PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A march and rally are scheduled for this Saturday as Pittsburgh joins a national movement.

Drawing inspiration from groups across the country, the Occupy Movement is coming to Pittsburgh.

“We the people can do it better than all the institutions we have right now. I’m not advocating that we tear them all down. I’m saying we can do a better job, and we are going to come together and do that,” says Steve Cooper, the meeting moderator. “I disagree with her. She disagrees with me. You probably disagree with me. We are going to get together and figure it out and figure out that better way.”

More than 1,400 cities have held rallies.

Saturday’s march will start at 11:45 a.m. at Freedom Corner and wind its way through the business district before ending with a rally at Point State Park.

“This is not just about people getting their jobs back,” said Khalid Raheem, who will be marching with ‘Occupy Pittsburgh.” “It is about people having the chance to really fulfill their full capacity as human beings – white, black, brown, red and yellow.”

Elizabeth Kubit says money should not determine the volume of your voice.

“There’s so many more people out there who don’t have a dime, who will never be heard, and we are trying to speak for them. This is for everyone,” said Kubit.

Jess Kelly says she is worried for the future of her children.

“I’m lying to them. I tell them that if they go to school and work hard and go to college they will have a bright future, but at this point, that’s a lie,” she says. “It’s not going to happen.”

The group has applied for the necessary permits for the march – saying it wants to work with the city not against it in encouraging change.

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