Retired Coach Banned From PSU Campus

AP Report: Curley & Schultz Stepping Down

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) — A Penn State spokeswoman said Sunday that former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been barred from the university’s campus after he was charged this weekend with 40 counts of child sexual abuse.

The 67-year-old Sandusky, a one-time top lieutenant to long-time head coach Joe Paterno, is a native of Washington County.

Prosecutors describe Sandusky as a sexual predator and say he used the Second Mile charity he founded to befriend the eight boys he’s accused of assaulting.

The Penn State Board met in executive session Sunday evening, about half the board members were present while others joined by phone.

According to the Associated Press, the Board says Athletic Director Tim Curley and Finance Vice President Gary Schultz are stepping down. Also, a task force will review school policies related to kids’ safety.

The Associated Press also reports that a Penn State spokesperson said the resignations of Paterno and Penn State President Graham Spanier were not discussed at the meeting.

According to prosecutors, some of the alleged incidents took place at Penn State’s football facilities – over a 13- to 15-year span – both before and after Sandusky retired from coaching in 1999.

Curley and Schultz are facing perjury charges, and accused of not reporting an alleged sex abuse incident involving Sandusky to police, as the law mandates.

Schultz’s lawyer says he’ll seek dismissal of the perjury charge against his client because, among other things, the statute of limitations has run out and the mandatory reporting law only applies to those people who come into direct contact with suspected child abuse victims.

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One Comment

  1. PSU Alum. says:

    Dear Level Green,

    JoePa isn’t as much to blame as you may say (guessing you’re not a paterno fan). He has to go through proper channels of communiction to report incidents in a certain order as follows:
    Dir. of Football Operations,
    The Univ. Athletic Compliance Officer/Director,
    Athletic Dir.,
    & then Univ. Pres. & VP.

    Then once all channels are informed, then THEY on the Univ.’s behalf are to then report to the authorities what He (Joe) told them: – local & state police.
    He went through the channels as is protocol like anyone has at their own job. Put that shoe on your foot, would you bypass a boss & jeopardize your livelihood that supports a family income to break code protocol of communication policy activity in the workplace. My guess is no. Joe did all he could along with McQueary & yet others will want those two to excoriated so as to be brought down in it all, which is sad. Ask yourself would you want someone slandering you & your family even if you did all the right ethical things?

    People acted same toward in 90’s w/Enis & also in 04′ during a fight that team members were in. Many forget that in situations like that a coach can’t go around & babysit 50-100 kids all day long to make sure they’re doing the right stuff, you have to trust they know to do the right thing & know to stay out of trouble, after all you’re of adult age in college & should make choices that don’t put you in jeopardy. Yet many think a coach has to tail all around at all times which is just unrealistic & such an attitude by some is blatant disregard of common sense.

    It’ll be sadly unfortunate if it turns out to be true with this, & Jerry will have to answer to his maker for these & any or all transgressions in the end as we all will do in turn in our day of judgement. However, the service his family did for yrs. throughout our region & commonwealth have had an impact on the lives of many in a positive way. Thus, I feel saddened for the family in having to deal with such an awful situation. I’m still a PSU Alum. that’ll stick by my roots through good & bad. It was once said by Dr. King – “a true test & measure of a one’s character is not where you stand in good times, but where you as a leader stand in times of trial & adversity to you fellow citizen.”

    1. Level Green says:

      Dear Alum,

      So if he saw a murder or a rape or someone stealing a car, he would have to go through channels? I don’t think so.

      I too am an Alum and a JoePa fan but my response comes from the heart of a parent rather than a Penn Stater….

    2. Mark says:

      Would I bypass a boss and jeopardize my livelihood if I had been told a child had been molested/raped? YES. Shame on anyone who wouldn’t.

      1. pens4ever says:

        let’s be serious too…..JoePa is the most powerful person at Penn State – or was – Curley was not going to stop him from going to the police – image, image,image…..

    3. Chad says:

      Anyone and I mean ANYONE who knew about this and chose to turn their heads and say nothing is at fault and as much to blame including JoePa. It’s wrong, Period.

  2. s says:

    Sorry. You have to man up and go straight to the police with information like that. This applies to everyone who knew, not just Joe. We all have the responsibility to protect the helpless and innocent from the evil and horrible. The lives of these little boys are ruined, and the lives of their families as well. It is my sincerest hope that Sandusky suffers the rest of his days here and later burns in hell for what he’s done.

  3. Mark says:

    This is a tragic cover up to save their own jobs. Boys being molested for 15 years and nobody knew? How stupid do you think people are? All Penn State employees who had direct knowledge and information about these boys being abused should receive the strongest penalty the law has to offer. The sexual epidemic in America is much more pervasive than you can ever imagine.

  4. Dave says:

    This sickens me beyond words. These young boys thought they were in a safe haven when Sandusky took them into his “charitable” organization, and look how he betrayed their trust. They were already “at risk” kids, so how do you think they turned out? ANY crime to a child should warrant the death penalty, and this state should make certain that these predators meet their maker! I am so sick and tired of hearing bleeding hearts plead the cases of these predators. There are too many incidences of this occuring anymore, and something needs done. I also think the two Penn State administrators who covered this up need to serve their due dilligence as well. Have we no decency anymore in this country??????

  5. jerry says:

    I agree, everyone who knew about the situation were enablers to a very sick man. they should be held responsible for their actions and inactions. they should resign and be replaced immediately. If Joe paterno has trouble talking about this incident because of his age and his generation, he should not be at the level of management he is.

  6. Pens4ever says:

    Paterno after telling Curley should have also noted to the AD that he was then going to take his graduate assistant to the police station to file a report.

    Does anyone know what McQuery did when he saw this disgusting rape occuring? Did he just peek and snaek away to call his dad, and then why wait til the next day see Paterno.

    I would have rushed in and tackled the perverted old B$%#@(& and pummeled him – secured the child, then called the cops.

    Put Paterno down now – kick Spanier out, and let’s turn our attention to the young boys that Sandusky has hurt at an incalcuable level.

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