By David Highfield

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Target shoppers devoured a line of clothes unveiled for Target this week by high-end Italian designer Missoni.

Within hours of the debut, some store shelves were empty. Target’s website actually crashed. Now, people are scrambling to find anything left.

Howard Riley, store manager at the Target in North Fayette, says they will get a few more items, but they will not be restocked to the level they were on Tuesday.

He says some items are being returned and that people should come back to check stores for those. He says visiting early in the day is best.

Riley also suggests checking out the store’s website. However, many items listed there are sold out.

KDKA-TV called area Target stores to find very little left.

The store in Ohio Township has only some children’s rain boots by Missoni. The store in Monroeville has some infant clothes. The Butler Target has one or two articles of women’s clothes, some kids’ clothes and some Missoni housewares items. The Target in Morgantown has some girls’ and infants’ clothes. The store in West Mifflin has some kids’ shoes and office supplies.

People are selling Missoni for Target items online. eBay has many choices, some with inflated prices. Sellers were asking $60 and $70 for a blouse that is still being sold on Target’s website for only $40.

The Italian designer’s regular line of clothes can sell for thousands of dollars for each item.

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