City Council Votes To Roll Back Parking Meter Enforcement

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pittsburgh City Council has unanimously given final approval to a bill that will roll back parking meter enforcement hours.

The rollback will only be in effect until Jan 1, 2012, but the meters will not be enforced after 6 p.m.

As part of the city’s effort to retain control of its pension fund, there was a more aggressive enforcement of parking meters.

“There has been some confusion and some unhappiness with those enforcement hours. But, I would argue largely because things like signage haven’t been changed over the meter heads, the upgrading of the infrastructure and those kinds of things. So, it was the majority of the Council that believed it was prudent to roll it back,” City Councilman Bruce Kraus said.

In light of the city’s recent discovery that it will not lose control of the pension fund based on pledges of parking tax revenue, can the city sustain the funding it needs from parking?

“It’s only three months. It’s not going to really disturb the financing all that much over the course of the 20 years that we’re going to be involved in this. So, I think it’s a responsible thing on the part of the Council. We have to pay attention to the people. It isn’t just the Mayor’s Office and the Council. [The] most important piece of the equation is the people of the City of Pittsburgh,” City Councilman Doug Shields said.


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One Comment

  1. Normal Everyday Citizen says:

    I’ll tell you what’s terrible! When you park next to an incapacitated meter, jammed, or broken, and you return to the meter to find it unjammed, and a ticket for 20 bucks!

  2. Critter says:

    Democrats at their finest

  3. Hotel says:

    Obama will send the money. Not to worry.

    1. Just Saying... says:

      I realize that everyone is frustrated with the current political opperation, but how is Obama going to spend money raised for the city of Pittsburgh? This just just your attempt to drag Obama down. I am not pro Obama, but I am pro intelligence, and your post is far from intelligent.

  4. Pgh Renissance says:

    Finally a step in the right direction. Paying for parking is likely one of the worst incentives to have people bring their business to the city over anywhere in the suburbs. I believe that the city should do more initiatives to make parking in the city easier and less costly, and the likely rise in revenue from the cities business will result in increased tax revenue in a way that everybody wins. They are doing moves that a city such as Philadelphia or NYC would do, which is fine, if our city offered the same amenities, but with downtown and much of the city in decline we need to worry about seeing our city reemerge instead of just focusing on the pension fund

  5. John Galt says:

    Oh goodie! Now about the 60 to 90 Million needed in garage repairs…

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