PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — An increasing amount of adults are now going to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh seeking treatment.

Kristin Deichler, of Bridgeville, was born with a congenital heart disorder.

In May, she received a letter about a new center at the hospital for grownups with a history of childhood heart problems.

“Right away I thought, ‘This is the perfect fit. This is really where I should be and who I should be seeing,’” she said.

Before, adult cardiologists would take care of these patients even though pediatric doctors might be more familiar with the specifics.

“I think our pediatric cardiologists were probably the most skilled to take care of these patients,” Dr. Stephen Cook, a cardiologist at Children’s Hospital, said.

“There’s definitely significant amount of technology that’s been advanced in medical care, intensive care unit care, as well as surgical developments.”

Not only do they know the childhood disease issues, but they also have to handle the needs of the maturing adult.

“How to get them through pregnancy safely,” Dr. Cook continued. “How to get them out of disability, how to get them into the workforce and it’s recognizing the whole adult congenital patient.”

Of the 800 patients who get this kind of care at Children’s, the oldest is in his 60’s.

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