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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Reading the grand jury indictment against former Penn State defensive football coach Jerry Sandusky is stomach turning.

The descriptions of the sexual abuse and assaults that allegedly happened to eight young boys are chilling.

“That’s horrible – that’s sick – what are you going to do about it?” That was Kenn Lieb’s reaction sitting in Market Square.

Or from Denise Buccina: “Something like that could happen anywhere – not just Penn State.”

The resignations of two top university officials, Tim Curley, the athletic director and Gary Schultz, finance and business director, charged with perjury, only widen the scandal.

“Our son graduated from Penn State – I just don’t know.” Many people felt much like Bev Frankel.

“Not good if they tried to cover it up I guess,” Penn State grad student Matt Plunkett said. “It’s right for people to resign and get in trouble.”

Calls to Penn State’s Alumni Association went unanswered.

For fans of the university’s legendary football program, rooting for the Nittany Lions often goes beyond tradition to a religion and even if the grand jury finds no fault with coach Joe Paterno’s handling of the information he received about the alleged assaults – is there feeling that he should resign?

“It should be looked at as far as how far did he really take it and did he pursue it as far as he should have,” Jason Dallas said.

Nationally-recognized sports consultant Patrick Rishe does not give Jo Pa a pass. Instead in “Forbes” online, he writes that Paterno’s “mistake was not to pursue the matter with the police” once he realized his athletic director “was not taking this matter to the proper authorities.”

Rishe also believes that the scandal may have consequences on and off the field in both alumni donations and a negative impact on recruiting.

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