Steelers Squeak Out 23-20 Win Over Colts On Late Field Goal

INDIANAPOLIS (KDKA/AP) — One week after shutting down the Seattle Seahawks, the Steelers headed to Indianapolis looking for their first win on the road this season.

In a close, back-and-forth game that came down to the last four seconds, the Steelers pulled out a narrow 23-20 victory over the Colts on a 38-yard Shaun Suisham field goal.

It was a wild game that turned three times in the final 5½ minutes and was far closer than most expected.

The Steelers (2-1) struggled as Ben Roethlisberger lost two fumbles and threw an interception during an 11-minute first-half span, and they rushed for only 67 yards.

Roethlisberger completed 25 of his 37 passes for 364 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

Even when they thought they had finally shaken off the feisty Colts (0-3), they hadn’t.

After James Harrison forced Curtis Painter’s fumble and Troy Polamalu ran it 16 yards for a 20-13 lead with 5:13 left, Painter led Indy on an 80-yard drive. It was capped by Joseph Addai’s tying 6-yard TD run with 2:09 to go.

But Roethlisberger came back with a 60-yard march to set up the winning score.

The Steelers stay on the road next week as they face the Houston Texans on Oct. 2 at 1 p.m.

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Steelers Defeat Seahawks 24-0 For 1st Win Of Season
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One Comment

  1. Jeremy says:

    Good job Steelers. Even though we struggled alot, we stepped up when we needed to, and a win is a win. When the pressure was on, Troy, James, Ben, and Shaun stepped it up. GO STEELERS!!!

    1. Dilusional Jeremy says:

      We? I don’t recall anyone on the Steelers named Jeremy.

      1. Really says:

        Must be a Bengals Fan!

      2. Yes, Really. says:

        No, just someone who calls it as it is seen. The reporters who say the same thing when fans refer to the team they support as “we” are all Bengals fans too? That is the best you have?

  2. Dan says:

    Barely beat an 0-2 team using their 3rd string QB. Steelers need to improve a LOT if they expect to be playoff contenders this year. Very poor game last night.

  3. sheriff says:

    Ha ha, Squealers look old & decrepit. They will be lucky if they make the playoffs. Big Ben should go back to driving his “Big” Ben at the girlie’s.

    1. Yawn @ sheriff says:


      Do tell what team you are a fan of.

      1. sheriff says:

        Ravens my man, err Boy!

      2. Rob says:

        probably the Green Bay Fudge Packers

    2. jutman1776 says:

      yeah this is true but i gotta feeling this would have been a totally different game had it not been on national television….. like the ravens the colts were out to prove themselfs.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I was referring to all of the Steeler fanbase as “we”. Obviously I’m not on the team you dunce. I’m only saying that because this is a whole city backing this team. Pull your head out of your rear end you jerkoff.

    1. Still Delusional Jeremy says:

      “Good job Steelers. Even though we struggled alot, we stepped up when we needed to, and a win is a win. When the pressure was on, Troy, James, Ben, and Shaun stepped it up. GO STEELERS!!!”

      Even though we (the fanbase) struggled alot (a lot), we (the fanbase) stepped up when we (the fanbase) needed to…..

      Yeah, I am a dunce.

      1. sheriff says:

        You’re drinking the Kool aid again fella. Squealers suc dead donkey dic. Harrison is about to fall apart along with the chinese coon Hines, it’s mines Ward. Only good thing about the Squealers is M.Tomlin & Big Ben.

      2. Steve says:

        yes, you are a dunce. If you’ve never heard people refer to their local team as we/us then you’re clearly an idiot or just lying. Or perhaps both.

      3. Steve, the Delusional Jack@ss says:

        OK, Steve. Look at what context Jeremy puts “we” into; the fanbase. Then look at the example he uses “we” (fanvase) in. Of course I have heard of people referring to the team they support as “we” and they are jacka$$es like you are.

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