Pickup Truck, School Bus Collide In Washington County

MOUNT PLEASANT TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – More than a dozen students had to be taken to the hospital Monday morning after a school bus collided with a pickup truck in Washington County.

According to Mount Pleasant Township Police, over a dozen students from Fort Cherry School District didn’t make it to school this morning.

Around 7:30 a.m., the bus they were on side-swiped a pickup truck on Agape Road.

“The truck was traveling up the hill, pulling a trailer of pipe to a gas well site. A school bus was coming down. It was loaded with students and they side-swiped each other and became locked together,” Police Chief Louis McQuillan said.

The driver of the pickup was checked out at the scene and chose not to go to the hospital.

However, Chief McQuillan said all of the students and the bus driver were taken to Washington and Canonsburg hospitals. They have all been treated and released.

“Everybody seemed fine. All the students onboard said they were uninjured. They weren’t complaining of any pain or any problems. But, because of their age and it being a school bus, precautionary, everyone was transported to local hospitals,” Chief McQuillan said.

Chief McQuillan said he was in contact with the school throughout the morning, and parents will be notified of the incident.

While neither of the drivers are believed to have been speeding, Chief McQuillan said one of the drivers isn’t off the hook just yet.

The investigation is ongoing, but a citation could be issued against the driver of the pickup truck.


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One Comment

  1. PHatmonkey says:

    All were not injured EXCEPT one that was taken off the bus in a stretcher and the one with diagnosed minor whiplash

  2. Anonymous says:

    No one was hurt. I was on the bus,,, there was no collision whatsoever. No impact. The boy with whiplash made a big deal out of a headache he had before the accident. It was ore exude that he was taken on a stretcher. The bus was repaired with duct tape. The bus was also at a stop when this happened. The truck driver better have a citation, I saw it coming and he was speeding bad and on our side of the road. But no whiplash is possible.. Believe me.

  3. Hwright says:

    The truck driver was probably from another country reason why he refused medical treatment. The gas companies think they own the road and care less of the people using them. They are rushed to make the money and there is nothing going to stop the greed.

  4. gordo says:

    this is news?

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