Local Pediatricians Refusing To See Non-Vaccinated Patients

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Chris Barnes, 11, is getting his latest round of vaccinations for measles and tetanus.

“It doesn’t really scare me as much as other people, it’s just a shot,” he said.

Without regular immunizations, Chris would be turned away at his pediatrician’s office.

Dr. Wayne Yankus refuses to see patients unless they follow the government recommended immunization schedule.

He says he’s among a growing number of pediatricians who don’t give parents the option of delaying child vaccines.

“These things prevent diseases that we don’t have to see anymore,” Dr. Yankus said.

About 30 to 40 percent of pediatrics practices in the Pittsburgh area have the same policy. They say contagious diseases can be brought into their waiting rooms by unimmunized children and it can take a lot of effort countering the misinformation on vaccines.

“I think it’s a challenge, trying to understand where they’re coming from. Obviously there are different belief systems,” Dr. Keith Sommers, a pediatrician at Children’s Community Pediatrics in East Liberty, said. “Trying to convert them isn’t necessarily the idea, it’s to try to educate them on what the benefits are, and why they would want to do this for their child.”

They say they’re just keeping in line with the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations to promote vaccines for all children and the benefits.

“Crossing the street you actually probably have more risk doing that on any given day than any of these vaccines that we give,” he adds.

He’s had to turn families away for refusing routine vaccination.

“We’ll see them for a few visits, try to give them the materials, the education about the value of vaccines,” he says about the process, “and some know [our policy] and decide they’re going to go on elsewhere and find other medical care, and there is other medical care available.”

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One Comment

  1. susie says:

    I hope you plan on home schooling also because, while I support your right to have non-vaccinated children, I do not want them in school with my children.

    1. Sara says:

      You realize there are exemptions that can be filed so children without vaccines can attend public schools?

    2. Cindy Killeen Waeltermann says:

      My kids attend public school and they’re not vaccinated. If you believe so much in your vaccines, why worry? They’ll work, right?

    3. Kristin Liberato says:

      Susie, if your kids vaccines work so well why are you worried about my kids that don’t have them? Oh and I guess you’re kids were not hurt by them either how nice. My son’s temp went to 107.1 just 45 minutes after it and he was never the same. Guess what your kids ARE around many kids who don’t have them, sorry….

    4. drdoctor says:

      your feelings, however, are not based in scientific reality. the majority of outbreaks have been in fully vaccinated children. not the unvaccinated.
      I am an MD and in public health. look up “paradox of measelse” as an example
      the public tends to be unaware of this issue.
      in fact, journal of vaccines published a study showing those whe recieved the seasonal flu vaccine were many times more likely to contract H1N1. most likely from suppression of immune function immediate post vaccine.

      1. Rick Phipps says:

        Authoritarianism has entered the country.

    5. Kiki says:

      If the vaccines are effective as they tell us they are, our children pose NO risk to your vaccinated kids. As a matter of fact, in the outbreaks of measles in various states over the past few years, the majority o f the kids affected were vaccinated!!! Why? Because the vaccines can and do cause the diseases they are supposed to protect you from. It even states this in the vaccine insert from the vaccine manufacturers. So actually, recently vaccinated children pose the greatest risk to both vaccinated AND unvaccinated children. That is FACT!

    6. Cypher says:

      Aren’t your kids vaccinated? What’s the problem?

  2. sandra kuzma says:

    I agree Sabrina. I know of too many people who had their kids vaccinated and they developed many problems. Serious ones at that. Our government is really pushing these vaccs. And flu shots. personally I don’t trust them. Besides , if the children in the doctors office that are immunized are exposed to a child not immunized in the waiting room. Shouldn’t the ones that were immunized be good?? after all thats why they got the shot isn’t it???????? I say don’t push your garbage on other people..

    1. Sabrina Bowen says:

      I have fibromyalgia, an auto-immune disease which has been linked to chemical exposures as well as child hood vaccines. My aunt’s thyroid was damaged so bad by her childhood vaccines that we weren’t sure she would ever graduate highschool. In fact her doctors told her she shouldn’t even apply to college.

      Thankfully, I started my research YEARS before I had children, and knew what I needed to know long before it was a question. Now I do advocacy and awareness work! http://www.sabrinambowen.com/vaccine-awareness

  3. sandra kuzma says:

    My grandchildren are not vaccinated and do attend public school. They are healthy kids. They never get sick like most of the kids do. Besides Susie if your child is immunized why you worried about it? Isn’t that why you got your child the shot in the first place? Instead of just believing everything you hear on the main stream media, try doing some research on what is allowed to be put into your children. its just not vaccines. baby formula, toothpaste, meat, The list goes on and on.

    1. Cindy Killeen Waeltermann says:

      Hear, hear Sandra. My kids NEVER get sick and they’re not vaccinated. People who believe this garbage are sheeples who follow the CDC and AAP blindly. Sorry, I have enough government interference in my life. I’m not the kind of person who needs a Government agency telling me how to raise my children or live my life. But apparently Susie needs someone to tell her what to do. My kids have autism. I know exactly where they got it, as do thousands of other parents. Point out all the studies you want to me — until one is NOT FUNDED BY A PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY I will not be led around by the nose.

  4. Cindy Killeen Waeltermann says:

    These doctors take an oath to help people. So if we refuse to vaccinate, then you won’t see my sick child? Seems a little HIPPOCRITICAL TO ME. (Pun well intended.) My child, my choice. Do you know how many kids are getting sick and are even suffering from severe complications from the stupid HPV vaccine that is mandated in California? Don’t impose YOUR morals on ME.

    1. Cindy Killeen Waeltermann says:

      Wow. Quite an intelligent reply. You’re a classy guy. Proves my point. Thank you.

      1. Cindy Killeen Waeltermann says:

        Thank you for removing that comment. Wishing a fatal disease on a child is unconscionable.

      2. Victoria Goins says:

        Some people say they are vaxxers, but they’re really antichoice and antifreedom. They want others who don’t agree with them to die from perceived dangers. They are unintelligent, selfish, and dangerous. They would have anyone who doesn’t agree with them locked up rather than allow freedom of thought.

      3. This article stinks says:

        Ditto, Victoria. The same could be said to those who think its ok to sacrifice a few for the ‘greater good’. But, if YOU really did your research you would see what YOUR doing is wrong and dangerous for the greater good. Studies have been proven that those who chose to not vaccinate are highly educated people, its actually the poor and uneducated folks who vaccinate.

        Get your facts straight.

      4. Chris says:

        My kids are vaccinated and I am neither poor nor uneducated. I have a college degree and I have a good job. I do agree that parents have a choice. When my sons have friends over, I don’t ask the parents if these children are vaccinated. But don’t call parents of vaccinated children poor and educated you ignorant SOB.

      5. Chris says:

        *Uneducated……..my mistake, then again I got my kids vaccinated so I must be uneducated……

      6. Pico says:

        I am happy doctors’ offices are refusing to treat these people. I don’t want my newborn who is just going through his first series of shots and has not developed a strong immune response from his vaccines yet sitting in the same waiting room with some sick/ignorant person who thinks vaccines are a govt. conspiracy.

        Visit any country where vaccinations are lacking and look at the number of childhood deaths from diseases that were eradicated in developed countries by the use of vaccines…According to Brown University, 7 million children under the age of 5 die every year as the result of infectious diseases and 99% of those children live in developing countries.

        Millions of kids still die from polio and measles…but not in this country b/c we have immunized people against it.

      7. Sandra says:

        If your doctor truly cared about his/her patients, they wouldn’t have newborns/infants in the same waiting room as children/adults who are ill. They should have separate waiting rooms. Or they could schedule patients in such a manner that there is not a waiting room full of sick people at any given time.

    2. Cindy Killeen Waeltermann says:

      …and oh yeah, you may want to invest in HOOKED ON PHONICS.

      1. bedhead says:

        You seem to have an awful lot to say about things TOTALLY unrelated to the subject. You have monopolized this board with rude, acrid comments.
        I stand by my comments and until YOU have had the opportunity to se the ravages of polio-diptheria-measles- and others FIRST HAND-you have little to contribute.
        Your last comment just confirms you are nothing more than a blowhard!

    3. Kiki says:

      You said your children are not vaccinated and have autism.. Did you stop vaccinating or did they never receive any. I am very curious to know that rates of autism in the unvaccinated, but there isn’t much research out there that I have been able to find and I have been researching vaccines for four years. Thank you for your response.

      1. Cindy Killeen Waeltermann says:

        I should have said partially vaccinated. My bad. Both of my boys have autism, although I stopped all vaccinations earlier for my younger son, and his autism is much milder than his older brother.

    4. heather says:

      I can tell you the complications from gardasil are horrible, an illness like no other and NOT One doctor I have taken my child to knows what to do exept push some drugs in our face. If any doctor would demand vaccination I would walk out of his office and never go back. These Doctors make me sick, they know exactly what the vaccines do to our kids. ITs why they have jobs!

  5. Lindy Smith says:

    My kids are partially vaccinated, we have been vaccine free for 4+ years and they attend public school. Vaccine exempt. It is quite comical to me that people who believe so strongly that vaccines are such a safe haven yet fret and worry over an un-vaccinated (healthy) child may impose a threat to their child. It’s so silly, it makes no sense at all.

  6. Lindy Smith says:

    These doctors got a lot of crust, thinking they need to tell parents what to do and how to take care of their own children. Once a doctor starts in with their rehearsed vaccine speech to me, I’m out of there. Fire him/her immediately and move on.

    1. Anthony Moore says:

      Gee , , , thinking that just because you graduate from medical school you should be able to give medical advice. That is crusty!

  7. Cristal Nash says:

    WOW really how narrow minded can you get? MY child MY choice, sounds like you are not the physician you promised to be hippocratic oath taken now abide by it. The oath says NOTHING about requiring you to see children only if they are vaccinated. Get back to practicing medicene and treating patients the way you were trained and stop forcing you’re beliefs and morals on those of us who chose to feel and live differently than the government mandates, you’re a doctor NOT GOD, you don’t get to decided or judge.

    1. local says:

      and you as a parent are neglectful in putting your children in harms way. People like you will be the first to blame anybody else when you have chosen NOT TO PROTECT your children.

      1. Cindy Killeen Waeltermann says:

        People who smoke crack put their kids in harm’s way. Not educated parents who refuse to vaccinate. Again, dollars to donuts you work in the health care field. Stop being a sheeple. Your need for herd immunity is NOT my problem.

      2. Trudy Snyder says:

        BUT I DID protect my children and they were injured by their childhood vaccinations…
        They were put in harms way by the very vaccinations that I was told would PROTECT them from harm and injury. I was lied too apparently and geez, now I’m told I’m a horrible person and I’ll get blamed when some sort of “disease” is discovered. I’m to be blamed because I don’t want my children injured further or dead because I choose not to vaccinate. Gee, how will I live with myself, protecting MY OWN off-spring??? You worry about YOURS and I’ll worry about MINE. Clear now?

    2. Kiki says:

      I found out recently that states receive money from the federal government for each child fully vaccinated by age two. In NY state, it is $100 per vaccinated child. So, there is money to be gained in this area too!!

  8. Trudy Snyder says:

    It’s ok with me if the doctor doesn’t want to see my children because the SECOND you didn’t listen to my concerns and understand the reason’s I have chosen not to vaccinate…your butt would have been FIRED anyways. Is it because you’re unable to generate the income every 2months from a child being brought in for their “well baby” visits? No income in parents that don’t vaccinate is there? How dare ANY doctor enforce their morals on the parent of a child?
    One of my children is vaccine injured and will never receive another vaccine. My youngest was vaccinated until 7 months old and STILL attends PUBLIC SCHOOL. That child will also NEVER receive another vaccine.

    1. Nessa says:

      good for you, Trudy 🙂 glad you are a parent that knows how to take control of a situation when it comes to your kids 🙂

  9. Trudy Snyder says:

    One more thing to keep in mind. As an EMPLOYEE of the parent, you have the right to quit your “job” at anytime but realize that it is a PRIVILEGE to be employed by your community. Second, the Institute of Medicine recently (within the last few days) released a study stating that they CAN NOT rule out vaccines as a cause to many major diseases including autism. Third, the CDC is now under investigation for fraud concerning the original study (the study in which ALL the other “vaccines don’t cause autism” studies are based on). There was a FOIA filed against the CDC and it has come to light that our own CDC went out of it’s way to hide and conceal information stating that mercury in vaccines DOES have a link to autism.
    My suggestion would be to keep these things in mind as you escort parents out of your doors. These are REAL parents with REAL children that have REAL concerns and it is NOT in your best interest to ignore these parents.

    1. INWarriorMama says:

      GO TRUDY!!!!

      1. Cypher says:

        Awesome Trudy. I wasn’t aware that the CDC is now under investigation for fraud. Very cool. Looks like the truth *may* come out finally, but with the amount of money that Big Pharma has at stake I won’t hold my breath.

  10. Carol says:

    Have any of you seen someone with diptheria? How about whooping cough? Polio? No you haven’t, because of vaccines and if everyone stops getting the immunization, you will see these dreaded diseases come back…my dad told me about them and they are not pretty…go ahead and live in your little bubble, but with the world getting smaller, shame on you for not protecting your kids

    1. Cara R. says:

      Polio was on the decline long before the introduction of the vaccine. Go ahead and look it up, you’ll see.

      1. Cindy Killeen Waeltermann says:

        …and diptheria is easily treated with antibiotics. Funny, kids with autism are acceptable collateral damage. And they don’t mention the almost 5,000 payouts from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Right? 10 to 1 Carol here works in the field and had vaccines DRILLED into her head. I once had an exchange with a pediatrician who said “that’s the problem with social media, these parents all talk to each other.” The Orwellian Thought Police probably had that same inkling. Heh. Irony.

      2. Nessa says:

        exactly everything was on decline before the vaccines came into play.

    2. Trudy Snyder says:

      Explain Typhoid to me please Carol? There is no vaccine for Typhoid (never has been) but yet it does not run rampant through the United States, why is that? How about Scarlett Fever? I had that as a child and here I sit, typing away. Again, no vaccine. My cousin Debbie also had polio as a child. She’s still alive and kicking, she does have some pain in her hip area when it’s cold or raining but she’s lived (so far) to the ripe old age of 48. I can site many articles written in the journal of Pediatrics that states the vaccinations alone can not account for the decline in mortality seen in the first half of the century. CLEANLINESS…yes, cleanliness and the public health measures to educate society on hygienic practices are what saved us all. You want to thank something or someone for the decline in diseases that used to kill children? Thank your local plumper. My son, is disabled for the rest of his life because of vaccines but apparently it’s perfectly fine with you as long as no one has to suffer with the dreaded chicken pox. I protected MY children and they were injured by something I was told would keep them safe. Should I still be ashamed of myself? My question for you is Have YOU seen someone with severe vaccine injuries? No you haven’t or you wouldn’t diminish the worth of the person that suffered such an injury by stating that the person who’s “injury” from diphtheria is more important or some how worse.

      1. MFRMD says:

        There have been two highly effective licensed typhoid vaccines in use in the USA for at least 20 years – an injectable vaccine (Typhim Vi) and an oral vaccine (Vivotef).

        Typhoid is not endemic in the US because of a safe water supply and good sewage systems, but is a health risk in areas where the water supply is not safe (Asia, Africa, parts of Central and South America.)

        Scarlet Fever is a strep throat caused by toxin-producing streptococci; the prevalence has fallen in the post-antibiotic era, but streptococcal infections of the throate as well as skin and soft tissue due to toxin-producing organisms still occur and can be quite devastating (e.g., “flesh-eating bacteria”).

        As a medical student in 1975, I saw 2 of 3 siblings die of diphtheria – all were unimmunized children from Central America.

    3. Mara says:

      Yes I have seen someone with whooping cough, and guess what, it was me! I also had mumps and rubella, and guess what, I am NOT dead! Shame on YOU for wanting me to injure my child more than he has already been injured by vaccines, and shame on you for wanting me to injure my daughter. Why do you give a rats behind about my kids, if yours are vaccinated and vaccines work then my child is no threat to yours.

    4. Marlene Pitman Duke says:

      Most cases of whooping cough are not even diagnosed as such, they are diagnosed as a cold and then the patient is sent home with a “cold”. IN a recent article in the BMJ, they showed cases of whooping cough and then stated that the patients were immunized for the same strain as what they had. According to the Varivax inserts, a child who is vaccinated with the chicken pox vaccine is supposed to stay away from others for 6 weeks, especially pregnant women and infants. How many of you keep your newly vaccinated child at home and away from others for 6 weeks. It also states that the newly vaccinated child needs to stay away from salicylates for 6 weeks because of a danger of getting Reyes Syndrome. Salicylates are found in foods. How many of you, after having your childs Varivax vaccine, monitor the food they are eating? Have any of you been warned about any of this?

    5. Kiki says:

      Scare tactics and fear mongering! My mother is one of 5 and she had most of the routine childhood diseases… German measles, scarlett fever, chicken pox, etc…. She recovered without hospitalization and is not disfigured or injured in any way! Btw, she was born in 43 at the height of the vaccine rage!

    6. Anthony Moore says:

      You’re absolutely right Carol. As an example of what happens when nobody gets vaccinations. Shortly after my nephew was born in the U.S. (and got all his vaccinations) his parents moved him to a European country where vaccinations are uncommon. Jeffrey is now in elementary school. Some weeks 75% or more of his classmates are absent from school due to illness. Measles, chicken pox, etc. Jeffrey is NEVER sick.

      1. Cypher says:

        I don’t know what European country you’re talking about where “vaccines are uncommon”. They are common is nearly all developed countries. Its the AMOUNT of vaccines in these other countries that are different. Kids are given 3x the amount in the USA, which is why many of them are permanently damaged. You may want to read personal stories before assuming everyone is paranoid.

  11. Cara R. says:

    I wouldn’t want to see a doctor that didn’t respect my views anyways. I am so sick of these doctors that think they are omniscient and walk on water. My child, *MY* decision.

  12. Biff P says:

    Patient heal thyself.

  13. Nessa says:

    right on! 🙂

  14. Michelle Tarpening Parsons says:

    What makes this arrogant Doc think he can control what I choose for my children…this man can take a hike right along with the other Narrow Minded,Short sighted Bought Off Pharma Physicians…I will stick with Holistically healthy NON-VAXXED kids and Chiropractic!!

  15. Nessa says:

    The truth? the truth is mercury is STILL in vaccines.. not all but some. YES the vaccines are given to children without parental consent all the time. (my son) was given shots as soon as he was born, i didnt know it until i got his record!

    Also YES they can cause brain damage in children. NOT SAYING THEY DO TO ALL KIDS, but they CAN. and the CDC fails to mention that to parents. They do secretly pay families of vaccine injured kids, and they tell those parents to keep their mouths shut or they will discontinue pay. no i didnt see this or get this info from some non-vaccine organization, this was on the news a few months ago.

    I am done with vaccines. My kid/kids will be vaccine free.

    1. Hannah says:

      Are you a physician? Can you give me the exact molecular processes that occur when a child recieves a vaccine which causes, “brain damage”??

      1. Trudy Snyder says:

        The important question here is “Can the medical community give me the exact molecular processes that occur when a child receives a vaccine which causes, “brain damage”?? No they can not. How about the FDA or the CDC? Are YOU a physician? Can YOU tell me? That’s the 10 million dollar question and it’s NEVER been answered, so if you would be so kind as to enlighten us (if you know the answer)…by all means, the floor is yours.

  16. Nessa says:

    You think vaccines are safe for everyone just because your nurse tells you that? be smart and do your research.

    Iansvoice.org. good place to start.

  17. Laura says:

    As Donald Trump would say to Dr. Yankus, “You’re fired!!”

  18. MinorityView says:

    Some handy info on the decline of diphtheria which had very little to do with vaccination and a lot to do with improvements in living conditions. http://insidevaccines.com/wordpress/2008/07/28/where-do-they-find-these-scary-statistics-part-ii/

    1. JH says:

      The link to Inside Vaccines is great. The site is truthful & insightful, thanks MV

  19. Amy M says:

    I say – ITS ABOUT TIME THAT LIST CAME OUT so that we can see which doctors actually CARE about patients, and which ones only care about supporting their kickbacks and million dollars lifestyles… so, I think this is a good thing. Will weed out the ones who need to be out of business anyways because the don’t truly care about the patient!!!!

  20. Bridget Pendergraft says:

    My son is 100% vaccine free and extremely healthy…his immune system was not overloaded and suppressed by poisons as an infant. MY child MY choice. When are people going to stop turning a blind eye to the POISONS that are in vaccines? To those that don’t want their children around mine because he is not vaccinated, what are you scared of if your precious vaccines are so effective?? THINK about it.

  21. Victoria Goins says:

    Why don’t doctors admit it: they don’t want to see unvaccinated patients because they won’t get their bonus at the end of the year! They’re just glossing it over by saying it’s about health so they don’t look like what they are: greedy mad scientists.

  22. Marlene Pitman Duke says:

    (This says it all): “….banning the deadly chemical completely would be dangerous for public health because of the chemical’s use in vaccines.”………(but then we read): “But numerous studies since have found no sign the mercury compound is risky.” http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2011/10/21/science-mercury-ban-vaccines.html?cmp=rss So in one breath they are saying that mercury is a deadly chemical and then they say no signs the mercury is risky!! Mercury is found in these vaccines. DTAP (Tripedia), Dtap/Hib (Trihibit), DT (sanofi), TD, Hib, INfluenza (fluvirn, flulaval, fluzon which is given to 6+ months old, fluarix), Japanese encephalitis (JE-vax), Meningococcal (menamune), rabies (biorab), HepA/HepB (twinrix),Hep B (twinrix).

    1. AngelOfLight says:

      excellent post. oh, and have you read the tripedia insert? “Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea. Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting.”

  23. Article is Stupid says:

    The REAL reason doctors refuse unvaccinated children is because they know they will NOT make any money off these kids. These kids will never be in their office because their immune systems are so strong, they almost never need the doc unlike the vaccinated child. So, if you had a business…would you want the customer who would always be putting dough into your pockets or the one you never saw?

  24. Rhonda says:

    If a child is protected because he/she had the vaccination and they are exposed to a child who has not been vaccinated, why are people worried? Who will this child infect? Do the vaccinations not work?

  25. kara says:

    (a) It shall be the duty of all school directors, superintendents, principals, or other persons in charge of any public, private, parochial, or other school including kindergarten, to ascertain that every child, prior to admission to school for the first time has been immunized, as the Secretary of Health may direct, against such diseases as shall appear on a list to be made and from time to time reviewed by the Advisory Health Board. All certificates of immunization shall be issued in accordance with the rules and regulations promulgated by the Secretary of Health with the sanction and advice of the Advisory Health Board.

    (b) Any person who shall fail, neglect, or refuse to comply with, or who shall violate, any of the provisions or requirements of this section, except as hereinafter provided, shall, for every such offense, upon summary conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a fine of not less than five dollars ($ 5) nor more than one hundred dollars ($ 100), and in default thereof, to undergo an imprisonment in the jail of the proper county for a period not exceeding sixty (60) days. All such fines shall be paid into the treasury of the school district.

    (c) The provisions of this section shall not apply in the case of any child deemed to have a medical contraindication which may contraindicate immunization and so certified by a physician. Such certificates may be accepted in lieu of a certificate of immunization.

    (d) The provisions of this section shall not apply in the case of any child whose parent or guardian objects in writing to such immunization on religious grounds.

  26. Diana Sue says:

    EVEN IF you are a parent who still vaccinates, this is not the doctor you want. A doctor without any respect for parents who choose not to vaccinate has no concept of adverse reactions to vaccines. Many parents who don’t vaccinate are parents who are once bitten, twice shy. THEY KNOW that their children are part of the “few” that are sacrificed in the supposed interest of the MANY. This doctor would not recognize a vaccine reaction if (WHEN) it happens. I’ve got 50 cents that says he even prescribes TYLENOL to his patients for post vaccination care. ( very dumb thing to do, tylenol depletes glutathione)

    Pediatrics was more or less created to push shots, as far as I can tell. Just go to a family doctor with your kids. They are less likely to be given ‘bonuses’ from the insurance companies for having 100% vaccination rates among their patients and less likely to give you grief about your vaccination choices.

    Dont’ let them kid you, pediatricians who take the stance this doctor has taken is only concerned with their own financial health, not your kids’ health. I know, a similar doctor injured my son. And, he missed reaction after reaction. His waiting room was full of sickly, low-tone kids. I know because I was there a lot. Funny thing, we stopped vaccinating and my kids stopped being continually sick… go figure

  27. AngelOfLight says:

    i’d love to know how many hours these doctors have spent studying vaccines (beyond when and how to give them). i know many doctors and nurses who have personally told me that they learned the schedule and nothing else while in school. most parents who refuse vaccines probably have more knowledge about vaccines than these bully doctors do.

  28. Sabrina Bowen says:

    You know, I commented earlier, but I wanted to add something to that this article greatly neglected! While there are still many – to many – doctors in this area that do refuse to treat unvaxed children, there are many who don’t have an issue, and even those who prefer non-vaxed children. When I had my sons (’06 & ’07) I was pushed to vaccinate by Mercy Hospital staff and went through 4 pediatricians in my oldest son’s first 6 weeks of life because of our choice not to vaccinate. BUT, things are getting MUCH better! When I had my daughter last year, the Mercy staff not only did NOT pressure me to vaccinate, I had more than one nurse state she was glad to see more parents choosing not to. And they have done away with their refusal paperwork as well! In addition I have been told my our local Early Intervention Director, one of their therapists, my son’s Speech Therapist, 2 of the workers at our local WIC office and even a local child psychiatrist that they wished they would see more parents choosing to go vax free! The support I have gotten from these types of organizations has been out of this world! And I have met more and more parents who are doing their research in this area as well… So while there are still many doctors who have issues, there is a change happening in this area and I’m pleased to see it!

    1. Sabrina Bowen says:

      Anyone interested in more information should check out my website – http://www.SabrinaMBowen.com Click Vaccine Awareness and enjoy!

  29. KC says:

    Another parent of a very damaged child due to vaccination. That’s when we stopped vaccinating our kids. Our youngest child has none. At 12 years old he’s a very healthy child. He NEVER has had a runny nose! Imagine that all you vaxers. He was never a snot gobbling toddler like my vaxed kids were. He never had an ear infection. He has a healthy functioning immune system. If you don’t understand why his immune system is working better than your vaxed kids, YOU need to find out.

  30. Rockhopper says:

    Any vaccine that is for herd immunity where the child has ZERO risk of getting the disease is UNETHICAL, period!! The doctor needs to be concerned only with the pt in front of him. It will not prevent anyone in a refugee camp in Africa from getting polio. There is no risk of my child getting polio, therefore giving my child a vaccine for polio is unethical. It would be an unnecessary medical procedure, period. The risks of the vaccine MUST be outweighed by a CALCULABLE benefit. If my child has virtually ZERO chance of getting the disease, then there can’t be a benefit and it becomes unethical. WHY in the world would you submit your child to a procedure that could do harm if there is no benefit? Vaccines do have risks, even according to the CDC. Read the package inserts. If you just read the info put out by the supporters and then weigh that against potential benefit, excluding herd immunity as it is potentially sacrificing one for another, then on many of the vaccines, the benefit is not greater than the risk. DUMB to insist on risking a child for perceived herd immunity.

    1. Kiki says:

      Amen!!! Case in point, the Hep B vaccine at BIRTH! One day old babies are being “protected” from a disease they are not even in a risk group to contract!!! I knew the answer to this question, but I wanted to see if my pediatrician would answer me honestly as to why they now vaccinate newborns with HepB when they are not even at risk. Her answer: The target age to vaccinate against Hepb used to be between 7 and 12 years old before they become sexually active or move to a college dorm. They found they were missing large clusters of children bc at no time in your child’s life are they in the pediatrician’s office more than they are the first year of life. So in order to ensure they reached all kids, they now vaccinate before they are discharged from the hospital.” Virtually verbatim! I was astounded!!! By the time children are even in a risk group for HepB, the vaccine has worn off so they are vaccinating all newborns for absolutely NOTHING BUT PROFIT!! Sickening…..

  31. melissa says:

    read the package insert. Encephalitis is an adverse reaction, it is swelling of the brain. The brain can swell so much that the child is in severe pain and it can cause brain damage or even death.

  32. Kiki says:

    I am a Mom of 2 who are vaccine free and I am starting the process of applying for a religious exemption. Although I live in NY (used to live in Aliquippa/Monaca!) and you are in PA, I know the laws vary by state. Can you give me any insight or advice on how to deal with the school systems? How was your experience? Thank you in advance

  33. christie says:

    If the vaccines are so safe perhaps the doctors could stop making us sign waivers before pushing vaccinations onto and into our children. I personally would like to see a doctor sign a legal letter of personal and professional responsibility after a vaccination is administered by them. I would be interested to see if any of these pediatricians would lay their professional career on the line.. If the vaccinations are safe-why wouldn’t they?? We as parents are asked to put our children’s lives in the pediatricians hands,to listen to their recommendations. But what happens when the vaccination causes an adverse reaction? What happens to the pediatrician? Nothing happens it gets reported to VAERS. Your child is ill from the recommended and pushed vaccinations perhaps permanently.. The correlation between the vaccination and the adverse reaction could even be thrown out as unsubstantiated. Our children get hurt. Pediatricians just walk away and begin another day of administering more vaccinations to more children.”The benefits out way the risks” . I realize this statement is programed into every pediatricians verbal response system now. But, what if the risk was to include not only my innocent child it included my pediatrician’s professional career. I believe pediatrician’ s should be held accountable -Don’t You?

  34. vmv says:

    All parents should demand that their pediatrician sign a statement that he will accept all moral and financial responsibility for any harm that is caused by a vaccination that is administered by him.

    1. Cypher says:

      Watch “The Greater Good” free until 05 November:

      Vaccine awareness.

  35. VMV says:

    Doctors are “employees” of the patient; they exist to serve their patients; it’s not the other way around.
    One of my younger brothers got whooping cough from a DPT vaccination–however, this was many years ago, in about 1959.

  36. Bob says:

    Wow, if your not going to vaccinate your children you need to be arrested for CHILD ENDANGERMENT, not only your own children but for every family you come in contact with. I don’t want you or your children anywhere near my family

  37. sandra kuzma says:

    They did do a study about autism. The Amish are not vaccinated and there are no Amish children with autism. But in our society where mostly all children are immunized, Autism is at an alarming high.

    1. Ard says:

      You are actually wrong on that. http://stacy-herlihy.suite101.com/autism-among-the-amish-a157559. Many due vaccinate, and researchers believe that the lower rates are due to genetics.

  38. MinorityView says:

    Catherine, That is actually a very valid point. There are a few problems, however. First, vaccinated children can still become ill with whooping cough, mumps, measles, polio and so forth. They can also become ill with illnesses for which there are not currently vaccines. The best solution to preventing small babies from being exposed to illness at the doctor’s office is separate waiting rooms, OR having the doctor see the ill child in their car in the parking lot. This doesn’t really justify forcing vaccines on children who have been vaccine injured.

    International travel has been spreading illness for thousands of years. Your assumption is that vaccines are the only thing standing between us and mass die offs from disease. Does it really work that way? The Russians were having outbreaks of diphtheria. The Europeans did not require adult doses of the diphtheria vaccine and it is not a vaccine that provides, to put it mildly, lifelong immunity. Nevertheless, despite a number of cases of exposure, there were no outbreaks of the illness in the rest of Europe. Vaccines? Living conditions?

    To justify an extreme public health measure such as forced vaccination you need a much clearer body of evidence. It isn’t there.

  39. Christine says:

    Doctors should not be permitted to refuse any child adequate healthcare. After all, why be sworn to the Hipocratic Oath if you’re not going to uphold it. Additionally, in instances like this, one has to wonder if it’s because the doctor’s are in cahoots with the drug companies. I’m not an advocate of either, though my kids were vaccinated, but every time a new vaccine comes out, the doctors try to make you feel guilty if you don’t want it for your child. Case in point, the chicken pox vaccine – this just came out when my kids were young, and they tried to force it on everyone. Well, my kids got the chicken pox, so the vaccine was useless. Now they are finding that if you had the shot, you need to have more shots into adulthood, when getting the chicken pox can be lethal. Getting vaccinated should be a choice, not a requirement, and if the doctor doesn’t want to treat a child, then so be it, go to one who will. There are a lot of doctors who actually go into the profession to truly try and make a difference.

  40. Terri Lewis says:

    I wish we hadn’t vaccinated. My older daughter is healthy enough, but the twins are another story: one is trying to recover from encephalitis and long-term brain damage/gut issues (they call it “autism” and most doctors don’t know how to help); the other has problems with asthma.

    The younger doctors are beginning to get the picture. Find one who’s on board with what you want to do regarding vaccination.

  41. christie says:

    Pico, Congratulations on the birth of your newborn! Welcome to the United States of America. We hope you enjoy your stay here- and hope even more that you haven’t trafficked some deadly disease over to us. Even the vaccinated are not 100% guaranteed immune to any of the diseases. It seems the numbers keep changing on that. It’s been shown that properly vaccinated populations have still contracted Whooping cough. So what does the CDC do ? It puts a statement out stating that the vaccine should be readministered every 3 yrs. Our country has mass vaccinated it’s infant citizens for decades now. We are only now starting to realize what side effects have developed.

  42. Cypher says:

    Some of you people really need to be educated. You put everyone who refuses vaccines in the same box and label them “paranoid”. Here are the facts broken down that even a simpleton can understand:

    1. One size fits all approach to medicine does not work.
    2. Wakefield was not trying to link vaccines with autism. He was studying the gut contents of brain damaged kids. His studies and findings have been duplicated many times.
    3. Jenny MacCarthy is the *mother* of a child that was brain damaged by MMR shots, yet the media makes her out to be a clown because of her resume.
    4. There is a government organization that tracks adverse side effects from vaccines (vaers.org). It exists for a reason.
    5. Many parents that refuse to get their kids vaccinated do so because of *personal experiences*, not paranoia.
    6. Getting into a frenzy over un-vaccinated children possibly infecting other kids (that are vaccinated) is twisted logic.
    I have 2 sons. One was born in Europe and the other was born in the USA. The one that was born in the USA had his MMR shot when he was 1.5 years old. Less that a week later he lost 90% of his vocabulary and began to drool non-stop. I don’t need to have a PhD after my name to do the math. My other son received ¼ of the required shots in Europe and he’s fine.
    The definition of stupidity in my book is spending 3 hours arguing with someone about this topic as opposed to spending 3 minutes researching this. You people are so clueless and it’s truly maddening for parents of damaged children to listen to you.

  43. mrs. h says:

    wow, looks like these “moms” are venting to pat each other on the back……cant wait till your child comes down with something and then what??? who’s fault will it be then?? yours??? wait what YOUR fault, then you can tell your child the reason he/she is sick is because of your hocus pocus beliefs…..good luck with that……take a microbiology or genetics 101 class instead of looking up b.s. on the internet for all you so called “home doctors” before you run your mouth and look like a bunch of idiots

  44. wake up people says:

    naturalnews.com do your research

  45. Cypher says:

    Good for you. Doctors try scare tactics because you’re taking money out of their pockets when you refuse.

    1. Heather says:


  46. Susan Oliver says:

    I thought I was doing the right thing..vaccinated my talking, smiling typical toddler…he had a fever afterwards, a seizure the night of the vaccine and two the next day. He had never even had an ear infection before, much less seizures. 15 years later, we continue to deal with regressive autism as it is called. I call it a vaccine injury and encephalitis..inflammaiton of the brain. He is largely nonverbal, will be on seizure medication for the rest of his life, is in a special school for autism, and baffles the mainstream medical community when they read his medical records.

  47. bedhead says:

    Obviously none of the commenters are old enough to remember what polio and diphtheria look like and what the result of these diseases is. Well, I AM and it is not a pretty sight! The people who refuse to vaccinate need to see first hand the crippling effects of those diseases. I would be willing to bet that most , if not all of the anti vaccine people were themselves vaccinated as children by their parents who cared enough to protect them from those diseases. Now more than ever we should be vaccinating ALL children. We have become such a global society that it is very likely that some of the children in your childs classroom may be from a foreign country and may themselves not be vaccinated but may be a carrier of one of these diseases and could expose YOUR un-vaccinated child to it. WAKE UP PEOPLE, PROTECT YOUR KIDS

  48. Rob says:

    I truly wish small pox, polio, rubella, etc. upon all of you and your children. The only reason you think that your children are safe by not being vaccinated is because the rest of our society IS vaccinated. If you want to prove your method is so safe and successful, book a month long stay to sub-saharan Africa or maybe a long canoe trip down the Amazon, then let me know how well it works out for you. I would not want to share the same open air stadium as you new age lunatics. I bet your kids have ridiculous names as well.

    1. Cypher says:

      Rob: The difference between us and you is that WE deal in fact. You simply regurgitate what you were told since birth.


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