Fitzgerald Declared Winner In County Executive Race

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Rich Fitzgerald has won the race for Allegheny County Chief Executive.

Fitzgerald, a Democrat, defeated Mt. Lebanon Republican D. Raja.

After four terms as president of Allegheny County Council, Fitzgerald announced he received a congratulatory phone call from Raja at the IBEW hall. Fitzgerald stood before a crowd of supporters where he thanked his supporters and talked about the campaign.

“The leadership in Harrisburg — I can’t thank them enough: Jay Costa, Wayne Fontana, Frank Dermody, Dan Frankel and the leadership in the house who decided I was worth getting behind. They put their necks on the line.

“It feels good standing up here now, but seven or eight months ago it was no sure thing. We all understood that. We were running against a formidable name, a formidable opponent, a formidable person who has done a good job.

“But we were able to get out there and work hard and get out our message. And then we ran a fall campaign. And quite frankly we were outspent two to one. My opponent spent $1.7 million and we spent half of that. And we won by two to one — that’s an amazing thing,” Fitzgerald said to the crowd.”

Raja, once a Mt. Lebanon Commissioner, owns an IT company with about 100 local employees.

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One Comment

  1. Level Green says:

    You people are absolutely out of your minds. Good luck with the same old people…I’m sure it will work out much better this time.

    1. RG says:

      Out with the old, in with the old. Way to go Alleg Cty you deserve it!!!!!!!!!

    2. Charlton Heston says:

      Level Green is people! It’s people! It’s peeeeople!

      1. Planet of the grapes charlie says:

        That’s Soylent Green Charlie you old coot.

  2. Dave says:

    I told everyone this morning it would happen and it did! I can’t believe how many idiots vote in Allegheny Country!

    1. David says:

      Yes I seen you predicted that this morning, and you were right. You were also responsible for getting me to get out and vote for Raja, for I got busy today, but I found time to vote.
      I’m also wondering how many that would have voted for Raja actually went out and voted or thought that it wasn’t important, anyway thanks for motivating me.

      1. Dave says:

        Wow I am glad I inspired someone on election day.

  3. A.Bunker says:

    He looks and sounds like an old school union thug. Very disappointing result.

  4. Dave says:

    And how is it that the voters of Pittsburgh accepted the property tax hike for a library?

    1. Mark Antony Fitzgerald says:

      Friends, Yeoman, Steelers Fans, lend me your wallets!!!

  5. LB Rothermel says:

    Just goes to show you who is left in Allegheny County! A union thug that by all means should be in jail wins.

  6. MIKE says:

    Here we go unions are ruining this country!

    1. Unionsfirst says:

      yeah Job rights. equality, pay raises, controlled work hours, Human rights, Benefits, pension, retirement, 40 hour weeks, holidays, vacation time, sick time, and also PROTECTION FROM YOU!

      1. ROFL@ UNOINSFIRST says:

        My company 3 locations 2 are union 1 is not we all 3 get the same benefits except the 2 union locations get a 5% annual increase and my non-union gets 3%.
        Only 2% of the 5% of the increase goes to the union for these locations, but I guess that’s okay for protection ROFL .

    2. union proud says:

      hey mike couldnt get in a union huh soorry bout your luck whatcha make an hour mike 7 bucks sorry bout your luck get a 15 min break every day sorry bout your luck no time and a half over time sorry bout your luck you loserblame it on unions how bout management you idiot

      1. School much? says:

        If you knew how to use punctuation and capital letters we might be able to understand your jibberish.

      2. hug em says:

        hey school much your mom taut me heil to rite now i really am lmao

      3. meez went 2 yur skool says:

        Meez larned howl to spill at yourn pubic skool, themz tooled meez to joint a yunyon
        to git a gowd gob

  7. Mike says:

    It’s funny none of these politics would give you the time of day, but once elected to office your (the people are god almightly). I but I could walk down the street right in the middle of the politics they would not say a word. Yeah, we know two different people out of office. Been there and done it. Go out, and do some hard labor, and then talk about hard work then we will talk.

  8. jon says:

    typical neo-con losers, waaa waaaa waaaaa.

  9. gman says:

    Yup! Same old same old. It looks like we`ll continue to be America`s MOST LIVABLE CITY and keep our spot on National Geographic`s 20 PLACES TO VISIT list.
    Those who use terminology like “union thugs” will forever wallow in ignorance until they cut loose from Limbaugh and the rest of the hacks.

    1. Jeff says:

      What is your deal????? Do you enjoy seeing hard working Americans continually getting raped with taxes??? I bet you’re very happy that Obama passed that health bill! Insurance rates are going to go up like you have never seen before and the IRS will enforce you to have Government health insurance and they will decide what is affordable for you! I have dealt with the IRS and they WILL put you out on the street, just to get their money! Unions are for the lazy employee who has attendant problems!

    2. Zoeyzotron says:

      And a pension fund that is 30% funded…. GMAN, you are blind to the real issues… The fact that this city still has a “pension fund” and not a 401K should tell you all you need to know.

      Still far to much tired old union voters around here… that will change in the next 5 to 10 year though…

  10. Joe says:

    “Yup! Same old same old. It looks like we`ll continue to be America`s MOST LIVABLE CITY and keep our spot on National Geographic`s 20 PLACES TO VISIT list.”

    Yeah. Most livable city operating under Act 47!

    1. Sorry G says:

      ROFL @ National Geographic, someone should inform them about this Act 47.
      for someone has pee down their backs and told them it was raining in Pgh., LOL.
      Sorry G don’t want to pee on your parade.

  11. John says:

    Once again the idiots of Allegheny County get what they deserve. Days like this (and many others) that I’m reminded why I moved north.

  12. John says:

    hahaha. Yea and we know that National Geographic is where people turn to travel advice. NOT

  13. Zoeyzotron says:

    How about the PUBLIC sector “union victory” in Ohio. They vote to keep their Caddy benefits knowing full well that the state with a 8 BILLION DOLLAR Deficit will now go through massive layoffs to those very jobs that achieved “victory” Typical union… “Yah, Rahhh Rahhh we won… wait, I just lost my job…”

    “But the union victory also carries with it some optical problems. Ohio has an $8 billion budget deficit and Governor Kasich has insisted no taxes will be raised to close it. Absent the flexibility in public sector union contracts that his just-defeated bill had imposed, he will now likely have to cut the budgets of local governments – leading them to layoff workers now that they are blocked from reorganizing workplaces. The firehouse in Lancaster, Ohio had to close last month and layoff 13 workers because it was prevented from changing archaic work rules that would have allowed them to save jobs.
    But the days of endlessly expanding state and local budgets are over, and Trumka and his union buddies may soon have to explain to their members why so many of their least senior colleagues may lose their jobs in order that more senior members can keep their gold-plated health and pension benefits. More senior members may go along with his strategy out of pure self-interest, but the illusion of unions working in solidarity for the good of all of their members will be exposed as a hollow promise.”

    1. sueboo says:

      yes… quote foxnews! they are almighty… get down on your knees before them, they are your lord! They would never lie to the people. Fair and balanced holy ghost! Jesus loves foxnews because of how fair and balanced they are. Jesus died for foxnews’ sins.

      1. Zoeyzotron says:

        SUE – its not a matter of quoting or opinion, its a matter of FACT. You can’t argue with numbers.
        it is a mathmatical certainty that:
        1) Pension funds will fail due to poor economic conditions and at best marginal returns in investments. rising cost of living increase retirement costs
        2) If you save them, as in Ohio, it will come at the expense of your “bothers” as they will be laid off to offset the cost of your benefits.

        Way to go… Glad you can see beyond your own wallet… Try a Macro look next time

      2. sueboo says:

        And what government doesn’t have a pension? Pension plans should be more flexible, but do you really think govt is going to stop paying into its massive pension investment to get a lousy 401k? Allegheny County’s pension is about 93% funded, the City of Pittsburgh’s pension is back up to about 62% from last years 29%. The city required their employees to contribute less while Ravenstahl and crew skimmed off the top. The County never skims off the top so their investment is obviously more stable. Both pension plans have been around for a long time and managed very different. all pensions are bad? why dont you get a govt job if you want one so bad? See what kind of retirement foxnews staff has….

      3. Zoeyzotron says:

        Yes Sue, soon even the precious government workers will come off Pension plans. Doubt it all you want.

        furthermore, I would watch your tone when refering to 401Ks, all the folks that fund your damn pension are on 401ks. your welcome you union thug ingreat.

      4. Robert says:

        Sue – Do you think a Pension funded at 62% is a good thing??? and the only reason it is up 29% is because of federal / state funds (aka TAXPAYER MONEY).

        The gravy train is coming to an long over due end.

      5. Jesus died for all sins says:

        If there is a Fox News quote does that mean it’s not true, I do my own research on anything I hear about.
        Also Jesus died for all of our sins including yours sueboo.
        Anything that disagrees with your point of view must be false is that correct?
        Playbook for the left 1. Run away from issues that hurt your position using Fox news as liars.
        2. Call them a racist 3. Claim it’s the wealthy’s fault.4.Blame GW Bush and if that doesn’t work just blame republicans period.
        I think Zoey is speaking the truth and the current leaders of that state should bring this up at times of cutting jobs or any increase in spending later when they’re accused of any wrong doing.

      6. sueboo says:

        Yes, This world would be better off without racists, the corrupt wealthy bankers and politicians, George Bush and Foxnews. I am not a govt employee but i support laborers. You guys have so much hate, you should take a break from foxnews for a while, at least until that ulcer clears up.

      7. Jesus died for all sins says:

        Sue sweetheart I don’t hate anyone nor did I say that, but your post saying the world would be better off without ect…, Fox news was one of the first to report about the success of the surge in Iraq, KDKA was one of the last about maybe 8 months later after the fact.
        Bush spent more on education than in Iraq, look it up that’s not a Fox news quote.
        I did not vote for Obama because I view him as a communist although I was accused as being a racist.
        I do agree that there are corporate greed and bankers as well as corrupt politicians but I think there is also Corrupt unions full of the same greed.
        If Democrats were so interested in helping the laborers why do they give stimulus money to green corporations instead of to the laborers who pay for this in the first place, I remember Bush did in the beginning and end of his Presidency .

    2. Equality says:


      1. U says:

        Well tell Obama to stop doing that, Equality.

    3. Hwright says:

      Oh the Republican way Cut Budgets to create more unemployment instead of cuttng corporate greed payouts!!!! Oh wait theres a new walmart and Mcdonalds opening up!!! Great jobs from the private sector!!!!!!!!!!! wooooohooooo!!!!! Americas SAVED

    4. Dummies says:

      Zoey, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Allegheny County is lost. There are already too many people who live off the government here. Whether that be on some type of government welfare (SSI, welfare, unemployment, etc) or a union protected government job. The democratic voting block is embedded in Allegheny County and it isn’t going to change. It will never change back to a working class county.
      My suggestion is to do what I’m going to do: Move to another county where people have enough honor to provide for themselves and not demand that their neighbor pay for their lazy, reckless lifestyle.

  14. gman says:

    Does anyone know of a city or state that isn`t in debt? I wish conservatives would stop asking for things that they don`t want to pay for. It`s time to ante up.

    1. Mad Hatter says:

      Hey GMAN – you ante up. I am done! and by the way, 11 states do not have a budgeted deficit for 2012. Consertavises are asking for less spending, less social programs, and a reduction in government.

      The government/public sector has plenty of FAT TO CUT! CHOP CHOP!

    2. Warlock Jones says:

      Ahhh, the USA Today… A paper for children…

  15. Frank O'Harris says:

    I wonder when Darlene Harris finally realizes why Fitz’ daughter is standing in front of her on the stage?

  16. gman says:

    The wingnuts lost.Time to put on your big girl pants and learn to live with it.

    1. defined says:

      Wnignut: A word to define someone who doesn’t agree with gman.
      Communist Government: A system of government where the government plans and controls the economy.
      All citizens are equally economically equal, and all property is owned and distributed by that government.
      Which one describes you gman , it’s not a fox news quote look it up in your library.
      I’ll pray for things to get better for you gman.

      1. gman says:

        No need to pray for me. I`m content. It`s you righties that are crying.

      2. Ken says:

        Crying? Not at all. We’re laughing at you gman, and your failed/bankrupt policies. But you’re too obtuse to get it.

  17. Dummies says:

    Great job Allegheny County. You voted in another Democrat for County Exec. I’m sure he’ll continue on with the same. And more taxes to pay for libraries! Excellent.
    Just a few more years and I can move to another county where I’m not expected to pay for some lazy, do nothing, drug addicted entitlement population.

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