Company Releases Indoor Stink Bug Trap

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – With the change in the seasons comes a change for bugs too as they start to move inside, looking for warmth.

You may have already noticed that the stink bugs are moving in. However, you can trap them as they come into your home.

One company that has a had great success with an outdoor trap now has introduced a version specifically designed to be used inside your house.

“We started seeing them late spring, and we tend to eat outside lunch and dinner most nights and they were coming to dinner too,” Peggy Murin said.

“Ever since last summer when the stink bugs first started coming around and pestering everybody, she’s been on, grabbing tissues and grabbing them until something more positive came out,” Larry Murin said.

The outdoor version of the trap is placed in trees. It has to be touching at least one limb or branch to be effective.

Larry said, the bugs fly or walk in and can’t get out.

“They just walk down the branch up the green thing and up into the hole and it’s over,” Larry said.

People’s aversion to stink bugs means big business for Rescue.

“Over in Asia they are just another pest, another agricultural pest, but they have come over here. They don’t have competition. They don’t have natural insect enemies and they have this habit of going inside homes that is driving people bananas,” Stephanie Cates with Rescue said.

It’s one thing to have stink bugs outside, but Doreen Hoover, an environmental field scientist with Rescue, said people get really upset when the bugs move inside.

Now, a new version of the trap is available to be used inside. The indoor trap has a blue LED light, which attracts the stink bugs.

Larry and Peggy just bought two for inside their home and while they have  not had many visitors to the new traps, that’s not a bad thing.

Peggy said even if it’s just one, it’s one less stink bug she will have to squash.

“I’ve been on a vendetta ever since I saw the first one and I’m [going to] win,” Peggy said.

There are some extra precautions you can take to keep the stink bugs from getting inside your home.

According to experts, do what you would do to keep the chill out. The biggest thing is to seal up cracks, like those around windows, doors and dryer vents.


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One Comment

  1. angel says:

    but where can we buy one?

    1. Gary says:

      Where do you buy one?

  2. Bug Nerd says:

    A much better indoor trap is the Original Indoor Stink Bug Trap because it actually kills the bugs and does not look like a huge green missile in your home (the one featured in the article does not kill the bugs – dehydration traps are designed for outdoor use…without sunlight, those bugs will just stink up the place). Google the Original Indoor Stink Bug Trap company and check their website for locations, plus you can get it on Amazon within a day or two. Check the Amazon reviews if you want to know what you should buy.

  3. lr says:

    This article is no help at all without information on where to buy them!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Truth says:

    This is an add, not journalism. Who would want this? I don’t want to see them crawling around? Give us something to KILL them before they get in.

  5. Jennifer Spinney says: people!!! Don’t be idiots!!!

  6. hatesalbugs says:

    go to—- talstarp. $25 for 25 whole house applications, lasts for 3 months. none inside this year, just hundreds of dead ones outside. safe for kids, pets, food prep as soon as it’s dry. I was frantic last year, house covered, in the cars, inside. Spent lots of time researching, only positive stuff in the reviews so we tried it. If they touch it they die- not instantly, but anything that touches your house is dead in minutes.

    1. helpp says:

      what product did you use off this site?

  7. Stink says:

    Why would KDKA include the place where you can buy them? This isn’t the Rob Pratt show

  8. GREG says:


  9. If you want a stink bug trap that works indoors then you have to buy one that was built for indoor use! This is where Strube’s stink bug traps come in! There are many that claim 1st, best, original buts its all BS we were 1st , are the best and original. All other light traps are knock offs from our traps! They should be ashamed! Search us on facebook, google, youtube for reviews! Thanks

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