By Paul Martino

LEETSDALE (KDKA) — In one local neighborhood, the people who live there say they’re being overrun with cats every night and they don’t know what to do about it.

“They don’t have their shots,” Michelle Frizelle, of Leetsdale, said. “They’re breeding and people have complained numerous times. They’re in the garbage.”

“There’s probably 30 or 40, but it seems like thousands and they’re all over the neighborhood,” Ginger Arnett added. “They attack dogs. They attack garbage.”

They’re blaming their neighbor, David Sofranko, a self-described hoarder. Sofranko admits he doesn’t get shots for the animals. While they don’t live in his home, he does feed them.

“They’re welcomed if they could trap them and take away, give them good homes – fine – get rid of them,” Sofranko said. “I just can’t see them starving to death.”

So the cats remain feeding and breeding outside Sofranko’s home. It comes at a time when there’s big concern about rabies. In October alone, the Allegheny County Health Department found at least 17 rabid animals.

“The children are coming around picking them up and if they don’t have shots and they get scratched it could be a major infection, disease, rabies, all kinds of things,” Frizelle said. “That’s what I’m scared about.”

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