? As for the comment below “DON’T WATCH! that’s why your head was built on a swivel” uhm, yeah, okay, whatever… does this mean I have to eat with my back against the table and/or not sit facing my children/family/friends?

    3. Stephanie says:

      Breastfeeding does not have to have a marching band or attention grabbing shenanigans to take place. Mothers have modestly breastfed their children for years without creating a stir. All that is required is a little courtesy from all parties. If a mother is being discreet and not flashing nipples, stores and other establishments should leave her alone. If a mother is nursing discreetly, anyone who happens to notice should just look away and mind their own bloody business.

  8. jody hampton says:

    It always amazes me that in this society a woman must breast feed in the bathroom but it’s acceptable to slide dishes out of the way at a buffet to make room to change a dirty diaper..

    1. Paul says:

      That is disgusting. I don’t know where you eat at, but I’ve never witnessed ANYONE change their baby’s diaper on a dinner table.

  9. Breastisbest says:

    Women do not “whip out their boobs” and show them for all to see. They are discreet and rarely would you even see a nipple unless you were staring at the latch or unlatch moment. Most women wear a blanket or cover over them anyway. Most babies in slings are brestfeeding and you don’t even know it. But there are still people out there that think it is gross and it amazes me.

    Humans are mammals and babies are supposed to drink breast milk. It is the absolute best and most nutritious thing for a baby to drink – not artificial formula you shake up with tap water. America is so close minded and thinks of breasts as sexual anatomy that people should be ashamed of. Most countires have nude beaches and women can nurse wherever they chose and it is no big deal to other women, kids or men. How cares – it is skin with a nipple that milk comes out of. Do you turn your kids away from a cow with utters?

    Just because someone invented formula in the 1920’s doesn’t mean breastfeeding should end. It was simply to help women who couldn’t breastfeed and had to rely on a wet nurse. A wet nurse would nurse other people’s babies (which I am sure so many Americans also think it is gross, but it happened ALL THE TIME.) Otherwise your baby would die. Remember there was a world and many generations and decades of no formula. Everyone nursed and nursed everywhere. It was no big deal. Why is it now? Because shows and magazines sexualize breasts? How is that a mom who is only trying to feed her child’s problem? It isn’t – it is YOUR problem.

    Shame on people who thinking women should sit in a toilet stall and try and balance a baby on her while she is nursing. What if she has 2 or 3 other kids with her. Should they all be in the stall together with her so she can keep an eye on them? Would you sit in a smelly toilet stall and drink your morning cofee? Than why should a baby?

    And NO, contrary to another poster, most places do not have any comfortable place a mother can go. The only places that I know that have a sanitary comfortable place are baby stores and department stores. And no, a fitting room with a triangle step stool does not count.

    It is a shame a van like this is even needed in our country to educate people on breastfeeding but by looking at the comments here, it is clear there needs to be one in every city.

    1. Sandra says:

      I think it’s a shame they are wasting money on this van. Maybe establishments can have a family size rest room for wowan to go to feed their babies in. There is a time and place for everthing “whipping”t out the breast in public is not the place.

    2. nkg0515 says:

      Yes, women DO WHIP OUT THEIR boobs! I have seen it! It is because of THOSE women that have made it harder for others! If you INSIST on drawing attention to yourself, be prepared to be subjected to comments and looks.

      also, most places DO have areas for you to use, you just to want them because they aren’t “out in the open”. Most larger scale ladies rooms have quiet feeding areas. USE THEM!!

      True BFM know where to feed discreetly. Others just want to draw attention to themselves because they can!

      Get over yourselves & realize the world WILL NOT revolve around you or your baby.

      1. TheyMustEatToo says:

        I don’t know where you live, but where I live you have a hard enough time finding a store that has a changing table in the restroom much less a discreet place for Mom to nurse.

        That being said I nursed my daughter in public a few times, and I did it discreetly with a cover up, in my car before going inside or by choosing a corner booth in a restaurant. However I have been asked, in a children’s clothing store no less, to take her to the bathroom. I was wearing a nursing shirt that covered everything except my nipple BEHIND a nursing cover. Nothing was exposed. Once I was asked to leave a restaurant parking lot for nursing IN MY CAR!!! (also behind a cover up), and when I said no I was told to get off their property and not come back. The laws here are so vague they must only claim that I was making a scene in public to ask me to leave. Needless to say I never returned to that place.

        I am NOT one of those moms who wants to draw attention to myself. I just wanted to be able to nurse my baby discreetly in a quiet area, under a nursing cover, without it being an issue…not in a dirty bathroom. What’s so wrong about that? I don’t ask you to starve your children, so I don’t expect you to ask me to do the same.

    3. dude says:

      Shame on you for imposing your hardcore closed minded attitude on everyone else. As someone else stated, the world does not revolve around you and your baby. How about this, I have a right to eat. But when I’m working on the ambulance does my right to eat mean I get to not show up to your 911 call ? No, I have to wait. Sometimes you have to make accommodations for other people. That means treating them with the respect you demand. You can move out of the public eye even it means you have to wait 5 or 10 minutes.

      1. Kristy Bragdon-Bill says:

        if you don’t like your job then quit, i didn’t make you take it and i couldn’t care less about what you “have” to see when you are at work. as far as the waiting 5-10 mins… if nursing moms did that then you would be on here bi*ching about haveing to hear her baby cry for 5-10 mins while Mom finds a place to feed her baby that isn’t full of fecal bacteria. Some people are just so frig*in miserable in their own lives that they NEED to put others down and bi*ch about whatever they can find- guess what i think you are that person.

      2. Katherine says:

        You are a friggin adult. Your desire to eat does not come close to that of an infant. Do you have any other lame arguments you would like to try?

        Get another job or just suck it up.

    4. menwa says:

      I have witnessed women whip it out to feed their babies, out in public, with no consideration as to how others felt. Sure breasts were made to feed babies, but women with any sense of class or dignity never have and never will whip a breast out to feed a child in public.

      I have actually witnessed children well past the stage in which they should detach from the breast standing insude the open passanger door sucking on their mothers breast. That was a very disturbing moment, and I am an adult woman. I am pregnant and, God willing, will carry to term. I may breast feed, have not made that decision yet. If I do decide to breast feed I will do so in as discreet a manner as possible. If I am in public with no place to feed I will use a bottle of either pumped milk or formula to supplement. I was raised that a womans body should be seen by 3 people – herself, her mate, and her doctor.

      1. Stephanie says:

        You make some valid points, however wait until you are hurting because your breasts are so full and you happen to be in public. Your breasts are going to “let down” at an awkward moment and you will saturate your tops. That will go over really well in public. Sometimes women with the best of plans find they have to adjust those plans because of nature. Also remember, that if you make a habit of using a bottle because of being in public and not wanting to nurse your child when they are hungry, you may well sabotage your own milk supply and ability to nurse.

        There are people of all kinds out there, many don’t have a clue about how to behave in public and others may be so “uptight ” about everything, they can never be pleased. All I know is that many places have restrooms in such horrible condition that I wouldn’t feed my dog in one, let alone my child. Lets all try being kind to each other and use common sense. If you are a nursing mom, cover up. If businesses still get riled up, write their corporate offices and complain. If you are a boob flasher, cut it out. You make it harder for everyone else who is discreet and trying to do the best for their children. If your kid is over 2 and healthy, wean ’em. They are old enough to use a cup!

  10. Sandra says:

    Woman’s right to nurse!! Well a woman has a right to have sex too, doesn’t mean she gets to do it in public. Some things are meant to be done behind closed doors and breast-feeding is one of them.

  11. C.J. says:

    A woman has EVERY right to nurse in public….hense the fact it is legal!! I breasfed my son, and I did not care where I was, if he was hungry, he was eating. Now, of course I took measures to try and not offend others around me. I would put a blanket over myself and my son, and absoultly nothing was seen, unless you were staring. BUT, if I went somewhere and management was complaining, I then took off the blanket. Yes, it may sound horrible, but it was my way of saying “what I am doind is perfectly legal, and I was trying to be considerate of others around me, but if you want to make it a big deal, then I can do the same”.

    For all those people saying ‘Find a bathroom”. Lets see you sit in a public restroom and eat your meal. That is the most unsanitary place for consuming anything. Most public restrooms do not have lids on the toilet, and whenever you flush tiny peices of poop are pushed into the air….yea I would NEVER feed my kid there.

    Very simple solution….if a woman is breastfeeding and you dont like it….dont look. If your kid asks questions about it….tell them!! Its an easy explaination; “That woman over there is feeding her baby”….see that wasnt so hard, now was it?

    1. Patti says:

      Well, farting is legal to, but are you going to do that in a public place without feeling embarassed?

      1. Stephanie says:

        My husband does not seem to have a bit of a problem with “farting in public” LOL. He’s not a bit embarrassed either! He also has not problem with hot footing it to another aisle afterwards and leaving me in the “fallout”.

    2. nkg0515 says:

      If I have to explain that you are breastfeeding your baby, then you aren’t being discreet.

    3. menwa says:

      ANd that is the attitude that drives peoples attempts to get public breastfeeding banned. Bottle’s were invented for a reason, invest in some. If you exposed yourself in front of my child to “make a point” I would call the cops and have you cited for public exposure.

      1. Katherine says:

        Nope, it legal in all states. You would just look like a huge jerk! HAHAHAHA! So get over it and explain it to your “speshial wittle snowfwake”

        I am soooo sure it would just scar him and ruin his life to see a nipple for like 5 seconds (eye roll)

  12. nkg0515 says:

    That is why L Leche is turning into such a joke.

  13. 12345 says:

    i’m so glad i’m in Ontario women can go topless regardless if they r breast feeding or not. why is it such a big deal. men walk around with no shirt on. their chest is not sexual. neither is a womans. breast are for feeding children get over it already

    1. Paul says:

      Funny – I frequent Canada, and I’ve never witnessed a woman walking topless. Where exactly is t his permitted? Next time I’m there I’ll make a point of looking. BTW – comparing a man’s chest to a woman’s is like comparing apples to oranges. Also, a man’s manhood is made for procreating, so does that mean he should have sex in public as well?

      1. Vinny says:

        I go to the strip clubs in Missaqua Man those babes don’t look anything like the stretch mark hangers from Dantahn

  14. Sarah says:

    I have absolutely nothing against breastfeeding. When I do have children, I hope to breastfeed them. However I do not find it acceptable to whip our your boob anywhere in the open to breastfeed without even a light cloth over yourself. I’m a young woman and it’s wonderful to feel proud enough to do so, but just have some respect for those that do not wish to see your bare breast. Including around young children that are not yours or even the mentally impaired that do not understand. I look away if I see something I don’t like, but don’t cry foul when you draw attention to yourself and complain about people making a comment at you.

  15. Dina says:

    Self-centered martyrs – that’s what they are.

    1. katherine says:

      And you are a closed minded, self righteous idiot!

  16. BCinya says:

    Screaming baby or discretely feeding and quiet baby? I always fed my baby when she needed it and the EMT’s stories are disgusting and irrelevant – you are either ignorant or undereducated if you feel that a baby should wait until it is convenient for the mother. Let’s encourage moms to take care of their needs first before that of a child’s – how many more child abuse / neglect calls would you like to respond to? Let’s foster an environment where an infants needs are diminished due to the needs of the mother. You are a medical professional, now act like it.

    As for most of the other folks who are so offended by it – ever heard of the term “Ugly American”. Please be sure to never leave the USA because the rest of the world does not have the Quaker-like ideals that you do and I would hate for you to be a representative of normal American’s who understand anatomy and what the actual purpose of a breast is!

    1. dude says:

      No they aren’t irrelevant or disgusting. It is simply life. And it is in the child’s best interest to go to a place that is safe and discrete. This way the mother can take her time, be prepared and feed in a relaxed and careful fashion.

      The ones who are out to make a big show of public breast feeding are putting the needs and safety of the child second to their need to put on a big LOOK AT ME show. The child is a prop to the mothers over the top ego. If any thing that is the definitive action of an “ugly American.” If anything this showmanship is abuse to the child. Instead of a public expression of Munchhausen’s by Proxy – get out of the public eye and try protecting your child instead of using it a model in your great “LOOK AT ME THE WONDERFUL MOMMY” show. The child’s safety comes before your need to show off. If you love your baby get safe and out of public first.

      1. Ana says:

        Your funny with your comment “Look at me show”. No breast feeding mom has that intention. You are the one who looks because you can’t hold yourself and view breast sexually. Horrible way of thinking…

      2. dude says:

        To Ana BS. It has nothing to do with the people looking or sex. It’s the selfish mother showing off “LOOK AT ME I”M A GREAT MOM.” The child is an object to show the world how great the mother thinks she is. The child then suffers as it is fed in an unsafe place – not for the benefit of the at risk baby, but for the ego of the mother. It’s abuse pure and simple. A great mother would be be desecrate and move to a safe place putting the needs of the child first – not the agenda of her beliefs or La Leche league. It’s not the onlookers who have the issue, it’s the showbaoting mothers who put the needs of the baby second to their needs. That is what is disgusting, not the wisp of nudity but the need to use the child as a prop to their fragile egos that is obscene.

        Won;t someone think of the baby first?

      3. katherine says:

        No. What’s annoying, vulgar, immature and dumb is that people are hostile to breastfeeding mothers. If they weren’t, this truck wouldn’t exist in the first place.

        How the hell is the child in danger? Are people like you who hate nursing actually baby killers?

        And other countries (Europe) have NOOOO problem with nursing in public. I would say that YOUR attitude is the ugly one.

  17. ruby says:

    I’m a CF woman and I find breastfeeding in public disgusting. Neither me or my bro were breastfed, and Mom would have raised hell if she saw something like that in public. I’m a pr-choice non-prude. Don’t you dare align a woman’s sexual desires with public breastfeeding! In certain places (such as the library) public breastfeeding is PROHIBITED. I reported an attention-starved woman doing so in the library, and she was escorted out. If a baby could be changed in a restroom, so can it be fed in a restroom.

    1. Sara says:

      Please read up on Breastfeeding laws hun. “Pa. Cons. Stat. tit. 35 § 636.1 et seq. (2007) allows mothers to breastfeed in public without penalty. Breastfeeding may not be considered a nuisance, obscenity or indecent exposure under this law. (SB 34)”

      What occured in that library was illegal.

    2. Mum2Girls says:

      Our laws state that a woman can breastfeed any place that she can legally be so what happened in that library was illegal. They legally could not have put her out. Just because you and your “bro” werent breastfed does not mean that someone else shouldn’t breastfeed if they choose to. Why would that woman have to “attention starved” just because her baby needed to be fed. Is it disgusting to you to have someone shake up a bottle of powder mixed with tap water and stick it in their baby’s mouth because they are hungry? I’m not going to let my baby cry out of hunger just because someone else might get offended that I am nursing and my baby will not let me put a cover over her head. I do wear appropriate clothing that allows for minimal skin being shown but then again if people like minded their own business then they wouldn’t have to be looking at a woman who is feeding their baby.

  18. Not First Chair says:

    I.m hearing Mrs Marty Griffin wants to punch a wall because they didn’t pick her to be anchor

  19. Eddie says:

    nobody wants to see tidday’s, cept at a strip joint…

  20. Kristy Bragdon-Bill says:

    would you feed your 2 year old a PB&J in the bathroom? I have two kids and they can make a mess when they eat and i get disgusted when children chew with their mouth open so why don’t you bring you child in the bathroom and sit him on the toilet to eat so that he won’t offend me and others. YOU are the sick one who can’t see a boob without think about it as something dirty and shameful. I nursed two children (yes in public) and NOT ONCE did anyone see my boob

  21. Sara says:

    These arguments are uneducated and ignorant at best. You see more more exposed breasts at the poolside and scantily clad woman in the mall daily. I have never met a breastfeeding mother that exposed her breast and called out for the world to stare. No, she feeds her baby without fuss and most people don’teven know what is happening unless they are staring at her breasts to begin with. Bathrooms are normally filthy and not a place for anyone to be subjected to in order to feed a child.

  22. Gloria Mckenzie says:

    I breatfed all 3 of my children- they have been lucky and neither of them have ever been sick (and they are adults now) — as for finding a place to feed your baby— anywhere is just fine the baby wont care– and all it takes is a recieving blanket draped over your shoulder and babys head while nursing— if you dont advertise what youre doing most people wont notice- theyll jus think youre covering up to keep light-wind- dust etc..t away from baby— so all this hoopla about public breastfeeding and having to have a perfect place to do it is rediculous….would everyone be more comfortable feeding children tainted formula from around the world.. GLO

  23. The Mrs. says:

    People! Seriously?! Don’t group all breastfeeding mothers into one category just because you’ve had bad experiences with a few. I see nothing wrong with a mother breastfeeding in public as long as she’s covered up. What’s the harm in that? No one sees anything. As for the mothers who just whip it out, I agree that is a bit much for the world we live in nowadays. People’s mindsets are different. You can’t look at half of the things in this world without it being sexual now. Sad but true. But who are we to judge a woman that just whips out her breast to feed her child? You dont know if that’s her custom or if that’s how she was raised or whatever the case may be. So, to her, it may be no big deal at all. That doesn’t make her a bad mother or a selfish “Look at me” mother. She’s just doing what she knows best. Instead of complaining, shooting rude looks, and judging these women, have any of you tried nicely approaching a woman (since you’re so offended) and offering to show her a clean and safe place to breastfeed her child?<<<< I didn't think so. Unless you have a solution to the problem, Shut Up! and go on about YOUR OWN business…. Please and Thank You 🙂

  24. BCinya says:

    Why are people so offended by a mother using her breasts as God intended them to be used? And why are there so many angry people insisting that there are so many breastfeeding mom’s out there who want to “show off” to the world?

    I was very wary about breast obsessed freaks trying to catch a glimpse that I wore tops designed for breastfeeding and would also use a light blanket or when she was in the sling – no one could tell if she was nursing or sleeping. Problem is that as a busy single working mother, I could not plan all of my errands around her feeding schedule and sometimes like during a growth spurt she would just be hungry a lot more often. Every parent knows what it is like to be caught in the grocery store with a fussy child praying that you can get out before they become a screaming child and you are forced to walk away from an hours worth of shopping! Once I started wearing her in the sling – she could nurse at will and I could go about my business.
    Also as any breastfeeding working mother will tell you, giving the child a bottle when you are available to nurse is almost an impossibility. I worked very hard to pump every last ounce that I could during the week so that she would have enough while at daycare. I rarely had extra and the weekends were for as much on demand feeding and skin to skin contact as possible in order to keep my supply up to make it through the next week.

    I personally only had one complaint from a gentleman sitting next to me in First Class when he realized why I was turning towards the window in order to feed my 5 week old. He made a comment and he could not even see anything except my fully clothed back. Thankfully when he called the flight attendant over to complain the man in front of him stood up, looked at the guy and said I will happily change seats with you. He told me that his wife had breastfeed all 5 of their children and never experience any problems in public. He thanked me for doing what was best for my child and apologized for the jerk in row 1. The jerk had made me cry and my daughter was being fussy but once I calmed down she did not make another peep the whole flight. By the way, I would have had her in the sling but you are not allowed to wear your child in any device during take off or landing on a plane.
    Also, why do people want me to go to the bathroom to feed my baby? Most public facilities don’t have extra seating away from the toilets, they don’t have toilet lids and as everybody knows that flushing aerosolizes fecal matter – I never spend more time in one than I have to. There is no way that I would subject my feeding child to a public bathroom for the 20 or so minutes that it took her to eat! Sitting at a table while I am eating my meal or sitting on a bench at a park is a safe place for my child to eat and the majority of breastfeeding moms do their best to be discrete. There are going to be overzealous freaks from all sides – like the ones in these comments who are probably some of the ones who have complained about breastfeeding moms and then those moms who know that the law is on their side stands up for her legal rights and makes a bigger show than she needs too. Europeans don’t get why this is such an issue in the US, they have topless women on public beaches, in the daily newspapers (“page 3 girls” in England) and on public T.V. all of the time.
    Before formula woman always found a place appropriate – um, yes because they were all stay at home mom’s being supported by their husbands and families who all lived close by. Fast forward to the present – times a bit different in case you had not noticed – women no longer are required to stay at home, they have their own careers, many moms live very far away from their families and some do not have husbands, boyfriends, baby daddies around to support them. Unless you are suggesting that they should go on welfare so that they can stay at home and breastfeed their babies in private – the world is changing. Heck pregnant women are even accepted out in public in 2011!

    1. Christine says:

      What do working moms do then who have their kids in daycare – take a break from work to go breastfeed their chlid at daycare? BTW – women were not REQUIRED to stay home – the men made enough money that a woman didn’t need to work to supplement the income – she raised the kids. Your suggestion has no substance.

      1. SMH at You says:

        Sweetheart, your point has no substance either. I know working moms who leave work to go breastfeed their children. But even if I didn’t, the point you were trying to make still isn’t valid because you’re looking at two totally different situations. A working mother is away from the child, so clearly it’s more convenient to pump. But why would a breastfeeding mother give her child a bottle when she is WITH the child? Just to appease the likes of narrow-minded people like you?
        Oh and by the way, women WERE required to stay at home because that was seen as “their place”. Men didn’t accept women in the workforce back then.

      2. Christine says:

        SHM on You – don’t know what era you’re from, but many mothers from the 50s and 60s WERE NOT REQUIRED to stay home – they did because they could financially afford too. I know of several women who were married with children from this era who ALSO CHOSE to work, so don’t come off with your narrow-minded self and speak about that which you know nothing about. In today’s society, women work because they need to supplement their income. Very few families have the luxury of either having their mother stay home or work because of choice vs necessity. And BTW – I nursed my kids, who did go to daycare, and NEVER did I leave my job to breastfeed them. Again, I don’t know too many women who would have the luxury of leaving their place of employment to breastfeed. Also, when I did breastfeed, my kids were on a schedule, and I knew when they would be eating, sleeping, etc., so it wasn’t rocket science to know when this would occur. Quit being so condescending – it really makes you look like an illiterate.

      3. Still SMH says:

        LOL! Sweetheart, please read over what you typed (especially the last sentence) and tell me who’s illiterate? SMH at You…AGAIN. 1) You never answered my question. You just talked a bunch of bull. 2) Just because a woman CHOSE to work, doesn’t mean that she had to. Back then it was more about women wanting to be treated equal and not as inferior. Even in today’s society, a lot of married women don’t HAVE to work as a necessity. It’s a choice. They choose to either use their money wisely or abuse it. And who cares if YOU didn’t leave work to breastfeed? What was your point in saying that? I asked why would a breastfeeding mother give her child a bottle just because she was in public. Now about the whole schedule thing… Clearly, new mothers have to learn and train their children so they can put them on a schedule. So you can’t say that every breastfeeding mother should be like you. It takes time.
        Bottom line is, you need to stop being so quick to judge other mothers. You don’t know their situation.

      4. stephanie says:

        Hey, I work with some breastfeeding moms, and the new breast pumps (electric) make pumping much easier. Moms can have breastmilk available for day care.

        Look, BCinya made great points. The bottom line is, breast feeding is the best thing for any infant. This talk about schedules, training, etc is all it is. Some babkies adhere to a schedule and don’t deviate that much. Some don’t and you never know from week to week when they will need more food for growth spurts. Some babies are fussy, some not. All I know is that for most babies, breastmilk can help avoid many physical problems like food allergies that can occur because moms were told to put their babies on formula or cereal too early. Bottles were introduced to moms as a convenience or a way to be free of the “stigma” and embarrasment of breasfeeding like a commoner. It became a status thing to have your babies eat formula from a bottle and better yet, have a nanny or child care provider in your home to take care of all the “messy” aspects of child rearing. Now we know better.

        We are all reared in different ways. No one way is written in stone, but we should allow everyone the privilege to raise our children as we see fit. I think we can all agree that mothers who don’t feed discreetly or who rebelliously “flash” others to make a point for breastfeeding are not doing anyone anygood.

      5. One last thing says:

        If you don’t understand what I said, then that further proves my point about you 🙂 What I said made perfect sense. I don’t know why you decided to go on a tangent and make this about me, sweetheart. Not once did I ever say or let on that I feel entitled to anything. I have MUCH respect for myself and other people. I don’t expect to have anything handed to me on a silver platter. I work hard for and earn the things that I want and need.
        You’re flapping off about how women of today are so spoiled, have no respect, blah blah balh. But are you doing anything to help guide these women? Clearly, you’re not because you’re too busy whining about them online. Some of you older women should try being examples instead of turning your nose up at some of the younger women. We all come from different backgrounds. Not everyone was blessed enough to have an older, respectful woman in their lives to teach them, like some of us were. Why don’t you think about that next time you feel like opening your mouth to talk down about them.
        Lastly, who are you to judge a woman and say that she’s craving for attention and doesn’t have her child’s welfare as her first priority just because she’s breastfeeding in public? Have you talked to all of those women to see why they do it? No! So stop passing judgement. You don’t know if that’s how she was brought up or what her case may be. Have you stopped to speak with a woman and offer to show her a clean & safe place to breastfeed? Have you kindly suggested that one not do it in a public place because it may offend narrow minded people like yourself? I’m sure you haven’t. So until you actually BE a part of the solution to the “issue”, I suggest you just shut up and stop complaining, because complaining still isn’t going to get the women to stop breastfeeding in public, will it?
        Anyway, thanks for entertaining me for the time being. It’s been fun 🙂 lol Have a great day!

      6. Christine says:

        One Last Thing/SMH at You – You remind me of someone – oh, yeah, I know who it is, Charlie Brown’s teacher “Blah, blah, blah, blah.”

      7. One last thing says:

        LOL! That’s the best you could come up with? I clearly made my point here. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  25. Weenie says:

    How about a wiener truck for reproduction ?

  26. Burghnerdman says:

    It is the perverts out in this world that I would be concerned with. Breastfeeding a baby is the most special bond between a mother and a child. I see no reason for even a truck to go in to hide. We are mammals just like every other warm blooded, hairbody,four chambered hearted creature is. What is the big deal? Get over it people! It’s a fact of life. Moving on……….

  27. SAToday says:

    Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should do it – I never breastfed either of my children because everyone kept pushing and pushing and pushing. I know a lot of young Mothers that do great but I know just a many who had no idea that they could feel so consumed by never getting away for a minute because the baby might need to eat — there has to be a happy medium somewhere.

  28. Dave Hogue says:

    The last thing I want to see when I am sitting down eating dinner is some big fat broad pulling her stretch marked boob out to feed her crying baby.. You know the kid gotta eat so milk your boob BEFORE you go out and put it in a bottle.. I think women do it just to try to show off their boobs and look to see whos looking!

  29. Get a Babysitter says:

    Keep your stupid kids at home so we can eat in peace

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