Lower Burrell Suspect’s Father Asks For Privacy

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — Charles Post Sr., the father of the alleged gunman in the shooting that claimed the life of Lower Burrell Police Officer Derek Kotecki, reached out to KDKA Radio’s Marty Griffin on Friday asking listeners to respect his family’s privacy.

Post also disputes reports that his other son Christopher, the suspect’s brother, is not out for revenge against anybody.

“I have one statement to make. Christopher was angry; Christopher is fine now,” he said. “He is not out to revenge or harm anybody. We just wish that people would respect our privacy and leave this go to rest.”

Listen to the full interview here:

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One Comment

  1. LowerBurrell Resident says:

    This is a tragedy all the way around. Of course our hearts go out to the Kotecki family and the police department. It’s heartbreaking what happened to that officer and beyond understanding. As far as the Post family, they must be feeling immeasurable grief and horror at the loss of thier son and brother, and what their family member did. Imagine the pain knowing the child you loved did something this horrific. The Post family did not pull the trigger. And anyone who has children knows that sometimes you do everything right, and a child still ends up troubled. Do not blame or ostrasize this family Lower Burrell community! I hope you have the grace and compassion to also embrace these long-time residents in thier hour of horror and grief.

    1. Lower Burrell Resident says:

      Comment to above message: Yes, I agree. I knew Charlie for many years, the years before he got involved in drugs. His parents were great parents and DID all the right things. I will never forget when Charlie was real young and he would be riding with his dad on garage door jobs and he would be riding along with his grandfather on garage door jobs. You could hardly see his head in the window he was so little but was always with his dad and/or grandfather. Rarely did you see one without the other. He did have good upbringing but you can only do so much as a parent. My heart goes out to the Post family too. They are suffering also. I can’t imagine how they are handling this. I support them and want them to know that they, as parents, are not to blame for anything.

      1. jim says:

        I do agree that the parents are not at fault, they are grieving too. I also agree parents can only do so much. But i don’t like the fathers comment “leave this go to rest”. This is not something that will go to rest for a long time. If you want it to go to rest than maybe you should leave this town cause alot of people are grieving a very good man and the pain will not just GO TO REST. Also why in the WORLD would the brother be mad. What is there for him to be mad especially at the police for.

      2. Lower Burrell Resident says:

        Chris is his brother and I suppose he has went thru a lot of emotions over this tragedy. Mr. Post is not telling people to stop greiving that is not what he meant. People need to leave the Post family alone. I knew the Post family and was a resident of Lower Burrell and they should not be told to leave that town. They deserve to be there as much as anyone else does. Charlies family did not shoot Officer Kotecki! Why should they be held accountable? R.I.P. Charlie and Derek and may God bless your family and friends in these very difficult times.

    2. Kelly says:

      Well said. The Post family is also greiving people should respect that. Charlie did wrong but he was still a human being and it is not for us to judge him.

    3. LowerBurrell Resident says:

      comment to jim – it was obvious he meant to address these BOLO’s regarding Chris. And Chris being angry is a normal reaction. And it doesn’t mean he’s angry at police, it means he’s angry at the horrible situation and losing his brother. Even suggesting that Charlie Sr. should “leave this town” is cruel and wrong. I suggest listeners and viewers alike pay attention to why the man called. He called because he was listening to the radio and is tired of false things going around about his youngest son. When rumors and things like this start, it only adds fuel to grief and pain. For BOTH families.

  2. Older Burrell Grad says:

    Knowing both families and knowing that the parents are all good people is what makes this really tragic. I can only imagine the heartbreak and suffering in those homes, but eventually God will help the pain soften. It will never go away. Another commenter doesn’t understand what Charles Sr. means when he asks to “leave this go to rest.” He’s talking about his youngest son Chris and the alleged BOLO’s issued for him for his alleged threats against police officers. If that poster also has to ask why “would the brother be mad” then there’s no explaining of brotherly love that anyone could tell him.
    My deepest condolences go to the Kotecki and Post Families on this very, very tragic event. Things like this just don’t happen in Lower Burrell and the entire community is in shock and will grieve for many years to come.

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