Local Police Chief Talks About the New Ban on Texting and Driving

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — A recent fatal accident was determined to be caused by a teen that was texting while driving.

Distracted driving is dangerous, and now a bill that is awaiting Governor Tom Corbett’s signature will ban texting while driving. How will this law work and who will enforce it?

KDKA AM’s Larry Richert and John Shumway talk to Carnegie Police Chief Jeff Harbin about how this law will be enforced and whether he thinks it will be effective.

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One Comment

  1. George says:

    I do, if someone hit me or my car becasue they are texting, I will get more money in the lawsuite because they are breaking the law.

    1. Texting is for Dummies says:

      Assuming the other party has insurance . . . no guarantees.

  2. Dave says:

    I have been nearly hit head-on by someone texting. A $50 ticket for a first time offense is ridiculous. Put some pain it the violation such as a $500 fine and you might make is law work.

  3. Glenn says:

    I agree with Jim. This law is another example of a big brother government intervention that generates the opposite of the intended result.


    i am disgusted by how many people I see texting or even talking on their phones — unable to use their turn signals, weaving in and out of traffic, or trying to turn the steering wheel with one hand. It’s absolutely ridiculous and TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE. Laws should be MUCH TOUGHER. It’s a PRIVILEGE to drive, not a right. We need really tough laws — insurance companies should immediately drop the irresponsible people, or increase their premiums by 200%. A $50 ticket is just a slap on the wrist. This violation should involve POINTS against one’s license as well. There is NOTHING tht’s so important that can’t wait until you’re out of the car. Remember, many many generations have survived long before this craze, and somehow we managed to survive without a phone in our hand 24/7.

  5. Bob says:

    I am 100% opposed to texting while driving. I think people who text and drive simultaneously are downright irresponsible. However, I don’t think it’s really the government’s say here. Where will it end? No looking at your GPS while driving? No adjusting the radio or thermostat while driving? No looking back to check on your kids while driving? Sheesh!

  6. Sage says:

    I too think many things should not be allowed while driving. The only problem that I have is the use of this most recent accident to push the legislation forward. I know that many questions can be answered through proper accident investigations, but I find it hard to believe that police can determine that texting was the cause of this accident, unless the victim had the phone still in her hand with an unfinished message. I certainly don’t need the police to tell me it’s a bad thing to do.

    1. dum dee dum says:

      she did and the message was time saved in her phone, it was published on wtae .com, hope this helps your rant.

  7. Sage says:

    Agreed, This just seems to be the primary cause of distraction these days. Searching the McDonalds bag for the last french fry is distracting as well. In the end, it’s probably less about public safety then it is about revenue, as most people aren’t suddenly going to say “gee, it’s a law now”. Increasing penalties won’t cure it either. The war on drugs is a shining example of how the “tough on crime” actually works, instead of an educational approach.

  8. Mayor of GBD says:

    will the police stop typing license numbers into their laptop across the passenger seat while they are driving?

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