Organization Seeks Sponsorship For Free ‘T’ Rides

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Imagine catching the “T” from Station Square and riding all the way to the North Shore Connector without paying a dime.

It could happen if the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership convinces local corporations to pick up the tab.

“We are going out and talking to corporate leaders about the opportunities to support the free high frequency T service,” Jeremy Waldrup, of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, said.

Waldrup says the benefits from free, reliable service for commuters, businesses and visitors would be enormous.

“We think that it will increase access to the amenities of downtown you can have dinner downtown, got to Heinz Field, watch a Pirates game all in one evening without moving your car,” he said. “You can park on the periphery of downtown which will decrease traffic congestion in the urban core.”

The free rides could cost the Port Authority about $1.6 million a year, but it all depends whether area corporations are willing to pay for sponsorships.

In return, they could put their name on facilities along the route like the new Gateway Station.

“As we’ve seen in other cities, sports teams, companies have really stepped up and they’ve seen an opportunity in terms of marketing and branding by attaching their name to a facility like this,” Jim Ritchie, a spokesman for the Port Authority, said.

The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership will be working feverishly over the next five months in hopes of making service on the “T” free from Station Square to the North Shore Connector.

The connector officially opens in March of 2012.

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One Comment

  1. Level Green says:

    Are they thinking of doing the same thing for the ride to Station Square? They have parking and restaurants too…..

    I can’t wait to see how many politicians are noticeably absent from the opening ceremonies for the dumbest, most expensive idea that anyone around here ever came up with.

  2. Sky says:

    Why not , Forget the people who lost their jobs ,can’t go to school or get their children to a day care center . If you can afford to go to a game or dinner on the North Shore (NORTH SIDE ) you can afford your bus fare or trolly ride to see or do these things . If you can afford to gamble your money , you can afford to get back and forth to the North Shore ! There ‘s free buses for college students that my taxes and yours pay for that caused the ridership to go down and for us to lose our bus service there’s ,limited transportation for employment limited transportation to hospitals , doctors , sure why not just keep the poor , poor and dependent , so you have someone to pick on , and keep giving to those who don’t need it . Why not !

  3. Krystal McCoy says:

    Go to Heinz field to catch a pirates game? Yeah these bozos REALLY enjoy spending time down town and spending money at urban establishments.

  4. Critter says:

    Lets put a tax on it.The democrat way.

  5. U R Poor becaue u are LAZY says:

    NOTHING IS FREE! Pay your own way or don’t use the service

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