Latest Jordan Brown Hearing Postponed

NEW CASTLE (KDKA) – The latest hearing for a Lawrence County boy accused of killing his father’s pregnant fiancée was postponed Tuesday morning.

The family of Kenzie Houk gathered at the Lawrence County Courthouse for the hearing that was supposed to happen.

They are concerned that their daughter’s alleged killer, Jordan Brown, would be released.

“It’s always been stopped, There’s always a stop somewhere. When you think that well, they’re going to make their decision, it’s always been stopped,” Debbie Houk said.

Tuesday’s hearing did not happen because of paperwork. Houk’s parents said justice delayed for their daughter is justice denied.

“It’s like a wild goose chase. Like I told my wife, we have to be here for everything that goes on down here because you never know what can happen,” Jack Houk said.

In 2009, 11-year-old Brown, allegedly shot Houk in the head with a shotgun and then went to school.

For Houk’s loved ones, it’s been an endless line of court proceedings.

The latest has Brown, now 14, being tried as a juvenile after originally facing adult charges.

Even if found guilty on all charges, under juvenile statutes, he would be freed at the age of 21.

“He shouldn’t walk. He should never walk,” Debbie Houk said.

Details about Brown’s next hearing have not been released, but Houk’s family will be there when it takes place.


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One Comment

  1. larry says:

    im sorry but the victims family needs to wake up and see that he is just a kid i really feel bad for him there has to be more to this story then whats being told

    1. Georgia says:

      Even if someone else committed the crime? Are you insane?

      1. Georgia says:

        (this was in response to someone who suggested the death penalty for this boy, the original post was removed)

  2. katie says:

    I think you would feel different if it were your family member that was murdered in cold blood. I personally don’t want this kid out walking around

    1. Janice Brown Myers says:

      Thank God You have no say about it!!!!

  3. georgia says:

    “One of the most mystifying things about the Jordan Brown case is why the police never seriously pursued an investigation of Kenzie Houk’s former boyfriend Adam Harvey, the only character in this whole sordid affair with a known motive for seeing Kenzie dead.”

    God hates injustice. I truly believe He is calling us, from around the world, total strangers, to look closer at the facts in this case. The truth will come out. Would be nice if, in the meantime, the news would raise a question, or two.

  4. Georgia says:

    The anchorwoman opens this report with, “Concerns today from the family of a woman killed by her fiance’s 11 year old son…”

    Did we miss the trial, the evidence, the defense and the verdict?

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