Father Of McDonald’s Drive-Thru Rage Suspect Speaks Out

WEST VIEW (KDKA) — The father of a suspect in an assault at a local McDonald’s drive-thru says surveillance video that’s been released doesn’t show everything.

Phil Klinge, father of Melinda Klinge, says things started with the man in the car behind the vehicle his daughter was in. He says the man began screaming and beeping his horn because of the wait at the drive-thru.

One thing led to another, and police say surveillance video shows Melinda Klinge repeatedly hitting another woman with a high-heeled boot.

But Phil Klinge says that other woman actually took off her own boot and began taking hitting his daughter with it. He says his daughter then took the boot from her and began hitting her, but he says the camera only picked up the last part of the encounter.

According to police, the video later shows the woman who had been hit collapsed on the pavement. Police say the man who was with her appears to get his breakfast sandwich at the window and begins eating it before going over to his collapsed friend.

The woman who collapsed was taken to the hospital and needed staples to close a head wound.

While Melinda Klinge is the only person charged, police say two others could eventually be charged as well.

The people in Klinge’s car were dressed in Halloween costumes, including characters from Sesame Street.

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One Comment

  1. wow says:

    Wow….great job Dad! Now I can see why your daughter behaved the way she did…..keep making excuses for her. It’s okay to beat someone unconscious. All over McDonald’s too….how pathetic.

  2. jc says:

    Criminals and thugs are taking over. The world is a sick, sick place.

  3. Sunshiney says:

    Honest Daddy! That’s what happened!

  4. grow up says:

    they are all idiots. and i don’t believe that the woman that was beat in the head was just an “innocent victim”. i don’t condone fighting but what do you expect. IT’S A FIGHT. let’s not be niave and think that the woman that ended up with staples in her head was a completely innocent victim. her and he guy friend started the entire thing because they were so in a hurry to get there stupid happy meal that they decided to start fighting with them. not to mention that the guy didn’t seem to be to worried about the girl laying on the ground unconsious because he was STILL more worried about his breakfast sandwich so that just shows what kind of people they are too. I don’t think someone deserves to get beat in the head to the point of needing staples but something tells me she got some hits in too but she obviously “lost” this fight. maybe this is something that her and her chubby sandwich eating guy friend will learn from & not start stupid fights over stupid things, but i’m going to bet that the “lesson” was lost on them and also on the people that let these idiots get to them. Learn to ignore people that are @ssholes then you wouldn’t be in this situation.

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