Grandfather Defends Parents Of Injured Twins

SALTLICK (KDKA) — The grandparents of twins who were badly injured are coming to their daughter’s defense.

The twins are in foster care after police and CYS suspected their parents of abuse.

Kristen Eicher, 19, and Earl Ritenour, 21, were charged earlier this week with aggravated assault, simple assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

“He had the little boy in the bedroom – the father did – and he rolled him over and said his arm got broke,” Robert Eicher, the victims’ grandfather, said.

But when the little boy got to Children’s Hospital, doctors realized he also had numerous broken ribs. They then examined his sister and found she had a broken leg and rib fractures that were healing.

The twins’ grandfather says he thinks they must have had brittle bones from being born prematurely.

“The thing that’s got me puzzled is that they never cried,” Eicher told KDKA-TV. “Like, the little boy never cried even when he broke his arm.”

State police say this was no misunderstanding. They say the hospital report called the level of violence that took place in the Clinton Road home in Saltlick extensive.

“The suspects in the case did provide some type of explanation for what had occurred; however, the doctor’s opinion was that their explanation for what occurred wasn’t even remotely close or would begin to explain the type of injuries that these babies had,” State Trooper Stefani Plume said.

Still, the family is hopeful the truth will come out and the twins will be able to come back home.

“The only thing that I seen was nothing,” the grandfather said. “… I never seen them be rough with them or nothing, I mean other than them loving them and feeding them and holding them like they’re supposed to.”

The twins’ parents are out on bond. Eicher said depending on what happens with the charges, he and his wife are planning to seek custody of the twins.

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One Comment

  1. Jer says:

    What is wrong with you ‘people’ in Fayette County? 1. STOP BREEDING. You can barely handle yourselves appropriately,yet alone the raising of precious babies. You are 19 and 21. Get educated, get set in a career, and learn what it takes to be an ADULT before you become in charge of other lives. You’re one more reason sterilization needs to be implemented, and tests be given to have children.

    And 2. To the grandparents of these kids… Do you not care that your children are ruining any name that you may have had for yourself by doing such horrendous acts? You are standing up for them which makes you no better than them. Just as guilty. Instead, you’re gonna sit back and defend them, instead of standing up and saying “The truth will prevail, and if they are found guilty, I am completely and utterly ashamed at the travesty my grandbabies are enduring. I did not raise my son/daughter to raise their kids this way. And I hope my grandkids are put somewhere where they can be loved.”

    You all sicken me.

  2. seenitall says:

    This makes me sick……..babies being abused. These grandparents need to wake up and smell the roses (or should I say their own garbage). I am so tired of hearing people say “oh no, my little darlings wouldn’t do that to babies. I hope these so-called parents NEVER get to see their precious babies again and I hope they live every day of their lives with the horror of what they’ve done. And I pray they will be taken care of in prison, where they belong (for a long long time). Just when I think I’ve seen it all.

  3. bettygerbil says:

    jer not all fayette people are that way i hate when i hear that . i am only guilty of one thing and thats being a hick but if u like the mountains then don’t come to my back yard in fayette county . this makes me sick also but it gos on every where not just fayette . there are alot of people that need sterilizations done .

  4. willow says:

    what is wrong with you people and the stupid grandfather. Both of these so-called parents should be sterilized. Hopefully both of you will be someone’s girlfriend and boyfriend in jail and get the beating of your lives and every bone in your body broken. You two are animals and gramdpa is no better. Animal is too good of name for you two. Animals know how to take care of their young. You are slime.

  5. bettygerbil says:

    first off willow anyone can see the grandfather is going to stick up for his children i see that . my comment was directed at jer saying whats wrong with fayette people my thing is not all of us are that way . and yes a amimal knows how to care for there young alot more than people do these days .so as far as breaking every bone in my body u better think again . i think anyone who murders beats and drinks and drives should be given the death penalty or maybe we need a new hitler and maybe this country wouldn’t be in the shape it is . and i am not slime and yes in fayette county prison they don’t go for this the last people the man got his throat slashed and was killed so yes that will happen there .

  6. Tricia says:

    Premature babies can have brittle bones. It’s called osteopenia. Osteogenisis imperfectia is also a real thing. The only evidence presented is broken bones. If the twins have a reason for having brittle bones, they should test for that and put that theory to rest or not. A state trooper says it’s not a misunderstanding. Have they tested for either Osteopenia or Osteogenisis imperfecta?? Why aren’t they talking about that? Having your children removed from your home when you’ve done nothing wrong besides having undiagnosed but sick children would be a travesty of justice. Is this already a witch hunt?!

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