Jean Parties Offer Discounted Prices

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — What woman doesn’t love a party with girlfriends, shopping, and jeans? Put it all together and you’ve got a recipe for success – a jeans party.

A company called Vault Denim will throw one of these parties for you and your friends.

“I’ve never heard of this before and at first I was a little skeptical. But as soon as I got here, I was like ‘ooh’ and I was already picking out her sizes,” Jaymie Petroff of Clinton Township said.

Jaymie Petroff brought her daughter and her friend to a party at Max Manni Salon in Robinson.

Parties can be at a business or at a home.

With wine and appetizers, it’s a fun, relaxed atmosphere for jeans shopping.

“I don’t feel so rushed. You’re not embarrassed.  A lot of people don’t want to come out of the dressing room and say, ‘How these look?’”

“I can never find jeans that fit nice and I like the length and everything so these are perfect. I really like these,” Monica Aston of Kennedy Township said.

What makes it even more fun is the prices. The designer jeans – those you’d find in department stores for $150 to $300 – sell for $72 to $88.

The “bling jeans,” found in boutiques and department stores are $48 to $78 dollars.

Those associated with selling discounted designer jeans said they have covered up the labels on some of the jeans because designers don’t want to advertise that consumers can buy them at discounted prices.

Doug Brady founded Vault Denim and came to Pittsburgh to explain how it works.

“When premium jean companies sell their jeans, there’s always overstock or jeans that didn’t sell, so we’re buying last season’s jeans from wholesellers that sell jeans,” Brady said.

These are the jeans you might find at places like Marshalls and Gabriels. Vault Denim is now coming out with its own jeans – for plus sizes, maternity, kids and men.

In addition to saving money, some women are making money as sales reps. Brady says it’s been a lifeline for some families in this economy — whether it’s selling jeans for extra cash or as a full time job.

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One Comment

  1. val says:

    what a stupid waste of news time

    1. Kim says:

      I’m just curious to know what your meaning is to “Waste of Time”

  2. johnny69 says:

    Really? Because I can get a pair of Wranglers or Levi’s with the tag still on at Goodwill for $4

  3. Karla Eggerton says:

    I actually loved this idea of a jeans party and am looking to be a “sales consultant” for the company. If anyone knows how I can go about this, please email me at Thank you.

  4. Jen Ellis says:

    So great to talk to you Karla and I look forward to having you join my Vault Denim team! The Burgh is going to love Vault Denim!

    Jen Ellis

  5. Kim says:

    I hosted a Party Sunday and it was outstanding!! The Jeans are great and they are a seller. Why pay Retail price when you can get them at 50% off? I did sign up to be a VFC and I’m so excited about the Company and the Journey to my future! I don’t know anyone that would pass up these awesome good lookingKim jeans at these prices!!

  6. Tera Hicks says:

    Way to go Jen Ellis & team!!!! Thanks for representing our business so professionally!

    Tera Hicks
    Regional Coordinator
    Greenville, SC

  7. Lisa Karn says:

    I am the Regional Coordinator for the Pittsburgh area and would be happy to answer any questions anyone has about the inventory here, You can reach me at

  8. Amber Earls says:

    Thank you CBS Pittsburgh for this article! I am a new Vault Fashion Consultant from Hendersonville, TN and I love it. I love to see the happiness on the faces of those who try on our jeans…. from sizes 1-24, so many styles to choose from, it is a fun way to have girl time with friends and look good while doing so!
    I am a “plus” size gal and I love that I feel amazing in the Vault jeans and I dont feel “plus” size because my jeans are just as nice and trendy as any other pair of jeans that are selling anywhere. That is what makes the difference for me and that is why I decided to become a consultant.
    Anyone interested in hosting a party or becoming a consultant in my area, please feel free to contact me at

  9. Debra Schneider says:

    Kudos to CBS Pittsburgh!! I know some of you thought it was a waste of airtime, some of you can purchase jeans cheaper or at goodwill with tags still on, or are not interested at all. But like anything in the news….it’s not for everyone. And I don’t have any problem with your opinions not everyone cares to buy or wear nice designer jeans! But for many gals that do………this is for them!!!
    One of the main reasons I joined Vault Denim is not because I was purchasing expensive designer jeans, but because I knew so many who were. Between the parents who know their daughters would like the name brands but can’t afford them and the HS girls working a full week just to buy one pair of jeans. This is not just about the “jeans”, it truly has been about women who can’t find jeans that fit, or jeans that are still cute but need bigger sizes, teenagers who just love to look cute in a blinged out jean, mothers who still feel young but need good jeans that fit and look ‘hot’, and even grandma’s who do not want to wear g-ma jeans but nice fitting cute jeans!! This is for all. And for someone who never wore designer jeans….they truly look and feel amazingly different. And for all those “jean junkies” this is the best way to fill your closet and save your wallet!! These are AUTHENTIC!! And what better way to try on jeans than in your home with girlfriends around to make sure you look as good as you want to! We all need a 360 mirror and all want to feel beautiful, why not let us and your friends help.
    These truly are some of the greatest gals to work with and we are all over the US. I just live in a small po dunk town in western NE, but we still ‘rock’ what we wear!! You will find Vault Denim gals to help you in your area too!
    Debra Schneider
    Regional Coordinator
    Mitchell, NE

  10. Britney Beneke says:

    Vault Denim has changed my life – Not only do I love the look and the savings….THE EXPERIENCE has been so rewarding. Knowing I’m in the business to help women feel beautiful in their own skin and selling something that will never go out of style is why I went against everything I have ever heard before about direct sales companies. It’s awesome. And being that it’s ground floor and has so much room for growth, I’m moving up in the company very fast!
    Call me if you have questions about vault – 563-217-0985
    or check out my fan page – Rockin’ Vault Denim on Facebook

  11. Jade Ianaro says:

    It was wonderful seeing our event at Maxmanni Salon in Robinson. The event was great and I am sure they are thrilled to see 2 of their people on the video being interviewed. Thank you Kristine of KDKA for all your help and months of planning this. I am glad to hear you like your jeans. You looked GREAT in them.
    ~Jade Ianaro

  12. Dave says:

    For any further information about hosting a Vault Denim party or becoming a Vault Denim consultant, please contact the Vault Denim corporate offices.
    Thanks KDKA for the great story on Vault!
    Vault Denim Corporate.

  13. Vault Denim Indyjeanqueen says:

    A fun way to buy a great product at a great price. Most people have never tried designer denim and this is a great way to see how many diff styles look and feel!

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