Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Perry Stops In Pittsburgh

WEST MIFFLIN (KDKA) — Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Perry made his first appearance in western Pennsylvania today.

The Texas governor told an audience at the U.S. Steel Works in West Mifflin that he has an energy plan that will quickly create 1.2 million jobs.

During his visit, the Republican hopeful called for more off shore drilling, drilling in the Alaska arctic, construction of a controversial pipeline and lifting EPA pollution regulations.

He says he could do all of it without congressional approval and says it’ll create more than a million jobs.

“We have the resources that we need to fuel our cars, our homes, our power plants and those resources can be found in Pennsylvania and West Virginia and Ohio,” Perry said.

The Democratic National Committee was quick to attack Perry’s plan today, saying it would take seven years to create the jobs he talked about. They also say Perry’s plan would cause a lot of pollution.

Perry’s trip comes as his poll numbers continue to plummet.

On Thursday night, Perry held a fundraiser at Cioppino of Pittsburgh, a restaurant in the Strip District.

Stay with KDKA for more on this developing story.

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  • tj

    Hide your daughters. He is a vaccination machine.

    • TJS

      You do realize that the vaccines were never given. And there was an opt out for any parents who would not hve wanted it?

  • Paul

    At least he brings a breath of fresh air – more than I can say for the current president. The last three years have been filled with increased unemployment at record-breaking numbers, more foreclosures than ever before, higher prices for food, gas, healthcare with the onset of Obamacare, etc., a reduction in the U.S. financial status, which has NEVER occurred before, not even during the Great Depression, not to mention people picketing in record numbers, which has never been seen by this country before outside of the Vietnam War. I could go on and on and on…….

  • matt

    Save some pretzels for the gas jets.

    • matt

      On a serious note, I hope people know better than to vote for a guy who prays for rain and a prosperous economy. The enlightenment is a historical period. I thought we already moved past this.

      • Timothy

        Are you saying there is something wrong with praying?

      • Zoeyzotron

        Matt- Try taking a look at his record in Texas. He is on an amazing run of job creation. Our disgrace of a president could only dream of that success.

      • go back home parry

        Ha Ha.. praying and wishing. this guy is a joke

      • Matt

        Tim – Are you saying there’s something wrong with rain dances?

  • Ron Paul 2012

    ron paul 2012!

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