Occupy Pittsburgh Holds March In Oakland

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — As many as 250 “Occupy Pittsburgh” protestors marched in Oakland Wednesday night, gathering on the steps of Soldiers and Sailors Hall for speeches.

It was a show of solidarity for a protestor in Oakland, Calif., who suffered a fractured skull recently in a confrontation with police.

Brian Gonnella, of Lawrenceville, says local protestors believe police in Oakland, Calif., used “brutal tactics.”

Pittsburgh police say even though the marchers did not have a permit, there were no arrests, and no reports of vandalism in the neighborhood.

Police made sure the marchers remained on the sidewalks to minimize traffic problems in the busy Oakland neighborhood.

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One Comment

  1. tony bo says:

    thanks for wasting the time of the police…while they were baby sitting you stinkin hippies, real crime was committed elsewhere…

    get over it, and get a job—any job until a better one comes along.

    oh, yeah, it’s getting colder, see how many of you hippies stay in the freezing temps!!!

    1. Amara says:

      alot of those hippies have jobs, actually. and sorry its 2011 humans have been on this beautiful planet for long enough that we should be above sterotyping, wouldn t you think so? Thses people are your brothers and sisters not justs “hippies from outerspace” same creature as you are. Believe or not you share DNA with alot of them, and alot of them are armed with FACTS if people would stop being so comfortable with what other people tell them is to hard or confusing from them to understand and actually LOOK WITH THEIR EYES you would see the entire illusion fall before you, the enslavement of a PLANET, controlled by MONEY. Its pretty sad. I have a job, 40 hours and week, and i would still rather see every person on this planet eat once a day then have any other wish at all. thats just my perspective. just because people are walking and talking and speaking up for their planet doesnt mean they dont have jobs. Thanks.

      1. marleyjay says:

        What they don’t understand is that they are wasting tax money by doing this. Paying police overtime and wasting their time monitoring this situation is a joke while teachers are getting laid off. Protesting without a cause other than being against our current financial system is not going to change anything. The banks were bailed out, but they fail to realize what the consequences would have been if they were not. We are in a global economy and americans need to understand that and lose their sense of entitlement. The system was taken advantage of for too long (not by everyone but many) and this is the end result. The housing bubble didn’t burst it leveled itself off to where it should have been all along. The people that took out mortgages too big for them to pay and then use their homes as sources of additional income are to blame. Banks provide a service, but in the end they are a business to make money, they do so by providing loans. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their part in this mess. But the protestors are marching to the wrong beat. Governments intervention into lowering lending standards caused this. No one wanted to work for “the american dream” they just expected it. I didn’t mean to ramble on but enough is enough.

      2. Free to do so says:

        Well Amara, Tony has his right to his opinion to, and one thing I do know there was an ad for employment hiring protesters that’s why a lot of them are gone every day after 6-8 hours and come back the next day and a lot of others are homeless and are making pray off of the other protesters.
        Then there is the small majority that are actually protesting, which is fine and that they are FREE to do that as I will be free to vote the current communist Obama thugs out of office one by one, so get ready to give them a Christmas kiss goodbye.

      3. Mad Hatter says:

        Then that is your right to feed the planet. YOU DO IT. I have no desire to join in.

        Who the hell are you to tell me what I should do? F OFF.

  2. gman says:

    Tony must enjoy living under corporate rule.Corporatism is a tenet of fascism. All hail UPMC and Highmark!

    1. Warlock Jones says:

      Both pay well, to bad you don’t have a job their loser…

  3. A. Hoffman says:

    Marleyjay. It`s a shame that the rightwing media keeps spreading the falshood that the protesters are asking for entitlements when all they are asking is to see the return of the middle class. The 400 wealthiest Americans have as much money as the 150 million poorest. Does a CEO really need to make 400 times as much as his employees who made him so wealthy? If these people don`t want to pay decent wages or create jobs we should return to the tax rates of the 1950`s, and let the govt. use the money to create jobs such as infrastructure repair. The conditions of our roads,bridges,etc. is deplorable.

    1. marleyjay says:

      The problem is the definition of the middle class was inflated along with homes values for the past 15 or so years. Both are now leveling off. The entitlements that I speak of are the abuse of government assistance (again not by all but many), college tuition, and the expectancy of a job. The first is needed in some instances (disabled, elderly), but the next 2 should not be handed out. No one is forced to go to college its a choice. A job is something that you need to work for and once you have one make sure everyday that you provide value to your company so they keep you. I have no problem with capping salaries for executive management, but you need to be careful with limiting bonuses. The ability to retain talent will be hurt by doing so. The government has no money. They have spent too much in areas that they should not be responsible for therefore roads and bridges (where their money should be spent) suffer. As for taxes, personally I feel everyone should pay the same % on earned wages regardless of your income bracket. If everyone pays the same %, I have no problem with raising them as long as it is across the board to help spur job growth, but it is no sure thing that jobs will increase. There is no quick fix or it would have been done.

      1. Christine DiIanni says:

        Well said! We must get rid of Barry in 2012, he’s pushing this country into socialism with the federal government involved in every aspect of our lives. Enough already, Anybody but Obama and the D’s, 2012.

    2. ! says:

      Are yo blind there is construction going on everywhere all over Pgh., and it’s neighboring suburbs on roads and bridges.

    3. Warlock Jones says:

      Why is it my job to take care of the Poor? If you want to, then you and your friends can take care of them. DONT ASK ME TOO. I do enough already

  4. Zoeyzotron says:

    Hey Protesters, take some responsibility for your actions. I paid my school loan, you pay your. I pay my bills, you pay yours.


    1. Matt says:

      Who said it was? Is this what you do at work all day? post comments on occupy news? The protest is about corporate greed, not zoeygaytron paying for anyone. if you paid for anyone it was the banks when we bailed them out.

      1. Mad Hatter says:

        based on the moronic demands from your website, you are EXPECTING A HANDOUT. That would come at the expense of the taxpayers. GO GET A JOB!

      2. Zoeyzotron says:

        You are clearly inexperienced in economics. It does not work the way you want it to…

        I suggest brushing up on your Soviet history.

  5. Hello says:

    Once again, these people are not representative of 99% of the population. Please stop using that slogan.

    1. BGJ says:


    2. jon says:

      does it hurt you feelings u big baby?

  6. The One says:

    It’s funny to me that the very system these derelicts decry, is what allows them to hold their silly little protests. Perhaps, if you are anti-capitalism, anti freedom, you should move to China. Maybe you can protest there…. And have the government RUN YOU OVER WITH A TANK (circa 1989) Learn your history; educate yourself on what it means to be an American and how lucky you are. Think about it; apply it before your next silly protest.

  7. Jeff says:

    Who’s right and who’s wrong?????? With all the people in the world, there should be no reason why people are starving! We have MORE than enough people and resource to grow food and feed everybody! The problem here is, people are either too busy, too greedy, too selfish or just plain lazy!!! People need to get off their high horses and help each other no matter what! This world wasn’t given to us so we can see who is more powerful or to step on each other!

    1. Christine DiIanni says:

      Whoa, let’s rethink the food thing. We’re turning 40% of American corn into ethanol which has increased the price of all foods made from corn. This is ridiculous. Get the federal government out of everyminutiae of our lives. The dictator (or liar) in chief wants to control the peons while his family can’t get enough vacation time at U. S. taxpayer expense. Anybody but Obama and the D’s, 2012. The Democratic party has been taken over by the left many years ago; it’s NOT the party your parents used to belong to. It’s been corrupted by the unions.

      1. jon says:

        teach a man to fish and he has his own food

  8. Tony bo says:

    Hey Tony Bo here again…

    I was gonna protest, but I had to put my kids on a free bus to attend the free public school. Isn’t that enough? They don’t get free lunches though- darn it! As their parent that is MY responsibility, not yours! If you can’t feed em- don’t breed them. And don’t ask me to either. I’ m pulling my own freight.

    Now I have to go to WORK. No complaining, just going to work…to pay for what my family needs….not what I expect others to pay for….

    Good day hippies….

    P.S. Amara, I checked with my family, you’re wrong..nobody in my family was there. They were at work or with there families being productive.

  9. gman says:

    One more thing. Whoever said they saw an ad for hiring protesters is lying like the man who claimed there were wmd`s in Iraq.

    1. Zoeyzotron says:


      EXCLUSIVE: ACORN Playing Behind Scenes Role in ‘Occupy’ Movement

      Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/10/26/exclusive-acorn-playing-behind-scenes-role-in-occupy-movement/#ixzz1cfB3HLED

      The former director of New York ACORN, Jon Kest, and his top aides are now busy working at protest events for New York Communities for Change (NYCC). That organization was created in late 2009 when some ACORN offices disbanded and reorganized under new names after undercover video exposes prompted Congress to cut off federal funds. Cont….

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