Bloomfield Bank Robbery Suspect: ‘I Don’t Fit Into Society’

BLOOMFIELD (KDKA) – A man wanted in connection with three recent bank robberies has been arrested in Bloomfield.

According to police, Dennis Schell, 53, of Allison Park, was arrested just before noon on Monday at a home in the 700-block of Edmond Street.

Schell is accused in three bank robberies. Police say he had just gotten out of jail after serving time for other holdups.

“I don’t fit into society,” Schell told KDKA’s Bob Allen as he was escorted out of police headquarters.

Bob Allen: “You don’t fit into society so you wanted to get caught?”

Schell: “Yeah.”

Police say Schell robbed the First Commonwealth Bank in Bloomfield last Tuesday, Citizens Bank at the Waterworks Mall on Saturday and robbed First Commonwealth Bank in Bloomfield again on Monday.

In all three robberies, Schell allegedly demanded cash from a teller and made a verbal threat about having a gun. He got away with an undisclosed amount of cash in each robbery.

On Monday, a security guard followed Schell out of the bank. The guard watched as Schell walked to the home on Edmond Street and called police.

“We went to the front door, knocked, announced our presence, told him we had a warrant for him, we knew who he was,” Pittsburgh Police Commander Timothy O’Connor said. “He came outside with the money bag.”

Bob Allen: “So you want to go to prison?”


Schell is facing three counts of robbery and is now in the Allegheny County Jail.

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One Comment

  1. Elliot says:

    Come on Man! You should be getting all the money you need bummen on the streets

    1. BRIDGET says:


  2. Critter says:

    Only a face a mother could love

  3. John says:

    “Only a face a mother could love”? Good God.

    IIt’s “A face that only a mother could love.” Don’t post here unless you have your cliches straight.

  4. Mayor of GBD says:

    He should move in the the Occupy folks! They’d give him a purpose in life, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  5. Kristine says:

    a mother could only face his love

  6. debbie says:

    yinz act like you know him you dont tho ,

    1. Lorrie says:

      Until you lead the life of a troubled soul like that who doesnt think he “fits in society and would rather be shot” then dont judge we have no idea what his life was like…he will get his punishment in jail…and Im sure his mother DID love his face!!!!!!!

  7. Lynda says:

    That man is a sad soul. All you people who judge others are the idiots he who casts the first stone shouldnt live in glass houses. Until anyone lives a day in someone else’s shoes we have no idea. that man needs help not made fun of.

  8. amber says:

    this guy shouldn’t have done what he did, but he obviously needs help. there are a lot of people pleading the “insanity” case, but i think this guy really needs some help. I have a coupke “sick” people in my family and it’s very very hard and sad to deal with. I love them no less and treat them no different, you just have to learn how to deal with their issues. I feel bad for this guy, but he should have to pay for what he did, sick or not.

  9. jamey says:

    I can’t believe they sympathy for this guy. Why don’t you save your sympathy for the bank employees he threatened. Or don’t they count? A lot of folks are down on their luck and aren’t robbing banks.

    1. amber says:

      sympathy to the banker is obvious. My mom is the manager at a bank and the last thing i want is for her bank to be robbed. and you can put money on the day it gets robbed, I’ll be looking for the guy that did it. The sympathy to the robber is not wasted. it’s more pity than anything. i get that A lot of folks are down on their luck and aren’t robbing banks, but those that are and need help, should be given the help needed. I’m not saying let him run free, i said in my previous post that he should have to pay for what he did, sick or not. and i still stand by that. I’m still allowed, however, to have sympathy for the one who is sick.

      1. katt says:

        he is sick you dont understand he wanted to be shot , he knows what he did , he is my family i lived with him for awhile he wouldnt hurt no one he is mentally sick , he said he had a gun but i know he didnt because he dont have one , he needs help hes sick he dont deserve to be talked about like he is , he dont know how to help him self , i love him to death hes so sick , if you met him you would understand , !

    2. amber says:

      actually the people that work at the bank only have one thing in mind, to have a job. what you’re saying might be true to the people who own the bank and reap more than a pay check from it. That was really unfair to everyday people with an everyday job. you should rethink your comment, it can be very offensive…

    3. katt says:

      hes sick ! not like depressed sick or down in the dumps like mentally dont know how to function ! i lived with him i know believe me ! so when you know him then you can say not to feel sorry for him , hes my family and so think if it happens to someone in your family then you will understand how it feels

    4. Lorrie says:

      No… he did not have a gun!!!!!

  10. alive in florida says:

    Bank robbery seems to be a new career….

  11. pia79 says:

    i guess he was so used to being in prison he didnt kno how to live in the outside world. he needs structure and routine and the fact that he was on his own with nobody telling him what to do i bet he felt lost. i dont think he meant to hurt anyone just looking for a way to get back to the life he was used to and this was a way for him to get a alot of time? i dunno =/

  12. katt says:

    this is rediculous these people think they know him , but when you have been abused all your life and your mentally sick and cant function then all yinz people will understand what hes going threw till then dont say things that aren’t facts .

    1. amber says:

      I don’t think everyone thinks or is acting like they know him. Myself, all i was doing was stating that this guy obviously needs some help and not in the “help me move into my new house” or “help me not be depressed” way but “i need to talk to someone cause i’m not right in the head” way. I’m sorry if any of us offended you. That was not MY intention. My intention was to just state that people should not be so hard on this guy cause it’s obvious he needs help..

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