By Kym Gable

RANKIN (KDKA) — A frantic four-hour search for a little boy who went missing after school ended just the way police and family wanted it to – they found him and he’s safe, but now there’s an investigation at his school into just how it happened.

Jashaun Alexander, 8, attends Edgewood Primary School. His mother, Jalisa Cain, tells KDKA’s Kym Gable she notified the school that someone would pick-up Jashaun after school on Friday.

Instead, he got on the bus.

After being dropped off at his usual stop in Rankin, he walked to a friend’s house, but no one knew he had gone there.

That sparked a search by fire and police officials. The borough also executed its child alert system, which notifies residents by phone that child is missing. Around 7 p.m., police found the boy at the friend’s home on 5th Street in Rankin.

An operations director at the school district says the district is investigating what happened. The school system sent a representative to the Rankin neighborhood to assist police.

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