Vice President Biden Chats About Upcoming Visit, Jobs Bill & More

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — When the Vice President of the United States calls, you answer.

KDKA AM’s Larry Richert chatted with Vice President Joe Biden Thursday morning about his upcoming visit to Pittsburgh, the President’s jobs bill, federal school loan assistance, and lots more.

Vice President Biden talked in depth about the American Jobs Act and what it would mean to Pennsylvania.

“My mother use to say, ‘Where there’s life, there’s hope.’ But it’s perplexing to us why our Republican colleagues in the House and Senate are opposed to things they voted for before,” said Vice President Biden.

“For example, tomorrow, there’s going to be a vote in the United States Senate on the so-called infrastructure portion of this bill, which is a lot of help for states and localities, would create hundreds of thousands of jobs by building roads and bridges and so on,” he added. “And right in Pennsylvania, there would be $1.3 billion for repairing roads, bridges, transit systems and it would amount to, the estimate is – and they’re good at this because we know what highway jobs are – it would be almost between 17,500 and 18,000 jobs, new jobs, good paying jobs in Pennsylvania.”

The Vice President is set to visit Pittsburgh on Friday. He will address a crowd at the University of Pittsburgh.

Listen to the full interview below:

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One Comment

  1. FM says:

    Ask Biden 2 questions
    1) If it’s such a good jobs bill why aren’t the Senate Democrats voting for it?
    2) When all the money is used up then won’t these same people be out of jobs?
    Maybe that doesn’t matter since Biden will be out of office by then!

  2. Hwright says:

    Hey I didnt know it came up for vote in the Senate. Or you just believe what you hear in the news! Republican propaganda!

  3. Hwright says:

    Anyways Republicans have voted for many parts of this bill in the past! i am curiious to why they dont now??? Can anyone answer that?

    1. To Hwrite junior says:

      Hwrite junior, I received an E-mail frrom Senator Casey saying that they did not pass
      the bill, maybe you may want to ask him..
      According to Casey ( C ) in Pa. the bill needs to be broken down into smaller bills.
      Congressman Murphy ( R ) in Pa said it was more of a large government stimulus bill..

    2. Alex says:

      I bought a car every year, now I don’t. Could it be that I don’t have the money? Same with the government, no more money.

  4. Hwright says:

    They just want to break it down to appease the republicants and the Industry. Anything that benefits the 99% will be thrown out

  5. Gordo says:

    Marty Griffin is an idiot

  6. bill burns says:

    One of the most stupid white men ever born.

  7. Dave says:

    Why not ask him why we keep spending money we don’t have. We are in so deep that if we don’t fix this soon cutting programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will have to be a must!!!!!!

  8. Hwright says:

    No use arguing! America is no longer for equality and will never be a Equal Opportunity for anyone in the USA! Kill the poor, crush the middle class and when the middle class are poor kill them too! HAIL THE WEALTHY AND THEIR MORAL LESS VALUES IN LIFE. EVNTUALLY THEY WILL FAIL TOO!

    1. Dave says:

      You are joking right? We live in a country where the poor pay no federal income taxes. We also live in a country where the rich pay nearly all of the taxes. So please look at the facts before you make yourself look like a fool.

      1. Hwright says:

        Oh really dont read much do ya??? Fox news I suspect only.

        Try reading that article! STUPID MINDLESS FOOL….

      2. Dave says:

        Hey Hwright that is for companies. When did I ever mention anything about companies paying no taxes after deductions? The fact still holds that the rich pay nearly all of the federal income tax while the poor pay nothing!! Tax the poor!!

      3. He's Blind I Guess says:

        Mr Dave, Hwright wouldn’t know the facts if they hit him so hard and knocked him into the middle of Factland.
        Above Hwright claims everything is Republican propaganda, Senator Casey sent me an E-mail as to why this job bill was not passed by the senate, if he would just sign up for Casey’s E-mail he would see this for himself but he’s blind you see or he can’t read properly i guess.

  9. Hwright says:

    Those 30 top companies must be part of the poor RIGHT????

  10. EQUALITY NO MORE says:

    No More Equality back to slave times we go!!!!! Just keep climbing that latter of greed Dave and the other IDIOT and dont you worry it will be cut down one day and you yourself will FAIL! Go ahead run that campaign on taxing the poor to whomever you want I am sure there are people lining up out there to cut your throat after that statement!!! As far as FACTS why do you completly INGNORE THE FAULTS OF THE REPUBLICANS???????????? Maybe you should be sent to WAR! Dimwit

  11. Equality no more says:

    Mad Hatter Standing up for people less fortunate than you or me is very hard for you to do I see! Believe me I do very well for myself and do live within my means but the Rich do not and continue to slam the poor for more and more of their money through lobbyists and industrial greed! The Government is no longer under control of the people and their vote, its controlled by the Industry and the Republicans promote this!

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