Tea Party Republican To Challenge U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — His name is hardly a household one yet, but Republican Evan Feinberg intends to make history next spring.

His goal?

Defeating long-time Congressman Tim Murphy in the April Republican primary.

“Tim Murphy is an Arlen Specter Republican,” Feinberg told KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano in his first television interview, “and I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts to lose the primary that he may even switch parties.”

Feinberg, a native of Peters Township who has worked most recently for Tea Party icons — U.S. Senators Tom Coburn and Rand Paul — says Murphy is out-of-step with conservative fiscal values.

“By all accounts, Tim Murphy is one of the top 10 most liberal Republicans in the United States House of Representatives,” he said.

What irks some conservatives is Murphy’s votes with unions on some key issues.

“Tim Murphy’s bad on spending, continues to vote for more and more government, and he’s bad on jobs, continues to vote against workers and with big labor unions over and over again. And that’s where the key issues of the campaign are going to be,” says Feinberg.

Feinberg says Republican voters deserve an alternative to Murphy.

“On and on, Representative Murphy continues to vote across the aisle with the Democrats on major pieces of legislation that hurt job creators here in western Pennsylvania.”

Feinberg, 26, has recently returned home with his wife, an Iraqi war veteran, and their newborn son.

The young conservative says he will have the money to take on Murphy.

Feinberg: “I’m going to have extensive local and national support for this candidacy and I’m very excited about the prospect about the race.”

Delano: “Will you have the money to compete with him on television and throughout the district?”

Feinberg: “Yes.”

Delano: “No question about it?”

Feinberg: “No question about it.”

And Feinberg describes the choice in this primary battle succinctly.

“Tim Murphy is the kind of politician that tries to figure out what the big-monied interests in his district want him to do, puts his finger up in the air and makes a decision based on that.

“My style is that I look to the United States Constitution, and I look to the United States Constitution and say, ‘What is the appropriate role of the federal government?’”

The AFL-CIO does rank Murphy among its more supportive Republicans.

In this Congress, of the 18 labor votes rated this year, Murphy voted 10 times with organized labor.

A spokesperson for Murphy had no comment on Feinberg, but said Murphy “votes his district and always does what’s best for the region.”

Feinberg will file papers on his intent to run with the Federal Election Commission next week.

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One Comment

  1. eazytime says:

    Peters Township rich kid who has an attitude towards unions and the working man. Sounds like another Wannabe Santourum. Twenty six years old and how much political experience? Does not have my vote.

    1. Hwrite is that you says:

      There are 2 kinds of rich people I know of those who worked for it and the second is those who are in a union and cried for it, you sound like the second one or Hwrite.


        I was commenting on a post that said he was just a rich kid that had an attitude against unions and working people and when i went to post it the original comment was removed that I WAS REPLYING TO , THANKS KDKA.

    2. Zoeyzotron says:

      Huh, sounds a lot like OBAMA to me. Spoiled, apparently wealth kid (someone had to pay for all those expensive degrees), no proactical exirpence, NONE!

      we elected a community organizer to run the most powerful country in the world…. and we wonder why our economy is getting so much worse….

  2. Jody says:

    Feinberg certainly has Murphy’s number – he’s an Arlen Specter clone. I will be registering as a Republican to vote for Feinberg. Arlen Specter made me change to IND years ago in order to not be associated in any way, shape or form with him or his party.

  3. mombrown2 says:

    Did Specter vote for TARP, Obamacare, and the Stimulus? Cause I’m pretty sure Murphy didn’t.

  4. hwright says:

    “conservative fiscal values” What are these? Tax the rich less and the poor more??? Pad your pockets with corporate payoffs? Create less government revenue to lay off more employees? How did this kid get where he is? Was he ever in a public school or ever receive a federal funding for school?? Hope not Republicans want to kill the whole program of Education

    1. Should we switch says:

      Maybe we should all switch to your political party, the one that FORCES you to accept LARGE GOVERNMENT whether you like it or need it or not.
      The one that invades private businesses and then doesn’t file charges of any wrong doing and takes their property because they’re non union.
      The one that complains about separation of church and government then inflicts what they should believe.
      The one that tries to pass laws to eliminate Congressional Elections because they know they are going to lose, which is against the Constitution.
      Oh, by the way my information is from KDKA Hwrite not fox news.

      1. HWRIGHT says:


    2. THE reaper says:

      apparently he got where he is by working hard and not expecting some union to demand he be overpaid just because he has been there 25 years…

    3. Mad Hatter says:

      Our Education the way it is today should be killed. it is failing in its duty to actually educate at an acceptable level and it is completly over spent (at least in PA), there is zero fiscal responsibility.

      It should be revamped, almost entirely.. HWright.

  5. hwright says:

    Its nice to see whats going on outside Wall Street on facebook and or msnbc but very little coverage to no coverage of the protests on here or fox. Do you see what going on in new york and across america people are fed up. WONDER WHY ITS NOT COVERED??????

    1. Hwrite Has Selected Vision says:

      Well Hwrong it is being covered if you weren’t BLIND you would see that or do you have selected vision.
      Roses are red violets are blue, I have 5 fingers and the middle one’s for you.

    2. HELP ME PLEASE says:

      I work with a bunch of people like Hwright and they are the hardest part of going to work, I love my job and the hardest part is dealing with them.
      They vote democrat in yet complain about the democrats in yet they keep voting that way because they don’t like rich people.
      That’s the only way the democrats can get votes is to play class warfare.
      In 2012 I’m sure they’ll still vote that way but I think they’ll be in for an awakening,

Comments are closed.

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