Occupy Pittsburgh Protestors Enter PNC Bank Branch

DOWNTOWN (KDKA) — The PNC Bank at Fifth Avenue and Market Street closed because of an Occupy Pittsburgh protest Wednesday afternoon.

Four to five members of the group apparently went inside the bank attempting to open PNC accounts.

Police say the protestors were wearing masks and it freaked out bank management.

The bank closed, the police were called and both sides talked it out.

Occupy Pittsburgh claims they’re not trying to draw attention to their cause at the bank, but the group streamed the entire event live on the Internet.

“We were nothing more than five citizens who wanted to open up accounts with PNC,” Jimmy “Blue Cloud” said. “We were respectful, we were polite, we told them what our names were, we showed them ID, the whole nine yards.”

Pittsburgh Police Commander George Trosky said they weren’t going to make any arrests.

“They weren’t doing anything illegal,” he said. “Actually, they did exactly what they said they were going to do. As soon as everybody’s explained the bank’s policy on opening up an account, they would get up and leave and that’s what they did.”

This is the second day in a row something like this happened downtown.

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
Occupy Pittsburgh

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One Comment

  1. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Is anyone tired of these people??

    1. Doubting Thomas says:

      I’m tired of you,Tom

    2. marilyn says:

      Yes, Tom, very tired of these people. I cannot believe that they are being allowed to stay this long. How much longer is the City going to allow them to congregate?

      1. Zoeyzotron says:

        these people are a joke. ACORN and their FRAUD is behind the entire Occupy WS. It was all over the news yesterday.

  2. cynthia says:

    tell those people to get a job and get off the streets

    1. Some Are Employed says:

      Some of them do have a job Cynthia, they are hired protester, i seen a employment ad not to long ago hiring for them and also an ad to join them and when you call the number you are offered payment why do you think at certain times of the day some of them are not there, it’s because their 8 hours is up for the day.

      1. Alicia Nicole says:

        Seriously? I can’t tell you how ridiculous this comment is. The protestors in Pittsburgh are NOT being paid….

      2. marilyn says:

        I heard this before from someone. That they are actually being paid to be there. Very interesting.

      3. jess kelly says:

        wow i have no idea where this crazy rumor started but i can tell you here in pittsburgh we are not paid to protest in fact our movement barely has 2 nickles to rub together so before you spread false info come down to camp and talk to us!

    2. jlweich says:

      Many of the protesters do have jobs and they leave the camp to go the them, that’s why they aren’t always there. I can assure you none of those jobs are “hired protester”. Many more people cannot stay in the camp, but work in other capacities off site to support the movement in their spare time.

      Also, all of them are Pittsburgher’s or from neighboring cities, this is home. I went down to help set up camp the first Sunday they began camping out and I saw countless people I knew. People from church, students who attend the school I work at, and even fellow coworkers.

  3. Skippy says:

    It wasn’t “change”….one man had $90. They entered peacefully, tried to open accounts peacefully, they were locked in…unlawfully. A strange, sad, unfortunate event. THIS is why the movement exists

    1. Jim says:

      One man…but what about the other. If you really believe that these people went in there in good faith to open a banking account, all at the same time, your head is buried in the sand.

    2. JPW says:

      Walking into a bank while wearing a mask is NOT entering peacefully. The exit doors were never locked. You have no credibility.

      1. Ninetynine says:

        As someone involved in the movement and a witness to the whole incident, I can assure you, no masks were worn onto that bank, and the exit door were indeed locked. PNC was subsequently fined for locking the doors during buisness hours which is breaking a fire code;. They were also fined for wrongful detainment of an american citizen and filing a false 911 call.

  4. Blossie says:

    It has turned into a dog and pony show

    1. Bill says:

      I like ponys

      1. bill says:

        I like turtles

  5. Dean Gerber says:

    Democracy at work: It upsets people who prefer indentured servitude.

  6. Rick Emmart says:

    I support Occupy protestors but I don’t support this. Look up Operation Cash Back or Operation GreenOut. Remain peaceful. No violence until officials commit violence on you.

    1. Rick says:

      We have the right to assemble and as I see protestors being assaulted whil attempting to exercise their right to assemble one thing is clear. Its time for us to throw them all out. From the POTUS, Congress, Suprme Court, Govenors, Mayors, maybe even some police chiefs and regular beat guys. Its clear if 9% ar going to be unemployed it should be those who stomp on our Constitutional Rights and laugh.

      1. dansuxs says:

        You have the right to get clubbed over the head like a baby seal.

        I can’t wait to see when the Pgh Police clear the park downtown.

      2. Zoeyzotron says:

        Then why in the hell are you not protesting oBama and his failed policies?????

      3. The One says:

        All as you do it on the property of the Bank of NY Mellon. They also have the right to tell you to leave.

    2. jlweich says:

      Though I will admit I didn’t particularly understand this action, I fail to see how this was violent in any way Rick.

  7. Critter says:

    All need a good bath

  8. chance says:

    Dear Skippy the man with the $90 was just trying to disrupt. PATHETIC1

  9. A.Bunker says:

    Anarchists; communists; hippy-retreads from the ’60’s reliving their ‘glory days’. Nothing more.
    Time to pack up the tents kids, the camping field trip is over.

  10. Level Green says:

    They walked into a bank with masks on and this genius says they weren’t doing anything wrong.

    I drove past this park yesterday. These idiots have completely ruined a beautiful place. There is no grass anymore, the trees are permanently damaged. I don’t know why the local TV stations aren’t showing he mess they are making oh I forgot, that’s not the message the media wants to paint of these people.

    Who is going to pay for the cleanup….that’s the story.

    1. jess kelly says:

      occupy pittsburgh will return after our encampment to reseed the grass.

      1. Level Green says:

        We shall see Jess, we shall see. I suspect once it gets cold, you guys will scatter with the wind… I will personally be shocked if your promise comes true.

      2. marilyn says:

        I agree with Level Green, once it goes cold and you idiots go home…. that will be it. The City will be spending the money to clean the area up. So, just leave NOW!!!

  11. jess kelly says:

    Please before you make judgments from this bias reporting go to our website occupypittsburgh.org and click on the livestream link. Protesters were NOT wearing masks!!

    1. Zoeyzotron says:

      JESS – The news broke yesterday that ACORN is behind this entire protest. they are paying homeless folks in NYC $10.00 an hour to protest. They are also paying people to illegally soliciate for funds under false pretenses and funneling the money to the Wall Street Protesters.

      Not that there ever was any credibility, but it is completly gone now.

      1. Elizabeth says:

        you people believe everything you see on TV? you haven’t been involved so how would you know? Zoey, you’re completely ignorant to the truth.

      2. jess kelly says:

        well i cant say whats going on in new york i can tell you no one in pittsburgh gets paid for protesting!!! We are not backed by ACORN and i feel that this rumor is just some more disinformation thrown around to discredit people.

      3. Hwright says:

        Thats its Zoey keep the Republican LIES up thats not working anymore its called FREE MEDIA!!!!!!!!!! politifact.com, politico, Potus.. keep on believe the republican owned media REALLY???? BLIND

      4. gusty says:

        Zoey is paid by glen beck to occupy kdka… Its true! I am well informed in reality and fact. He/she is in every occupy chat room with nothing better to do then preach glen beck propaganda. google search Zoeyzotron kdka. He wants a new world order.

      5. news? says:

        Of course, Occupy’s right-wing critics do not see the movement that way. While watching a FOX News show on my flight back from New York City, I heard commentator Monica Crowley claim that the Occupy movement involved the usual array of progressive groups and that it had been organized by “ACORN.”

        ACORN? Has Crowley forgotten that right-wing falsehoods helped sink the organization in 2009? Or did she figure that FOX viewers love demonizing ACORN and would not recall it was defunct? Either explanation is certainly more comforting for the right than to acknowledge that new activists are rushing to join a struggle for economic justice, a trend unlikely to be promoted on FOX News.

      6. news? says:

        According to Fox News, the thousands of Communists, anarchists, eco-feminists, malingerers, and professional protesters taking part in OWS are actually being guided by a reconstructed ACORN. The “fair and balanced” news organization alleges that OWS is being funded and controlled by former ACORN activists under new names who are using shady practices to collect money for OWS under false pretenses. Will this turn out like that time that a certain prominent news organization alleged George Soros was funding OWS?

      7. Max's news says:

        Forty-six percent of Americans say “Occupy Wall Street” represents the views of most Americans, compared to 34 percent who say it does not.

  12. Max says:

    Jimmy “Blue Cloud”? Seriously? You’re trying to make a point, which I don’t even believe you know what that point might be, and you appoint the articulate and well spoken Mr Blue Cloud as your spokesperson? Lol.

    Thanks for proving to us that your little group is there for our entertainment only.

  13. Josh says:

    Wow, it’s amazing that ACORN is behind this, considering ACORN filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in November 2010!

    Do some research, people. http://www.acorn.org/node/712

    1. Mad Hatter says:

      No Sh!t Josh. However you may want to read the below article…. its been all over the news.

      also, ACORN was disbanded for illegal activity.


      1. Jack Straw says:

        Mad hatter. Do you realize that you gave a link to the long ago discredited FOX news? I read the story anyhow and it`s as rediculous as I expected. Someone who once worked for ACORN is protesting and assisting the OWS protesters. So what? The 1st amendment gives them that right.
        It`s unlikely that they`ll get the help that the TrEAson Party got from Koch industries.

      2. Hwright says:

        FOX NEWS???? THATS NOT NEWS!!!!!

  14. Hello says:

    It’s time for these people to go home (assuming they have one). You claim to represent people who you actually don’t. Please stop using the “99%” nonsense. It’s more like: 1% (corrupt business leaders and politicians), 1% (protesters who have nothing better to do), and the rest of us 98% who show up for work everyday, raise our families, and shake our heads when we see or hear those other 2%.

    1. marilyn says:

      Has anyone heard anything about them leaving? Or are they just going to stay until the holidays and be part of “light up night”????

      1. bill says:

        Why do you care? mind your own business if you are so happy. You are protesting protesters? get a life already!

  15. Burghnerdman says:

    You may, or may not agree with the protesters in Downtown Pittsburgh. That being said. These people are doing nothing wrong, according too the Constitution of The United States of America. If it were the 1950’s or 1960’s, protest on race relations, would you still oppose. I think not. That is by far what makes this country what it is. The people have a voice, without fear of Government.

    1. Paul says:

      They actually are doing something wrong. They planted themselves on private property. Last time I looked at the Constitution, if a person was found to be on private property, they could be shot.

      1. Hwright says:

        That also goes for the REPUBLICAN CLOWNS that starts trouble at the protests!!!

      2. Paul says:

        Why do you assume they are republicans?

      3. Rob says:

        What constitution do you have? It is definitely not in the constitution that you can shoot someone for trespassing. You should read it someday at least keep your mouth shut.

      4. Paul says:

        You have the right to bear arms, or haven’t you heard of that? You also had the right to shoot anyone trespassing on your property back in those days. You did not need to ask questions first. I think it is you who needs the history lesson.

      5. Rob says:

        The right to bear arms was given to protect you from your government. Find me in the constitution where it says to shoot people on your property.

      6. Paul says:

        Oh Rob, Rob, Rob, you are so transparent. Perhaps I should phrase this in terms that a child could understand. When our forefathers put together the Constitution, they allowed for its citizens the right to bear arms, to protect their property and family. At that time, and I know it’s hard to comprehend the conditions of this country back then, but follow me on this, at that time, if a person would venture upon your property, you had the right to shoot them for trespassing. Having the right to bear arms was and still is (as long as the right-wingers don’t get their way) a means of protecting oneself, their property and family. Bearing arms gives you the right back then to shoot anyone trespassing. Does this make it a little clearer to understand?

      7. Rob says:

        I believe your words were ” Last time I looked at the Constitution, if a person was found to be on private property, they could be shot.” You obviously don’t look at the constitution at all. Don’t try and belittle me as a way to defend your erroneous statement. You are now trying to depict some 200 year old scenario to prove that somehow you are right. If you shoot someone for trespassing you will go to jail. That is the bottom line. You bring no facts to this argument.

      8. Paul says:

        Obviously, you can’t comprehend the complexity of what I am saying, so I will stop trying. And, yes, I know you will respond because like most people of your caliber, I know you have to have the last word, so be it. And by the way, try and have a great day – you sound like you could use one.

      9. Hwright says:

        Castle Doctrine

        Pennsylvania has a self-defense law based on the castle doctrine. Enacted in 2011, the law permits the use of physical force, including deadly force, against attackers inside one’s home or in any place the victim has the right to be. Backed by the National Rifle Association, Pennsylvania became the 27th state to adopt a castle doctrine law with the bill’s passage in the state’s legislature.

        In addition to providing for the use of physical or deadly force against attackers, the law also provides civil immunity for persons who are forced to resort to force to stop an attack.

        Take it however you want!

      10. bill says:

        Ok Hwright ,

        Breaking and entering vs. tresspassing. You are obviously alowed to use a fire arm in self defence. That is not what we were even talking about. Mind your own business.

      11. Hwright says:

        Oh so this is a closed forum typical rich person did you buy the forum?? Anyways if i am threatened ANYWHERE ON MY PROPERTY I CAN SHOOT TO KILL. TRESSPASSING OR BREAKING IN… Your pathetic…… ( Mind your own business) >?????? GET A LIFE!!!!!

        against attackers inside one’s home or in any place the victim has the right to be

      12. Rob says:

        Ha Ha! Bill were you ever in this conversation?

  16. marilyn says:

    You should have maced him but, unfortunately, with the way things work, you would have been arrested and the other person would have been let go!!! Cannot understand how they can stay this long and they are not being arrested. SEND THEM HOME!!!!!

    1. Bites says:

      bite it ,Marilyn

    2. tj says:

      Because its in our constitution, we have the right to assemble, you fascist!

      1. Mayor of GBD says:

        LAWFULL assembly, cross the line an pay the price…SIG HEIL!

  17. Rik Guido says:

    What I find annoying is the whole “We speak for the 99%” thing. Who appointed these clowns as spokes people? Or more to the point, who appointed these clowns as MY spokes people. That is the question alot of folks should be asking. They don’t speak for me…I have better things to do than worry about what ever the hell it is they are honking about on a daily basis. Oh, BTW…went into a bank wearing masks? What did they think would happen?

  18. Hello says:

    I haven’t been downtown to see this in person because I don’t work in that part of the city. So I’m only basing this on what has been shown on the news and from comments I have heard from people who have seen it. But if it’s true that these folks are creating a mess, ruining the park, and unsanitary, it’s definitely time for the city to tell them to leave. It’s certainly unclear as to what they want and what their purpose is. I find myself asking the question, “what would need to occur for them to say ‘now we can go home.'” They need to leave and stop making a mess of our city. Downtown is filthy enough as it is. I’ve always thought of the mellon green space there as one of the nicer spots in that part of the city – not anymore I suppose.

    1. Mike says:

      Downtown is pretty clean these days… The park is clean from litter but its getting muddy. they are making cardboard sidewalks, looks ok i guess. They are nice and polite, They arnt really bothering anyone. In fact its kind of entertaining seeing what they are up to on my lunch break.

  19. Becky says:

    Interesting fact: Jimmy “Blue Cloud” is James Hoff who is a lifetime registered sex offender.

    1. Hwright says:

      There goes another REPUBLINUT stirring up trouble!!! Whats sad is you do it towards your own canidates!!!! LOL

  20. tombrady says:

    This whole protet was orginised by a a guy who wouldn;t pay his taxes until liens were filed on him. ‘Nuff said!

  21. mary says:

    ……….go to D.C. and let them, who “sleep” with those you loathe, feel the heat!!! This “protest” is only inciting the segment of the population who suffers fro the “you owe me syndrome”. (1%). You are encroaching on the lives of the 99% who choose to work hard and dilligently to attain whatever success they may have in sight. You are no better than hardcore socialists.

  22. Dave says:

    These people look like something from the hippie era – same work ethic too – rely on someone else to take care of you while living in never, never land. Why don’t you get off your lazy arses, get an education so that you may get a decent job. I realize it’s easier to blame society for your problems, but enough is enough! I wouldn’t be surprised if our illustrious commander in chief is behind this entire protest in an attempt to get the republicans to sign his lame jobs’ bill. Birds of a feather, flock together! How pathetic!

    1. Burghnerdman says:

      I have worked every day of my adult life. (Since I was 15, to be exact) Even with a college education, it is very difficult. You can’t find a job that pays enough to both pay back student loans, and live. What are people to do? They are flustered.
      If the FEDS would have stayed out of the education business to begin with. We would not be in the mess we are now.
      As soon as there was Government $ available for Colleges and Universitys, The price of tuitation went up. Where do you think the money is going? The 1 %!

      1. Dave says:

        I understand what you’re saying, but I did go to college, and when I came out, I had debt as well. I paid my college loans off while making a modest salary and living WITHIN my means. BTW – it is nothing new for colleges to raise their tuition. I went to college 30 years ago (Pitt), put myself through, while encountering a tuition hike each year. Did you know that out of all 50 states, Pennsylvania ranks 3rd highest for tuition for state universities? That’s where the problem lies. 3rd highest!!!! That’s not something to be proud of, and this occurred WAY before Corbett got into office.

      2. Rob says:

        I agree with Burgerdman. 30 years ago college was affordable… Its a bad investment these days.

  23. Dave says:

    An interesting quote in today’s paper: “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” Sounds befitting, doesn’t it? This was written by one of our founding forefathers, who had the insight to see how America would fall. It was written by Thomas Jefferson.

    1. Rob says:

      I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

      – Thomas Jefferson

  24. tom says:

    i have video of this whole thing shot from outside passing thru on a work break.

    noone entered the bank in masks. as soon as these people entered the bank, the doors were locked and police were called.
    officers said “that they responded to a pnc bank call about a riot.”

    furthermore, if these people did do wrong, why was pnc fined by the city for breaking 2 fires codes for locking people in the bank?

    why were they also fined for filing a false 911-police report, and why were they also fined for illegally detaining these people in their bank?

    don’t see that mentioned in the reports anywhere.

    I’ve been by the occupy pittsburgh camp, these people have jobs and are extremely polite.

    1. Dave says:

      I watched the news segment on a local channel, and at no time did they say these people wore masks. They did say, however, that the bank was locked because there is a history of Occupy people going into banking institutions to supposedly open accounts, and when they are almost done, they get up and protest. To avoid this type of disruption for the many workers in the bank as well as the customers, the police were called to remove the protestors. I think it was a great move on the bank’s part to be proactive instead of waiting for their “flash mob” scene.

    2. Mayor of GBD says:

      Tom, what is the fine for filling a false 911 report? or locking people in a bank? These would be “criminal” offenses and not summary offenses (like a traffic tickett or fire code violation). It would be handeled by arresting the offending party and them having a trial….not a day in traffic court. Your ignorance in the law shows right thru the bandana you wear to hide your face while protesting…another criminal act I might add.

      I am not in the 1%, maybe the top 20%. AND YOU DON”T SPREAK FOR ME. Get a life, get an education, get a job and PAY FOR THEM YOURSELF. Not on my dime, thank you. I paid for my education and now pay for both my kids college education…so they don’t end up like you! a drain on the rest of society!

      1. Jill says:

        Make your kids pay for their own college, that way you will understand when they protest with us. 22 yrs old, college degree, 85,000$ in student debt, making $13/hr.

      2. hwright says:

        Don’t Gloat or nothing!! Did you scuff your keyboard typing that better get the butler…. waaaahaaawaaaahaaaa

      3. Mayor of GBD says:

        hwright, tell your wife to clean it tomorrow!

        I’m not crying, I’M LAUGHING at you!

      4. Mayor of GBD says:

        Jill – try CCAC at $1250 a semester. NO ONE promised you an Ivy League Education. But I’ll bet you couldn’t pass up being a Frat Rat!

        By the way, where are YOUR parents? in the next tent? there’s a shocker!

      5. Hwright says:

        I have given you nothing to laugh about! You are wiggling in your shorts because of the OWS and the people that stood up against Bank of America! Your just going to have to accept it the American People are fed up with the RICH! I dont agree with you and most of america doesnt either!

      6. Jill says:

        My mom died and i havent seen my dad in 20 years. thanks for asking.

      7. Mayor of GBD says:

        hahahaha – a couple hundred thousand people protest and suddnely you are the majority…hahahahahahahahahahaha

        I make enough that I don’t have to worry about paying MY fair share…I draw the line when I have to pay YOURs too!

  25. Mayor of GBD says:

    suck it, bites!

  26. chance says:

    When are those lazy smelly maggots going to pull out so that we can clean up their mess?

  27. G says:

    Why not….. Occupy the Hill District…?

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