Derry Twp. Mobile Home Residents Fear Water Shut-Off

DERRY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Hundreds of residents at a Westmoreland County mobile home park are being threatened with a water shut-off.

The residents of the Dogwood Acres mobile home park in Derry Township are concerned because they are up to date on their bills.

Several years ago the Derry Municipal Water Authority put individual meters on the 140 homes so the residents would only pay for the water they use.

“I pay my bills. My taxes are paid, my water bill is paid, my sewage bill is paid. We shouldn’t be the victims in this situation,” Marcia Honse said.

On Friday, residents learned that the Water Authority had approved a measure to shut off all of their water.

The problem is that there is a leak in the line from the road to the homes. The problem is the responsibility of the park’s owner and residents don’t understand why this is their legal problem.

“Why should I have to hire an attorney? I pay my water bill. If he doesn’t pay his, that’s not my problem,” Ed Kutzer said.

The Water Authority said the park owner owes them $50,000. There’s also a concern that the park will be sold at a sheriff’s sale.

If that happens, residents fear the new owner will try to evict residents with older mobile homes.

“I’m 69, he’s 84 we don’t have any place to go or anything to do,” Janice Baker said.

Residents will be calling the state attorney general’s office on Monday to be advised of their rights.


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One Comment

  1. Plumber says:

    Shoul have got that water line insurance the city sold

  2. Funny Feller says:

    Dogwood Acres should be condemned.

  3. bruceUSA says:

    This is how trailer parks get the bad “rep” they do. The local authorities should keep on the park owners to keep repairs and conditions up to a well maintained level. If you can’t afford it– sell–and move to an affordable rental. Don’t allow people stay who can’t afford it and then the place runs itself into the ground. And the water should have been cut off right at the beginning of the problem—not 50,000 later!!!! Derry Township officials are partially to blame for letting it go this far. What a mess!!!

  4. Concerned Resident says:

    I live in Dogwood Acres and I do not think it should be condemned and I also do not think my water should be shut off. I pay my bills on time every month and work 40+ hours a week to put a roof over my families head and food in they’re mouths. We have nowhere else to go and I have a 1 year old daughter who needs water for her food and baths and clean laundry. Yea the road need paved and some maintenance needs done but it’s not all together that bad. No it’s not some upscale resort for millionaires it’s a trailer park for people who cant afford a nice house and all that. We’re not bad people we’re just not well off like some.

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