Hines Ward, James Farrior Respond To Warren Sapp Criticism

PITTSBURGH (SportsRadio 93-7 The FAN) — Former NFL Pro Bowler and current NFL Network Analyst Warren Sapp made comments about the Steelers after their 35-7 loss saying: “The Pittsburgh Steelers.  I have three things: old, slow and it’s over.”

Sapp went on to criticize Hines Ward saying his 13-year-old daughter to cover him and Troy Polamalu adding that he looked like he was dragging a wagon behind him.

Joe Starkey of Seibel, Starkey and Miller caught up with Hines Ward and James Farrior in the team locker room today, and got their response to the criticism Sapp had for them and the team.

Hines Ward responds to Sapp’s comments welcoming the challenge of his 13-year-old daughter defending him:

James Farrior says Dick LeBeau has a saying for when people have things like this to say about them:

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One Comment

  1. What says:

    saying his 13-year-old daughter to cover him and

    Could we have that in English please?

  2. James Thompson says:

    And if the Steelers were younger, and the result in Baltimore had been the same, Mr. Sapp would likely have said that the team was inexperienced and missing its veterans. And so, that how you should take this and other such comments made against the Steelers from time to time.

  3. James Thompson says:

    And even if Mr. Sapp’s comments were in any way on the money, the last thing we need is for this NFL Network commentator who never played for the Steelers to tell us that.

  4. SouthAustin says:

    Yo Warren. Verbal smackdown rule#1 if you start trash talking and bring your family into it they are fair game. If your daughter looks like you she’ll be too busy filming remakes of Bride of Godzilla to get anywhere near a football field to cover anyone. Then again if she looks like you she could become the greatest lockdown corner in the history of the league – using her face to scare receivers into dropping the ball.

  5. Nikko says:

    The Ravens won one game!!! You would think it was the Super Bowl, but then again, it probably is to them, since they haven’t won any of them any time in recent history

    1. Frederick Brock says:

      Say it man!

    2. Old, Slow and Over says:

      The Ravens winning the game wasn’t the big deal. It was that it was a total beat down. From the opening kick off till the final snap, the Steelers were smacked around!

      1. STEELERSRULE says:

        uh who’s 1-1 now?????

  6. Frederick Brock says:

    Go Steelers.
    I don’t care what old Sappy says.
    The big deal is only because the Ravens never beat the Steelers.
    You got to be good to bring the hate.

  7. Frederick Brock says:

    It hurts don’t it?

  8. Janet says:

    Warren Sapp must have one beastly daughter if she can cover Hines Ward!!

  9. HinesIsBaby says:

    Hines Ward was seeing stars instead of dancing with the stars when he was laid out on a block. haha

    1. John says:

      It took you 9 days to come up with that one, and that’s the best you can do? Keep your day job, if you have one.

  10. Dan says:

    It seems like the ravens blew their whole wad on one game.

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