Braddock Detective Arrested On Burglary, Drug Charges

GREENSBURG (KDKA) – A Braddock Police detective was arrested Tuesday on burglary and drug charges.

James Scuffle is in custody at the State Police barracks in Greensburg.

Brenda Waters: “Are you guilty?”

Scuffle: “No.”

According to State Police, Scuffle is facing charges stemming from several incidents.

“It started in April 20th of this year,” State Trooper Steve Limani said.

“Our midnight shift was in routine patrol in the Donegal area. They noticed a vehicle that was in a campground parked outside of a clubhouse at the point in time that that vehicle’s parked there that clubhouse would not be open.”

State police say Scuffle had two women in his vehicle that night. They were to be his lookout.

Scuffle got away, later claimed his vehicle had been stolen and filed a police report and an insurance claim.

He allegedly gave hundreds of dollars’ worth of crack cocaine to a woman.

The drugs were allegedly stolen from the evidence room of the Braddock Police Department.

She was to sell the drugs to raise $450 in bail money for another woman’s release. Investigators say Scuffle was afraid the woman in jail would snitch on him.
Scuffle’s bail was set at $100,000. He is in the Westmoreland County Jail.


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One Comment

  1. wilber says:

    sending people to jail for drugs has gotten very old. and is just plain silly

  2. thoughts says:

    bad joke of the day “was thier a scuffle when the arrested him”

  3. Dave says:

    If there weren’t drugs, the police would be out of work. Drugs are the basis for burlaries, robberies, murders, etc., so if drugs were legal, we wouldn’t be in need of as much law enforcement. Not only would it affect the police but the lawyers, judges, etc. So, it’s a domino effect. I’m sure this guy was just looking out for job security!

  4. agape_45 says:

    So nice to see crooked law enforcement get busted.. These types of individuals are the reason why the public doesn’t have much faith or respect in law enforcement any more

  5. Morty Mahem says:

    Cops are all bullies and super-egotystical basterds!!!!

  6. chance says:

    I “AXE” you, would it be better to get rid of the “pOlice” or the druggies and dealers?. I think the later is the preferred solution. Granted this cop is a bad apple and should be dealt with severely.

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