Police: Couple Takes Woman To ER, Then Robs Her

SOUTH UNION TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — They presented themselves as Good Samaritans, but a local couple is accused of being the opposite.

Patricia Georgiana was trying to get to the hospital, but couldn’t make it. She was standing by her car with a cane going in and out of consciousness when two strangers offered her a ride.

“Someone just jumped in the driver’s seat of my car and started scooping the money off the floor and then he put his hand over my checkbook and cell phone,” she said.

The man in the driver’s seat was later identified as 24-year-old Joseph Walters. His friend, 28-year-old Deboria Axton, jumped in the back.

They drove Georgiana to Uniontown Hospital and walked her inside before driving back to Georgiana’s house on Williams Street in South Union Township.

Walters allegedly broke in through a window and stole gaming equipment and prescription drugs.

Axton remained in the car where she was confronted by a neighbor who memorized their license plate number.

Police were able to identify the owners of the car as the same people on the surveillance tape walking Georgiana into Uniontown Hospital.

“They probably saw someone who was in need,” State Trooper Stefani Plume said. “They were driving through the area for whatever reason and decided to take advantage of her.”

Walters and Axton are charged with burglary and numerous other charges.


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  1. NA says:

    Both of these pieces of garbage are multiple time repeat offenders and drug addicts. They moved into an apartment building and have been terrorizing the residents (mostly elderly and children) since they moved. Deboria attacked a residents 9 year old child, hitting it in the face. Local police (washington township) were called, yet did nothing. They told the childs mother they filed a report and filed charges, but looking into it, they didnt even file a police report. Joe and Deboria also had 4 young children in their care, from toddler through 9 years old. They were often seen severely beating the children or locking them outside of their apartment while they used cocaine and prescription medications that were not prescribed to them. Debbie wasn’t picked up for this incident until the police were called to the apartment complex where she lived, after he newest boyfriend threatened to attack a minor. Deboria is no longer dating Joe, weeks after he went to jail for threatening residents with a knife on the sidewalk, she has a new fiance. In the latest incident Deboria hit a parked vehicle in the parking lot, and then from a stand still tried to run over three residents, All while she had 4 children and her new fiance in the vehicle, two children hanging out the windows, none of the children in car seats or booster seats. These are two people who think the laws dont pertain to them. From what I understand Debbie is being released from jail after spending less than 48 hours behind bars for this burglary.

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