Tanya Kach Shares Story Of Captivity On ‘Dr. Phil’

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A woman who was held captive for 10 years in McKeesport has written a book.

Today, the first of a two-part special on Tanya Kach’s story aired on “Dr. Phil.”

“He was the type of man – you don’t make him angry. You do not make him angry,” she told Dr. Phil. “You just – you don’t because he threatened to kill me many times.”

Dr. Phil: “What did he say? How was he going to kill you? What would he say to you?”

Kach: “He would smother me in my sleep, then throw me in a garbage bag and dump me in the river.”

Her story made headlines in Pittsburgh five years earlier, but since being rescued from the grasp of Thomas Hose, Kach has largely been silent until now.

With the release of a book, “Memoir of a Milk Carton Kid,” she’s telling her story for the first time in great detail.

It’s the story of a runaway turned captive. A 14-year girl in who ended up trapped in what she thought was a relationship but ended up being a bedroom with no way out.

Her interview with Dr. Phil today was at times emotional.

“And I can’t believe that I was there held captive for so many years,” she said.

KDKA-TV’s Lynne Hayes-Freeland has an exclusive interview with Tanya Kach that will air during KDKA-TV News at 5 and 6.

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One Comment

  1. Life in Prison says:

    That slimey dirtbag that abducted her should get the “hurt stick” every day in prison…..general pop,too

  2. deborah l. webb says:

    to the parole board – what would you do if this happened to your child (boy or girl) & a parole board was about to release the monster that did this to your child and after the release the monster came after you and your child again or another boy or girl. how are you going to live with yourself.

  3. Rose Peoples says:

    I wish her happiness and peace she is so brave to tell what happened to her.
    I hope that pervert stays in prison she should be able to live her life without having to worry about him being released he deprived her of her childhood. and her father is going to have to answer to God the way he has treated his only daughter she has been victimized twice once by her uncaring father and this child molester so I hope they keep him in prison.

  4. jean Harris says:

    I was so shocked to watch the Dr. Phil show these past two days & see what poor Tanya has endured for 10 days. God bless her & glad she will be happy for the rest of her new life.
    Its hard to beleive what I would do if this happened to my child. This is so horrific. The laws need to change that creeps like this should stay in prison for life behind bars or a closet like Tanya endured. Please have the courts keep these poedifiles in prison without any parole… Throw him to the other prisoners & see if he likes what its like to be raped etc. Thats all I can say , as I am so mad at the system, J. from Delaware….

  5. sylvia springer-fahie says:

    To the Parole Board do not let this sorry excuse of a human see the light of day. The prole board need to walk in Tanya’s shoes and put their family member in in her shoes ,How would the feel, This was beyound heartless.

  6. Jan Thurman says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not EVER release this monster from prison!! Aside from the terror and trauma he inflicted on this innocent young child for more than a decade, he is a PEDOPHILE!!! I have been a Licenced nurse for 14 years and at times studied different sex offenders. PEDOPHILIA is the only sex crime for which there is NO CURE!! I.e. no potential for rehabilitation!!!! If you all release this monster back into society, he will hurt other children. Please don’t let him have another opportunity to hurt another innocent child, and tear apart another family. He’s right where he belongs as long as he’s behind bars. He deserves nothing more. Sincerely, Jan Thurman Orange, TX

  7. K Toler says:

    Today on the show it was told that this dirtbag can get out in Feb. 2012. They better remember when they let one person out of prison early he abducted Jacee Dugarr. What little girl does he have in mind when he gets out. As Dr. Phil says past behaviors predict future behaviors. Keep him locked up. Protect all little girls out there. Would they let him out if that had happened to their baby girl. yes she was just a baby.

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