Alleged ‘American Idol’ Trespasser In Court

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A woman arrested at “American Idol” tryouts says she will continue to follow her dream to sing.

Brittany Acosta, 21, was arrested when police say she tried to force her way into the competition.

Her trespassing case was postponed again Monday. Acosta is refusing to plead guilty to anything.

“I guess your dreams can get you arrested sometimes,” she said.

Costa was arrested last month and charged with trespassing. She’s accused of showing up at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for “American Idol” tryouts without credentials and refusing to leave.

According to police, she said: “I’m not leaving. This is my dream. My life is ruined.”

Acosta admits she’s tried out at six different times in six different cities to try to make “American Idol.”

“Denver, St. Louis, San Diego, Pittsburgh and Texas – oh, I’m sorry it was six – New York,” she said.

The South Side woman says travel to the tryouts cost her close to $10,000 with no one willing to listen to her sing.

Acosta is expected back in court in a few weeks. The attorney was a no-show today. Meantime, she says she is moving to California to pursue her dream. Already she says she’s booked on another network singing show.

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One Comment

  1. bruceUSA says:

    Did anybody say “Grandstanding” !!! Give it up Brittany, and give it up KDKA

  2. ironchefofmunchies says:

    “Acosta is expected back in court in a few weeks. The attorney was a no-show today. ”

    When even YOUR ATTORNEY won’t show up to defend you-you’ve got a serious problem. And I’m NOT talking about your ability to sing.

    1. HLH says:

      The attorney was at the show try-outs, trying to get on the program! lol

  3. Mike Scellini says:

    LOL She sucked

  4. Raule says:

    I had a girlfriend like that once. She was obcessed. I was afraid she would boil my bunny.

    1. Mike says:

      Thats bringing back old memories! I loved Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in that movie!

    2. bill says:

      Raule, did she boil the bunny before or after the hot sex in the elevator ?

      1. Eric says:

        The problem with crazy women giving you hot sex is that sex only lasts a short while. After that, you’re still stuck with the crazy.

    3. Todd says:

      I hope by “boil my bunny” you actually literally mean “boil my bunny” and that’s not just a euphemism for “cut off my manhood”… not that I want to see any bunnies harmed… hehe

    4. The Truth says:

      Did the bunny taste good?

  5. OklahomaBound says:

    If someone had been honest with her at home instead of being PC she probably wouldn’t have wasted $10K flying around the country trying to get picked on American Idol while possessing no talent other than a possible po rn career. Now her plans to move to CA may actually be her smartest move yet, she should fit in well in The Land Of Fruits & Nuts.

    1. poiuy says:

      The fruits and nuts here are the garbage that the other states SEND us.

      1. aelfheld says:

        You really don’t think we want that no talent nut case in Texas do you?

      2. illiad says:

        Funny how CA attracts nuts like poop attract flies

      3. JohnJohn says:

        That because CA is the a$$hole of the usa.

      4. GoldenGate says:

        Better than livin with people like the Sooners, who were nothin but cheaters.

      5. jack says:

        Build a fence around your entire border dummy!

    2. Guest says:

      I doubt any amount of telling her she stinks would have made a difference,and whoever didnt hear of youtube?
      We all have dreams,but some of us have our dreams die,and we give up.Of course,thats horrible,I hate those who crushed my dreams.
      And nothing wrong with CA,we have nice weather and weirdos live everywhere,but we do have the worlds 8th largest economy,
      There are more people here total,of course there will be more crazy,

    3. Todd says:

      It really saddens me that there is someone who really loves these sort of folks way too much to tell them that they cant sing!!! Sometimes “you suck” is the best thing you can say to someone…

      “Oh yes you sound lovely my dear! But honestly, you suck. If you are intent on singing, sing to the stray cats in an alley full of drunk bums” Daddy and I love you very much dear!”

  6. Gino says:

    Gimme – gimme – gimme. We see it here, we see it around the country with these “I want mine” protests. We see it on television – a certain pawn shop program filmed in Detroit where folks come in and are absolutely SHOCKED the owner doesn’t want to buy their stuff. They shout things like, “No – you’re gonna give me my money!” (As if the shop is using THEIR money to buy stuff). We’ve raised a whole generation of ingrates who are afraid to actually WORK for a living and take responsibility and think everything should be given to them or they’re deserving.

    1. stloony says:

      The only freebie worth anything in this life is the gift that Christ freely gives. After I finally accepted those gifts, then I lost my desire for worldly things. Understanding our true purpose for existing has set me free from the self made chains so many people willingly lock themselves into. The answers to life has and always will start and end with Jesus.

      1. Realist says:

        OMG? What cult did u join, Scientology? Seventh Day Adventists? Jews for Jesus? Hope you can find a therapist or maybe even a Priest to bring you back to sanity and, yes, reality/

      2. RicardoCabeza says:

        loony(excellent name name BTW dead self description since you’re a religious nutter) how exactly can a make believe character from a badly written poetry book give you any kind of gift? I’m not sure you understand that the dopey character of “jesus” isn’t real. Could you please explain how something that isn’t real like this “jesus” thing can bestow “gifts’? Please do so without resorting to cherry picking some badly written fiction lifted from that stunning mediocrity called the bible.

      3. noreaster says:

        Amen, sister.

      4. Ewe Jankass says:

        Glad you think that…I hear Mother Goose has some other fairy tales you may enjoy.

      5. Arthur Clark says:

        Not sure how Jesus ever got brought into this conversation but this is not the place for it. Secondly, those of you nay sayers about Jesus, may want to check your facts, he is real, unlike your Mother Goose and you WILL die and go to that other place you don’t believe in HELL if you don’t believe in him. Lastly, if it does not pertain to the subject matter of the post why bother posting it. The subject matter is about a girl wanting to be on AI and not if she is from California or Oklahoma. You can be an aweful singer/performer and be from anywhere.

      6. caligula says:

        i see the tolerant left is here to force their atheist religion on you. while i don’t agree with you, you have something that you believe in that makes you happy. carry on and don’t listen to the tolerant left. they’re just angry the turd in the white house is toast. LULZ

      7. Ennio says:

        This comment is for RicardoCabeza. Uh, man, you have no idea whether or not Jesus did or does exist; you are just as much making faith statements as are those who believe in Jesus or in anyone or anything else. It is fine if that is your belief; but please stop with the dogmatic assertions and the asinine condescension regarding areas of reality about which you have no clue. You sound like a gnostic; it is as if you have the true, inside scoop on the hidden secrets of the universe. We all have access to the same knowledge; some believe one thing and some believe something else. You are in no special position to comment above anyone else. Also, I seriously doubt you are a world authority on poetry and particularly that of the ancient Near East.

  7. Tricia says:

    Nunya, you’re about as bright as a two watt bulb

    1. tominseattle says:

      Joke’s on you. They don’t even make 2watt bulbs . . .

      1. tom says:

        they sure do make 2 watt bulbs…even in fluorescent

      2. Jukeman says:

        Neon, N2, even fits in standard socket.

      3. ted says:

        How can you not believe in 2watt light bulbs. They gave their life so that we my be forgiven for our sins & live eternally in heaven.
        Genesis 1:3 And God said, Let there be light:and there was light.

    2. rodent says:

      Actually I think nunya is pretty funny. He (or she) certainly has a grasp of the big picture.

  8. Bocephus Bob says:

    Well she definitely has the brains to be a pop star.

  9. JackBlack says:

    Horrible. She is seriously horrible.

  10. Frank says:

    I scratched my ears out listening to that warble.

  11. Son Of Liberty says:

    This isthe Obama youth

    1. Ewe Jankass says:

      Teabag youth….think they’re good when everybody else knows better. Look at Palin. This is about the same.

      1. Marty says:

        You both are whackjobs thinking that a no talented girl fron the south side not getting what she wants is a political issue. You’re both just as delusional as she is! Now be productive and go out there and find us a couple of top of the rotation pitchers for the Pirates.

      2. caligula says:

        LULZ…look at Obama! LULZ!

  12. Daryl says:

    Does she think that the only way to have a singing career is through a competition? Go earn it legitimately like most acts worth seeing do. But she wants her success to be switched on like a lightswitch. Loser.

    1. Tom Menino says:

      You had her in the palm of your hands up until “Go earn it legitimately ..”. That seems to be a sticking point ith the Occupy Wall Street generation.

      1. caligula says:

        and the truth shall set them free

  13. BB says:

    BINGO! That hits the nail on the head, Jaques. I wish I could top it.

  14. kmrod says:

    I’m 5’4″ but the NBA won’t give me a contract.


  15. BB says:

    I applied for more than six jobs, believe me. Dream jobs. The same dream job three times. Finally, got it. You just have to work hard and the timing has to be right. I agree that someone at home probably should break the news to her that she needs coaching or a change of dreams. But…American Idol has a way of breaking that kind of news. She just needs to humble herself and accept the advice or move to a different venue.

    1. aelfheld says:

      She has potential as a mime.

      1. BB says:

        LOLOLOL! Stop! I’m at work. I need to laugh like a mime.

  16. John C says:

    Pursuing your dream is something you do when you’re good at something. Following your fantasy is what you do whey you’re not that good.

  17. loobie says:

    So trite. What a dumb mass of a woman. “I guess my dream is over” or whatever she said. Like American Idol is the ONLY way to start a singing career. It’s one way for one person a year. Aren’t there more artists than that new every year? How did they start idiot?

  18. woodycreed says:

    I wanna be a NBA player. But I’m 5’8″ and overweight. I am sueing the league.

  19. aelfheld says:

    Pro-tip darlin’ – don’t sing for the judge. He’ll throw the book at you.

  20. Jack says:

    I had a similar experience when the folks at America’s Got Talent beat me severely and had me arrested when I tried to play the kazoo with my anus. It took me years to learn to do it and they just treated me like I was a freak.

    1. Ben Diamante says:

      LMFAO dude

      1. Jack says:

        Thanks Ben!

  21. El Guapo says:

    It’s so sad really, and as delusional as she may be, it’s most likely not even her fault. I’m sure when she asks her family members and friends if she can sing, they all go “You sound great” in unison, for fear of not just dashing her dreams, but God forbid telling her the truth, because oh my – it might hurt.
    And that’s what’s so wrong here: sometimes you gotta be blunt, but this society has been so indoctrinated that you can’t do that: you gotta always be positive, motivate and encourage. Really? Even if they suck? What would be so awful about saying “Look kid, this singing thing is just not for you”? Maybe you wouldn’t have her running around thinking she’s a great singer, yet failing at every audition.
    Go to any little league game, and you’ll see kids there that just really suck at baseball. And yet their parents are on the sidelines, yelling “Good job buddy!”. NO! Your kid sucks at baseball, so have the cojones to tell him so – and maybe he should give football or basketball or table tennis a shot. Who knows, he might actually excel in one of those, but by encouraging him at a game he sucks at, you’re actually denying him that.
    Anyway – that’s my 2 cents – El Guapo out.

    1. Juan Pablo says:

      Yes, absolutely. You said it best.

    2. Ewe Jankass says:

      Yes…100% agree. This post should be at the top.

    3. PittsburghRob says:

      You make a good point – but I know this girl (honestly). People have been telling her she has no talent and and she’s a nutbag for years. She’s not very well liked in Pittsburgh and generally considered insane by people that know her.

      1. LL says:

        I could actually tell that just from the short video above. I”m betting her parents don’t know what to do with her! I’m sure they are beside themselves. The truth is, she SHOULD go to CA. Eventually when it doesn’t happen, she’ll fall into something else.

    4. caligula says:

      i agree we’ve become a soft nation. but using little league is a bad example. the kids are out there to have fun. even if they suck, if they’re having fun with their friends, that’s what it’s all about. of course their parents are going to cheer them on at that age. what are they going to say? “Tommy, you’re 10 but you really suck, son!” yeah…no. they’ll probably figure out later that baseball’s not for them when they don’t make the JV team and try another sport. otherwise i agree with you.

      this woman’s situation is different. she’s looking for a career and should be old enough to know that she’s never going to make it. she’s just a nutjob.

  22. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Make a scene and get publicity thinking this will be her big break. Go away you are like most of them including the winners just mediocre.

  23. shudder says:

    Day job. Keep it.

  24. pamdix says:

    Girl, who ever told you that you were good? People who love you? They are just being kind. Actually, you’re not good at all. Sorry, kiddo, that’s showbiz!

  25. El gato says:

    This young lady is mentally ill and should have been sent to a psych ward.

  26. soqueesh_mulhatra says:

    Pittsburgh chicks; delusional psychos, all of them.

  27. Ben Diamante says:

    Based on the sample of her singing I heard on the video clip, I’m calling “delusional” on this one! But she could have a career in porn I suppose.

  28. Ben Diamante says:


  29. Tom Menino says:

    Yes, but she is young and stupid, so clearly an Obama voter, which puts her back in the game for a handout.

    1. Karla says:

      HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

    2. Ewe Jankass says:

      No…must be a stubborn knuckleheaded teabagger or republican. Deluded and sense of self worth when none is deserved.

      1. DJH says:

        Speaking of delusion… I bet you really thought you got a good one out that time.

    3. Christopher Csa Franzen says:

      @ewe Hey, better than feeling entitled to EVERYBODY ELSES money.

    4. caligula says:

      Ewe Jankass: Attempt at insulting the Tea Party and Republicans FAIL. tired, tired, tired. try again please. LULZ

  30. jaydub says:

    you know how all this crazy entitlement BS started???…giving out trophies to kids who finished last, not keeping score in an athletic event, or just plain bad parenting…if somebody would have told this gal she sucked before she hit the AI stage this would all be moot…time to nut up America and tell your kids like it is…if youre not good at baseball then maybe they should try something else…dont give them a bleepin trophy for just showing up…

    1. Russ says:

      You hit it right on the head! After all, everyone is SPECIAL and we all deserve to win all the time. This dummy never learned that sometimes you lose, you won’t always be the best, and being pig-headed will not get you what you want once you get out of school and into the real world.

      1. Delusional says:

        Shame on you all….you’re gonna stifle her creativity…..after all,she’s gonna be president one day….What a nut case

      2. Liberty Jane says:

        You are an unique, precious human being…just like everyone else.

  31. betterdeadthanred says:

    I want to be her travel agent….10K for 6 trips…she’s already traveling like a star that she’ll never be!!!

    1. PittsburghRob says:

      This girl never saw $10K in her life. She took the greyhound to every one of the tryouts. She asked her “friends” for $100 so she could make to it LA for a callback – said she’d repay $10K when she got back. She’s absolutely dilusional – to the point that it’s almost sad.

  32. Mike Alright says:

    Another quality “empowered” US woman. Stay single and be happy!

  33. WhoMadeWho says:

    You just made my eyes and ears bleed ? WTH :-)~

  34. Pete D'Evreux says:

    She is right, your dreams can get you arrested sometimes. My dream of having a loving, long-term relationship with Monica Bellucci has resulted in my being arrested in several European countries and now – legally speaking – I cannot be anywhere within a 100 meters of her. BUT they will not tell me where she is at any given time, so it is rather like a catch-22, thus the multiple arrests and outstanding warrants and BOLOs. I know they must sense the connection between us or they wouldn’t assume I know where she will be all the time and I DO KNOW. I pointed that interesting tidbit out to my shrink during the mandatory psych evaluation but he just ignored me and scribbled some notes.

  35. Russ says:

    She sings well for a deaf person.

    1. tr917 says:

      I hope she goes to Hollywood. I would love to see her in Helen Keller. I’m sure she’d win an award.

  36. Steven says:

    For that $10,000, she could have bought a Pro-Tools set-up and comp, learned how to use it and recorded and printed runs for seven CDs. SOMEONE in the biz would have listened. Now she has nothing but the rep of a stalker.

    1. Ewe Jankass says:

      She also could have used that for some vocal lessons.

  37. RicardoCabeza says:

    This chick is cute and more importantly nuts so the sex will be fantastic and involve outre practices.

  38. Brad says:

    When asked what she’ll do now that she’s out of jail, she replied “I’m going to Occupy Pittsburgh”.

  39. Mike says:

    LOL! Terrible singing! She’s headed to LA–and a year or two in the pron business if she’s lucky!

  40. Jukeman says:

    When she gets hungry in LA; I could use a housekeeper and as a plus she can sing all she wants while using the vacuum cleaner.

  41. Ted Sumrall says:

    Ernestine Schumann-Heink (née Rössler)(15 June 1861 – 17 November 1936) was a celebrated Austrian, later American, operatic contralto, noted for the size, beauty, tonal richness, flexibility and wide range of her voice.

    However, early in her career she visited the director of the Vienna Court Opera to have him test her voice. But he did not test it. After taking one look at the awkward and poorly dressed girl, he exclaimed, none too gently, “With such a face and no personality at all, how can you ever expect to succeed in opera? My good child, give up the idea. Buy a sewing machine and go to work. YOU CAN NEVER BE A SINGER.

    But she did not give up and the rest is history. You hang in there Brittney. You will get there. Just don’t give up. Someone recognized Ernestine’s talent and someone will recognize your talent. Just don’t give up. Theodore Sumrall

    1. Paula says:

      I would say opera has come a long way since then – women and men were expected to look a certain way, be a certain size, even come from certain families – today the opera world is a bit more accepting, I think – also I believe the lure of fame and money is what is weighing on younger people today – it takes a long time to work and get your voice where it is – women’s voices aren’t mature until they are sometimes in their 30s, wouldn’t you think? I know for a fact my own voice did not sound richer until I was there – just my thoughts!

    2. Ewe Jankass says:

      And when Nepoleon wanted to join the NBA and was refused as being too short, his parents kept on saying he was great and deserving of a career as a basketball champion. Instead, it drove him mad and he invated most of Europe.

      1. Ewe Jankass says:

        Invaded….stupid stuck keys.

      2. Marty says:

        His name is “Napoleon” not “Nepoleon”.

  42. Wiley says:

    This is a hilarious story! How pathetic her generation is in their eternal quest for fame without accomplishing anything. Losers one and all! Perhaps she can find her niche in the adult film industry.

  43. Kip Noxzema says:

    I’ve always said this show was a circus and a joke. What’s next? Elephants and trapeze artists?

  44. Paula says:

    I agree Wiley – younger people today see kid stars like Selena Gomez on tv and they think they can get there – I always tell my son who loves to sing that “getting there” isn’t worth it – what is worth it is hard work, practice everyday, so that you make yourself feel better – I don’t need a talent show to tell me that I can sing – I found my niche in a church choir and I love it – ridiculousness is what these tv shows breed, utter ridiculousness!!

  45. Adrian says:

    Oh man… I haven’t laughed so hard in over a week. That last line was awesome.

  46. Tyrone says:

    This is a poorly written piece. “The attorney was a no-show today.”???? What attorney? Why is the attorney’s name not mentioned? Not showing up to court with your client is a good way to get disbarred.

    1. Lulu says:

      Many questions are unanswered when Marty reports a story, that way he can make it into a 3 day investigative show

  47. G.Gordan says:

    Why is it news when a nobody like this girl is on TV because she Wasn’t in court? Any nut who can’t get on channel 4 or 11 calls KDKA and Marty shows up with a camera……..15 minutes of fame

  48. John Doe says:

    Another out of state reject coming to california as if California did not get all the libs already from all over the world.

    So many of these “im going to become a star (since i dont wanna go to school and learn something)

  49. HTuttle says:

    It’s Obanma Entitlement TIME!

    Everyone is entitled to do whatever they WANT and be paid to DO IT!

  50. Reality Check says:

    Here’s my dream: They cancel this idiotic show.

    1. Liberty Jane says:

      Here, here!

  51. evefromeden says:

    She’s an entitlement thug. I dont care if she sings like Judy Garland, I aint listening. Go away little girl go away.

  52. goldenthroat says:

    According to police, she said: “I’m not leaving. This is my dream. My life is ruined.” Her life is RUINED? At 21 years old? BWHAHAHAHAHA!

  53. Wild Palms says:

    Best Post of the Day

  54. Antonio Binggot Talisic says:


  55. Saul Levy says:

    Her mouth is cute. Maybe she should try to do lipstick ads?

    I was raised with Pittsburgh girls. Have they changed since then?

  56. DJH says:

    This girl is so typical of the modern left and the entitlement mentality that the idiocy of social engineering and irresponsible liberalism in the education system has bred – never mind the continuing decline of the quality of the actual education, social justice is what is really important!
    She’s owed this opportunity, not only is she owed the audition but this is her dream and she has a RIGHT to have it.She spent $10K on these trips (please, if you spent that much you were being a fool with your money!) and she is OWED, dadgummit, and she’s only fighting for her rights.!
    I see no difference between this repugnant twit and the even more repugnant ‘occupy’ nanny staters looking for a free ride from an ever shrinking group of taxpayers! She just believes the American Dream gives her a right to fame and fortune, regardless of whether or not she has any talent.

    And her name is Brittany to boot! OMG, this couldn’t be any more pathetic.

  57. Edgar Friendly says:

    Hey! All you wannabes just “Occupy Idol”! Just stay there and demand they give you whatever you want.
    obama will even support you.

    1. Peter D'Evreux says:

      LMAO! That was a good one. Wouldn’t I love to see that.

  58. Mile K says:

    Sounds like this oxygen thief needs to get a job or get back with her stinking hippy “anti everything” protester group.

  59. Mongo says:

    This is the biggest story Marty has coverd in months, he should become the girls manager and they can both get noticed

  60. brad says:

    She’s moving to Cali to pursue her singing career?? I give her 3 months til she’s doing porn….

  61. John Smyth says:

    She should move to the valley.

    If she can’t sing maybe she can do porn.

  62. glenp says:

    she should look into getting assistance for the SINGING CHALLENGED and then get her affirmative action win even though she can’t carry a tune in a handbasket

  63. Ben Dover says:

    Yeah, there’s a fine line between following your dream and breaking and entering and stalking.

  64. rubio4u says:

    She will end up writing a book do the talk show circuit and becoming stinking rich from it

  65. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Brittany the President feels your pain…

    He too is DELUSIONAL.

  66. Alan Scher says:

    What an idiot. She should have taken singing lessons with the money she wasted traveling to auditions.

  67. Pilot.Dave says:

    If Brittany has so much talent, tell me why she is not making SIX figures by posting her talent on youtube like so many others ????

    Sounds like someone’s spoiled brat… wants it given to her.

    Wait until we see her fresh from the casting couch ;-0

  68. Hank Warren says:

    American Idol, Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore, all distractions. As the Mainstream Media creates illusions, the US gov’t (and their corp. friends),start more illegal wars, ban books like “America Deceived II” and bail out banks.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  69. JohnnyFreedom says:

    Typical mind of a youth raised in a entitlement mentality society pushed by the liberal left. She thinks it’s owed to her just because she wants it and shouldn’t have anything to do with if she’s good enough. Just like the Occupy Wall Street kooks. Lazy little Marxist that believe they should have what everyone else has with out working for it and earning it.

  70. chris says:

    You better let me sing, or I am gonna acosta you! awwwww…so baaaad! LOL

  71. Jukeman says:

    Just what California needs, another non tax paying looser.

  72. satch says:

    Poiuy; Does that include all the Illegals that Kalifornias Gov.,and other air heads in that State seem to just embrace.

  73. satch says:

    My nieghbors dog howels at the Moon better than she sounds.

  74. jasper says:

    I would like to contact her for a movie deal….hehe…I can make her a star…oh yea, thats what I am talking about

  75. Don says:

    She can come to my house. I give her a tryout. Shes Hot. Casey Anthonys hotter tho.

  76. Deke says:

    Great, just what we need is another fruitcake in Cali. Our legislature is already full of them!!

  77. Richard Mendenhall says:

    Someone (one of her parents, maybe?) should have been honest with this young lady a LONG time ago, and explained to her that even though she was a very sweet person, and had a pretty face, and a great personality, she couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. Cold, hard facts and gentle honesty would have spared this poor girl from all the humiliation and expense she has suffered

  78. David says:

    Gee, you’d think being turned down 6 different times in 6 different cities would have given this girl a clue that she’d better find another dream. Besides, only a crazy person travels around chasing AI auditions like a dead head following the Grateful Dead. This chick is Bat sht crazy. I see a restraining order in her future.

  79. bruceUSA says:

    Just to give her the “benefit of the doubt”. Post an audition on Utube so we can see what ya got girl!!!! Otherwise you gotta give it up!!! You already got your publicity so maybe just maybe it’s time to move on….please!!

  80. Dman says:

    American Idol is a silly show based on pop singing which is largely subjective nonsense. Losers participate and watch it.

Comments are closed.

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