Vietnam Vet Receives New Wheelchair

BRIGHTON HEIGHTS (KDKA) – A local Vietnam veteran found himself unable to get around after someone stole his van with his motorized scooter inside over the weekend.

This was the second time in a month that this has happened to Andrew Matvey.

However, a special delivery Monday morning has made Matvey mobile once again.

“I’m just a victim, you know, they don’t realize what they’re doing to this veteran,” Matvey said. “I need my van back in one piece so I can take my wheelchair toe the VA,” Matvey said.

Early Monday morning, he received a special delivery from a Beaver County company.

“We’re giving him a power wheelchair to replace the one that was stolen,” David W. McCormick from Recycled Mobility Products said.

“Now [that] I got my mobility back a little bit, I can go to the store and get some food,” Matvey said.

KDKA viewers got word to Recycled Mobility Products to help make Matvey mobile again.

“From your Channel 2 viewers, and there’s good people in the world. When you’re down on your luck, there’s always somebody to bring you back up,” Matvey said.

Matvey got even more good news as police found his van in the Kuhn’s parking lot in Bellevue.

If you’d like more information about how to donate to Recycled Mobility Products, you can visit their website here.


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One Comment

  1. mr. bill says:

    I hope some kind soul will repair the ignition switch in his van so that it doesn’g get stolen again.

  2. George Catiline says:

    The man’s hat says he is a “Vietnam Era Veteran.” That is NOT the same thing as a “Vietnam Veteran.” Most Vietnam veterans do not like the term “Vietnam Era Veteran” at all, because it implies that someone served in Vietnam, when in fact they may never have set foot in Vietnam. Usually people who display “Vietnam Era Veteran” slogans are NOT, in fact, Vietnam Veterans. It simply means that they served in the military at some point during that war, but didn’t actually serve in Vietnam. Since KDKAs reporters are calling him a “Vietnam Veteran” (in order to give the story a little more of a punch, boost their ratings, and help themselves out financially) I hope it is true that he actually did serve in Vietnam, and that this isn’t a case that shows exactly why Vietnam vets don’t like the “Vietnam Era Veteran” terminology. It can imply service in Vietnam even when, in fact, none was rendered. I am glad the man got his things back, and that people helped the dear soul. God bless him and those who helped him. But I am left wondering if he is REALLY a Vietnam Veteran, or if that is just something that KDKA assumed because of the potentially misleading terminology displayed on his hat. God bless him for his service, in Vietnam or not.

  3. Morty Mania says:

    Twice in one month? Me thinks we are being scammed……… Better ake a look at this guy’s military history and police record. Jus sayin…

  4. Dean Catalano says:

    Im glad a local company did the right thing and helped this guy out. vets have done enough for our country and this is the least we can do to thank them. and morty just sayin… SHUT YOUR UNGREATFULL MOUTH

  5. Michael Lehman says:

    yes, some people never beleive anything, always a doubting thomas in the crowd, just sayin. Vietnam vet or not , he is still a victim, you blooming idiot

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