President Obama Pushes Jobs Bill In Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — President Barack Obama returned to Pittsburgh to push his jobs bill.

He’s no stranger the city – a must-win region and state for re-election. He used the occasion to deliver a political message.

“This is a moment of truth for the U.S. Senate,” Obama said. “In front of them is a bill, a jobs bill that independent economists have said would grow this economy and put people back to work.”

He questioned why any member of Congress would vote no on this bill.

“So Pittsburgh, that starts now and I’m going to need your help,” Obama said.

“Any senator who votes no should have to look you in the eye and tell you what exactly they’re opposed to,” he added.

The President also asked why Republicans were now so opposed to job creation.

“These are proposals that have traditionally been bipartisan. Republicans used to want to build roads and bridges. That wasn’t just a Democratic idea. We’ve all believed that education was important.

“You’ve got to come – if you’re voting no against this bill – and look a Pittsburgh teacher in the eye and tell them just why they don’t deserve to get a paycheck again,” Obama said.

Republicans say it’s the same old stuff that didn’t work the last time. Late Tuesday, Senate Republicans voted to block the bill.

Meantime, outside near where Obama was speaking, protestors and supporters gathered.

About 60 environmental protestors marched from Oakland to the South Side. They oppose a proposed pipeline from Canada to Texas and want the President to live up to what they call a campaign promise he made.

“We’re pretty much telling him today he has the opportunity to say no to this,” Seth Bush, a Pitt student, said. “It’s not in the hands of a legislative body, the Congress.”

Others had a different mission. Tina Henderson, of Stanton Heights, works at American Eagle and wanted to see the President’s motorcade.

“He waved at me and it was much worth it,” she said.

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One Comment

  1. Mr President please explain says:

    Mr President, I agree they should have to look you right in the eye and tell you why they did not pass the bill.
    I also think that you Mr President should look me in the eye and tell me why you certain members of both houses passed a bill THAT FORCES PEOPLE TO BUY HEALTHCARE, a bill that is in repeal all over the country.
    I would like to know why all this wasted time was spent on this unpopular bill while many Americans either lost or are losing their jobs, homes and lively hood.
    I would like to know what took you so long and why everything you offer revolves around large government jobs while your administration over regulate the private sector, which hurt job growth in that sector.
    I also would like to know why tax payer money is being wasted on solyndra’s legal fund and why 500 million dollars was wasted on this failing business as well as why tax payer dollars were wasted on Nancy Polosi’s relatives business, could you explain that to the teachers who could have used this investment why don’t you Mr President look them in the eyes and explain this.
    I could go on and on but life is to short, but I think you MR PRESIDENT HAVE A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO.

  2. Steve says:

    He was not pushing a “jobs” bill. He was campaigning. plain and simple.

  3. almost jobless says:

    why did he mess up traffic for everyone with jobs today? he almost got me fired

  4. MustafaJohnson says:

    Yes the great and powerful OZ is going to “give” us good jobs. Yeah right! Were in the hell from? Is he going to pull them out of his magic hat? best thing to do is get on the dole. Sit home and wait for the checks to start rolling in from Uncle Sam. Then instead of teaching your kids a trade or a career, teach them how to be leeches and get their checks down the road.

  5. Mark says:

    I would like to ask him why he only wants Union Jobs and it seems he doesn’t care for non-Union workers. Buy, he is the rich that the MOB should be protesting. He really only cares about maintaining one job, his own! Also, why are illegals getting a free ride they send their kids to schools and now college and the taxpayers are having to pay for them when we cannot afford to send our own children? I think we need a change in leadership.

  6. Mad Hatter says:

    Ahhhhhh NO. Did you hear that oBama? NO!

    simply changing the name from stimlus to jobs plan does not change the content.

    please do us all a favor and remove yourself from office.

  7. Warlock Jones says:

    Campagain on your own damn time mr obama… and your own dime.

    You make me sick.

  8. Christine DiIanni says:

    A campaign stop pure and simple. Hopefully, this isue gets discussed all around town so that even those who watch the MSM (LSM) get the message that this President is paying back all the unions (SEIU, AFF-CIO, NEA, AFT, UFT, etc) whose members voted for him in 2008. When the WH can shake down BP for $20B (this is what the judiciary is for) and “persuade” Ford to pull a great commercial touting the fact that Ford didn’t take bailout money, this is going down the path to socialism where in government controls private enterprise. Why isn’t the border sealed to keep millions coming to this country and taking American jobs. Oh, that’s right, the Hispanic vote. Anybody but Obama and the D’s, 2012.

    1. I REPLIED says:

      I seen that Ford Commercial and it’s funny for I bought a Ford for the same reason.
      I also own Gibson Guitars, but unfortunately I’m not sure where Gibson’s going to go since the government raid on their factory and the illegal confiscation of their property without charges being filed.

  9. ill give you change says:

    If you voted for our current president in 2008 to prove you weren’t a racist, please vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.
    Thank you………..
    Concerned Citizens of America

  10. OBBY NOBY says:

    I’ll take the USA and Obama can keep the change.

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