‘Occupy’ Protestors: Jealous Of The Rich?

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – NewsRadio 1020 KDKA’s Robert Mangino talks with Les Rayburn, a 35-year Army combat veteran and self-described “political realist,” about the motivations behind the rapidly spreading “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

Rayburn argues that the protestors are emblematic of Americans who don’t believe that anyone has the “right to be rich,” and that the “Occupy” movement is fundamentally anti-capitalist.

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  • Hit Boy

    Typical of this generation…They want everything given to them… Life is full of hardships they define you. Grow up!

    • hit boy the wimp

      Of what generation? They are mearly challenging authority like every generation should. btw, there are more union members then any one generation and Its good to see people fighting to make a change. Wake up. Hit boy is a sheep and will do whatever he is told.. huh? youre a good boy?

      • Mayor of GBD

        according the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, less that 25% of the working population is union. So, I guess 75% of us are stupid? baaaaa, baaaaaa, baaaaa you little sheep.

  • chim chim

    I love how people with money scream “anti capitalist” whenever anybody wants to challenge the existing tax system, as if it’s unamerican to do so. Whenever the market was in danger of collapsing, they sure loved the socialist idea of a tax funded government bail out didn’t they?!

    • expittsburgh

      “they sure loved the ”

      Who is this “they” that you speak of? Most everyone was against it.

      • chim chim

        “They” as in the beneficiaries of the bailout monies.

    • Zoeyzotron

      No they did not “love the idea” of a bailout. The bailout of GM for example was a disgrace to Capitalism. it was a direct union payoff from obama.

      learn your facts.

      • roosevelt

        exactly, Like when George bush signed the 700 billlion dollar bailout. Equally disgracefull!

      • Walter E. Murray

        Who cares what you “agree with”? Don’t spew garbage as fact.

      • John A. Lewis

        Fact: George Bush signed the 17.4 billion dollar auto industry buyout right before leaving office. Fact : GM closed 20 plants and Chrysler idled all of it’s plants for one month immediately after the bailout. Union payoff? Learn your facts.

      • Zoeyzotron

        YES, it was a union payoff. FACT

        and I also did not agree with TARP.

  • Beachgyrl

    Go get a job Occupy Wallstreet bums!!

    • Dennis

      Do you know of a job. I wasnt planning on joining the protestors. However, I moved back to Pittsburgh from Charlotte. I moved back to be closer to family after being layed off and since moving back one year ago I have been layed off three times since 10/2010. I can only find work that pays around 13 to 14 dollars per hour. I could not afford rent, food, car insurance and other bills we all have to pay so I looking nationally for employment. I have worked in the mortgage industry for the last decade. The outlook for employment is poor at best and I fear where I will live one my unemployment and lease expire next month.

      • Mayor of GBD

        $14 an hour beats $0 an hour. Stop milking the teat. If you want public assistance (welfare, unemployement, etc) you should be REQUIRED to hold a part time jobs and try to be less of a leech on thr working class…and pass a drug test.

      • Sonja Jones

        In the last four years, my husband and I have been laid off from jobs in Pittsburgh and surrounding communities four times. We are in our sixties, there is no chance for retirement because this has been the story in Western PA for the last forty years of our working lives. We are skilled labor in sales and welding. Every time we get a job. the company has a layoff or goes out of business. We have not had the good fortunate to be hooked up with a union or a subsidized government job. We are not unique in this situation, so much for having a job……………

    • george

      beachgyrl ? you probably hang at some beach on neville island and think youre rich turd river ha ha ha ha

      • Mayor of GBD

        Sonja – with the Marsellus boom and gas pipeline replacements due to the Integrity Managemant Plans mandated by the Fed. DOT, NO welder should be out of work…if his work can pass the XRay examinations and NDT.

        Cry me a river. Contractor welders with their own rig are making $100 plus an hour and union welders around $30.

    • beachbum

      I believe thats what they are fighting for… there are no Jobs. Unions hijacked this countries jobs and the wall street protest…. ironic?

  • j Wilcox

    Please, and how people without money complain about every reason they dont have it….but choose welfare support and no education,,, yet they still have cell phones, cigarettes and laptops… Truly, like Hermain Cain said, blame yourself. Get an education that works, including a college education that willl get you a job, not the easy majors and get to work to make the world a better place.

    • chris

      So your solution is for everyone to get out a 75,000 loan to go back to school? wow Cain is a genius! go to school entire county! and not the easy majors! world will be a better place! wait get an education that works? interesting! you blew my mind!

  • chim chim

    I love it. College degree fixes everything right? Get an education that works? Like an engineering degree? I have 6 close friends with electrical engineering degrees that can’t find work. Wake up.

    • Jeeperz

      well McDonalds is always hiring…thats a start

      • Jennifer

        Yep… a good start to poverty and welfare.

    • Zoeyzotron

      then why in the world would they protest a company that might hire them when/if the economy turns around. They should be protesting our government and demanding garbage leglisation like Dodd/Frank and Sarbanes be repealed.

      this “protest” has no merit because it is non directional, no one understands what the point is, there is no focus.

      • Jennifer

        Im pretty sure the focus is: 1% of the country owns 40% of everything.

      • Zoeyzotron

        Who cares? Why is that your concern? become that 1% if you are so concerned about it

    • Pico

      Hmmm…six friends who are all elec. engineers and unemployed. They must be really unmotivated or not very smart if not a single one of them can find a job.

      You my friend, are full of BS.

  • holly

    Welll I have 6 close friends that have engineering degrees and have great jobs, including my son. So,..,….

    • Mark

      Problem solved! Holly knows 6 people with jobs!

      • chris

        Ha Ha, yeah Holly only cares about herself. she is unpatriotic!

  • drp

    I support the protesters! Why? Because our first amendment to the constitution gives us that right! Never challenge our rights, no matter what the cause.

    End The FED!
    Support our constitution!
    vote Dr. Ron Paul 2012

  • Jamie

    Me too, We shouldnt tax them thats for sure. We definitly shoulnt protest, we should just keep our mouths shut and let them take everything in the name of capitilism! usa.. usa… usa!

    • Pico

      I guess if you can’t spell capitalism, you shouldn’t be expected to know what it means. Or words like “definitely”, “shouldn’t”…those are tough ones to spell as well. What are they exactly “taking” from you?

  • Burghnerdman

    I am not rich by any means. I do however feel that if you want to have wealth and money, you have too work for it. Not have it handed to you.
    Do you think people did this a hundred years ago. The answer is yes. Class warfare has been apart of all civilized society’s. Don’t worry about what everybody else has, worry about how you can acheive better.
    From the Bible : Thou shall not Covet thy neighbor, or thy neighbors things.

  • Justin D.

    I’ll tell you what they didnt have 100 years age:
    – the IRS
    – the FED
    – a fiat money system
    – The World Bank
    – the IMF

    • Dave

      And don’t forget we also didn’t have a Federal Income tax.

      • Justin d.

        Yeah, Maybe we should go and protest that ha ha!


  • Ellen Carlin

    There are so many different kinds of people and so many different ideas about what is wrong that perhaps some of the protesters are a bit jealous. However, in my case I have only one beef. That is that our democratic system has been bought and paid for by corporations and the rich. There was always some of this going on but the last 20 years things have gotten out of control. I know the supreme court said that the rich can give as much as they want. That does not mean that congress has to accept it.

    • Kathryn Klabler

      Lobbyists write our laws to benefit large corporate interests. They pay our politicians millions of dollars to pass these laws. Should this be legal? Conflict of interest? Does anyone even care hats happing here, or are you all too busy bashing the protesters for exercising their freedom to assemble?

  • Cindy

    You MUST be kidding me!!! Are you NUTS?!?!?! Good gawd, KDKA has stooped to a new low that I never imagined could be achieved – especially considering they were already lower than low! Did you run a story with the demonstrators’ side of the story?? Your news station makes me sick!
    That’s it! I’m history and will most certainly spread the word.
    P.S. NOBODY HATES “rich” people, they just want a FAIR and DEMOCRATIC society!

    • Cindy

      I found a solution to one problem – http://www.wtae.com – hooray! No more of KDKA’s nonsense!
      Not that it’ll be MUCH better, but so far, I like what I see!

    • Mad Hatter

      What happens if we take more from the wealthey and one day they decide its just not worth working any more?? Where will all the FREELOADERS along with the folks that actually need support, like disabled veterns get their money from??

      No one seems to want to discuss that topic…

  • Cindy

    P.S.S. I especially feel sorry for the blue-collar and middle class Americans who’re FALLING for this baloney! Geez, people, get a brain!

  • Angry Old Ann

    Money is money, but money buys our civil rights..When I was in college in 1980, I had my first political science course and learned that in the Soviet Union, 99% of the wealth was held by 1% of the people. Hmm… what happened to that society???That is what has happened to the US now! Back then, I buried my head in the sand as many do. I am 50 years old now and I am watching what has happened to the US and it is a disgrace. It started in 1981 with Ronald Reagan, as this is what President Obama has inherited. And, because of privatization, my husband is incarcerated in the county jail, for pooping in his pants during a car accident !!! Think about what you believe in and try fight for it, in a good or subtle way, so you don’t end up like me!!!!

    • Angry Tax Payer

      Please get a clue! You say that the Soviet Union was a society in which 1% held all the wealth. Very true! And this occupy movement is largely anti-capitalist. What do you think the opposite of anti-capitalism is? Answer: socialism, aka communism, which was the economic system of the Soviet Union. Capitalism is the reason you have the standard of living you enjoy: complete with cell phones, cars, cable TV, computers and economic choices unrivaled in history. Don’t blame Reagan for your own problems. There will always be uber rich in any society, but unlike in the Soviet Union, *you* have the ability to become rich too. You just have to work for it and stop complaining.

  • Justin

    No, jealous of their freedoms!!!

  • concern northside

    WOW! I wish someone would bail me out. LOL! I ‘m not jealous of anyone getting rich just don’t use slave labor to get there. I have a job but business keep raising prices on goods and lowing salary to get rich…. that is just wrong. Bussiness is getting out of control there is no one to regulate them. they are doing whatever they want.

  • TrueBlue

    The people attacking the OWS protesters here are just the paid hacks of the PR firms working for the Repub Party.

    They all read from the page, and use lots exclamation points. Pure hack.

    Do you guys get paid by the word, or by the number of posts?

    • CluelessBlue

      Yep, same people who dare to question man-made global warming instead of walking in lock stop with brainwashed Democrats: we get paid by Big Oil, Big Pharma, and every other “Big” you love to hate. The “Bigs” that provide the gasoline for your cars, the ones that make your cars, the ones that save your lives with modern drugs. That’s right: the “Bigs” have paid people like me to write comments all day long against people like you. You’ve found us out. Aww shucks.

  • t bone

    What’s sad is that this “movement” has about as much of a chance of succeeding as did the Wisconsin protesters who did have a point and purpose. I hear so many people lament the shrinkage of the middle class but there is no changing it, currently. It’s going to take a lot more suffering than what we’re experiencing right now to make real changes in this country.

  • Joe

    I know a loser down there today that VOLUNTARILY quit his job because he felt he didnt make enough, but please dont remind him that those fifteen trips to Vegas, cruises and other vacations he took were paid for through that job that didnt “pay him enough”. Six months later and he still doesnt have a job. At least he quit so my employer wasnt forced to pay for his funployment for 99 weeks.
    And to the poster about knowing people with electrical engineering degrees, maybe you should ask to see their grades from college because electrical engineering degrees are one of the most sought after degrees you can get and you can basically name your price. Something sounds a little fishy with that one.

    • Pico

      I agree Joe…I know for a fact Westinghouse is still hiring electrical engineers with just a BS degree.

  • 99 Percent

    “Ur jus’ jellus” is a silly, futile argument coming from a 13-year-old Justin Bieber fangirl and it’s even sillier and more futile coming from a 35-year-old. Way to miss (or ignore) the point of the protests, Mr. Rayburn.

  • Nelson

    Outlaw lobbyist, 99% of the problems solved.

  • Paul

    I have to laugh – in watching KDKA over the weekend, when they interviewed some of the Occupy people – they had absolutely no clue why they were there. To further this, several of the protesters are camping out on property owned by the very same people they are protesting. Does this make sense? While I believe there is a problem in this country with the high unemployment, the banks have absolutely nothing to do with this. They received a bail out, yes, and I’m not saying I agree, but what would have happened if they didn’t? We were in a deep recession, leading into a depression. If you know history, then you will realize this same thing happened years ago, which caused the Great Depression.

  • Pico

    Everyone in this country is given the same opportunities, but not everyone takes advantage of what they are given b/c it is easier to blame someone else rather than work hard to succeed. You are free to go to whatever school you want or take any job you want. Unfortunately, a lot of times people just aren’t qualified to go to the school of their choice or hold a specific job, but who do you blame when you just aren’t smart or qualified enough to do something? Maybe you should have studied a little harder or thought about your future a little more. Why didn’t you go to college or trade-school? If you did go and still couldn’t find a job, why didn’t you move to a location w/ more job opportunities or why didn’t you go back to school for an advanced degree? Everyone has made choices in life and just b/c they didn’t work out like they had hoped, they have to blame someone else…

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