Gator Reportedly Spotted At Beaver Run Reservoir

BEAVER RUN (KDKA) — A five-foot alligator has been seen on the banks of the Beaver Run Reservoir, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

The reservoir belongs to the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County and Authority Manager Chris Kerr told the Trib that the gator has been spotted over the last month, but that it poses no danger and that there will be no active search.

Ray Bamrick, lead reptile keeper at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, says the gator would not be able to survive the winter and suspects it may have been someone’s pet and that its owner dropped it off there.

The reservoir is marked as private.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission tells KDKA that someone could be fined for dumping off an exotic pet such as the gator.

Irene and Zeal Brewer, who live up the hill from the reservoir, smiled and joked about the gator. They have not seen it and say they don’t want to.

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One Comment

  1. GatorBait says:

    Be nice if, you know, maybe the wildlife folks would get out there and try and get it before it dies and all. Guess that’d just be a bit too taxing maybe.

    1. MsCynic says:

      Do you realize how often this actually happens?? The Zoo has no desire to take in an animal that they do not know the origin or health of – it could risk the health and the lives of their existing ones on exhibit. Plus, this is not an inexpensive undertaking and it’s nature, they are not meant to live up here, if you turn the loose, they die – just like many other exotics that people turn loose. I’m not saying it’s good/acceptable, but it’s reality. Sorry, but the idiot who did this should be found (someone KNOWS who they are – people only get exotic animals like this so they can BRAG about it) and THEY should have to pay for the capture!

    2. animallover says:

      They say it doesn’t pose a threat, however, it is HORRIBLE to just let the poor thing freeze to death. Someone has to have the connections to capture this gator and take him some where else to live his life. That is absolutely ridiculous !! There is no reason for that poor thing to die, when it doesn’t have to. I think people should start emailing the Zoo and the Pennsylvania Fish/Game commissioner, or a Gator Rescue. This poor guy needs help….

      1. Lexy LovingThe Beach says:

        @ animallover….I agree completely with you…..why doesn’t KDKA get involved and help rather then just sit back and do nothing?? People need to respect ALL living things…just because it’s not a human does not male it any less important!

  2. Jody Eriksson says:

    Smiling reporters on KDKA news said that there will be no search for this alligator because it poses no active threat, and that the gator will never survive the falling temperatures of fall and winter. Well then why isn’t someone trying to capture the gator and relocate it?? Give it a chance to survive. It should have never been a “pet” in the first place. The Pittsburgh Zoo was part of this news story. I bet they have the means to relocate this alligator. Shame, apparently no one is willing to do the right thing and they are treating this like a joke.

    1. bring back common sense says:

      why don’t you go find it, and “relocate” it?

      1. jenn says:

        why don’t you go help them?

    2. jenn says:

      I agree Jody.

  3. Gator says:

    Is this news or just another KD attempt to kill time between commercials?

  4. bring back common sense says:

    i think both jody and gator bait should go find the gator. that wouldnt be taxing whatsoever. right gator bait??

  5. bring back common sense says:

    jody and gator bait should do it. wouldnt be taxing whatsoever. right gator bait?

  6. Angry Pete says:

    Why does every story bring out the haters?? KD and their “smiling reporters” are just giving the facts. Why blame the messenger if the zoo, fish & game commission or Jacques Cousteau don’t to want to spend thousands of dollars and dozens of man hours searching for the gator? If it means so much to goofball Jody and her friend gator, then please go out and find him. Otherwise I suggest you watch Fox News will all the other angry, self loathing cynics.

  7. Jenn says:

    What a shame it will die. People should not dump their exotics off like that. It will starve to death and freeze to death. How humane is that? It is an awful death no matter how you look at it.

  8. Lexy LovingThe Beach says:

    Why don’t they call in the PROFESSIONALS to come get it and relocate it….if no one in PA wants to help? I’m sure there is someone who would help. =0(

  9. W.R Hilliard says:

    One Shot one Klll ….Gator Steaks and a new Belt…Problem Over…
    One would think that you Bleeding Hearts would have more to worry about than some over sized Lizard….Your Fellow Man MayBe……

  10. animallover says:

    Dear W.R Hilliard- Only people with hearts here please ! Then again, maybe we should take you out there, drop you off and let you fend for yourself for food and through the freezing cold winter….

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