Pittsburgh Police Accountability Bill Hopes To Increase Trust

PITTSBURGH )NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – The Police Accountability Bill became law in Pittsburgh on Thursday. The bill hopes to increase trust between citizens and police.

However, police said it will increase the amount of paperwork.

Police will now be required to release annual statistics on arrests, searches, stops and other incidents broken down by race and gender.

On Friday, NewsRadio 1020 KDKA Host Robert Mangino spoke with Brandi Fisher, the Chairwoman of the Alliance for Police Accountability, on the subject.

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One Comment

  1. holiday says:

    yeah lets just more unnecessary work to the police, when there are MORE important things to be doing

    1. city math pro says:

      more paperwork = less time doing actual policing = more crime = more people moving out of city = higher taxes for those left

  2. As usual says:

    Thats B.S.!!!!!!!!!! So you assign a white bald headed cop to patrol Homewood, do you expect that he will hae an even mixture of races that he arrests or just one in particular making him to look like a RACIST!!!! I for one am happy that I do not work for the City, as much pride as you should be able to have in working a rough town like that you can`t because of everyone playing the race card!!!

    1. Michelle B says:

      Especially the MAYOR and all the CHIEFS!!! What ever happened to chiefs that support their troops instead of being politically correct?

  3. STUSH says:

    The Pittsburgh Police are number one in my book. God Bless everyone of them for going out and putting their lives on the line. Pray for all our police!!!!!!

  4. Welsby says:

    Funny, there are no reports on how many absent fathers there are. i lived in another area of the country and they had maps or were all the murders, raps, robberies, drug arrest and thefts occured. At some point you have to hold the person responsible for their behavior too. I agree with the post earlier, if you put a white-cop in a black area of homewood that stats will be lopsided. I bet most female cops arrest more males and than females. There has to be accountability, but what happens with the stats will remain to be seen.

  5. borough cop says:

    Sadly enough in the city the only time anyone shows any pity for the police is when they DIE in the line of duty. No wonder all the guys that work there are trying to get out and get different jobs!

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