More Cuts Proposed For Pittsburgh Public Schools

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pittsburgh Public Schools are in financial trouble and officials said one way to help with the budget crisis is to layoff teachers.

The budget deficit that the Pittsburgh Public School system is facing will only grow over the next few years.

It is estimated to increase to $100 million by 2015, but measures being taken to limit that, mean overwhelming cuts to teaching positions district wide.

While the need for quality education continues, the Pittsburgh Public School District is struggling to provide it with a diminishing budget.

In a proposed budget for next year, cutting costs means classroom sizes could grow, schools will close and more teachers could lose their jobs.

“We’ve been very honest about the fact that the increase in class size will result in fewer teaching positions next year,” Superintendent Dr. Linda Lane said.

Partially-filled classrooms and buildings have caused Dr. Lane to look at closures and reorganizations.

Perry and Oliver High Schools will close and reopen as the new North Side High School in the Perry building.

However, with eight schools currently on the chopping block, an estimated 398 positions district wide will also be eliminated. Many of them are teachers and paraprofessionals.

There is a clear distress from the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, President Nina Espisito calls these the most devastating cuts she’s seen.

Teachers will face another problem too with school supply budgets also being reduced.

Espisito said unanticipated state cuts have only worsened the budget problems.

“It’s a perfect storm. A perfect storm. But, we’re continuing to work with them, get input from other areas. We are certainly not giving up,” Espisito said.

There will be a public hearing on Nov. 21, where people can voice their concerns. The vote on closures and cuts is scheduled for Nov. 22.

After threats of lawsuits, Westinghouse High School will be reformatted back to co-ed classrooms.

The reformatting will take effect by no later than Feb 1, 2012.


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One Comment

  1. Zoeyzotron says:

    How in the world do you run up $100,000,000 in debt. Irresponsible.

    Don’t ask me the TAXPAYER to bail you out!

    1. MadasHell says:

      Dear Taxpayer, deficit and debt are not the same thing. It was the cuts that Governor Corbett made to education in our state that really pushed the district over the edge. Don’t worry you won’t be taxed. Hundreds of really good teachers and paraprofessionals, people who ALL went into teaching for the shear desire of educating children, will lose their job which in turn adds to the unemployment numbers in our state. When those teachers lose their jobs YOU the TAXPAYER will, will be bailing out those that never meant to do harm, honest hardworking people who did nothing to deserve losing their job.

      1. Beemer says:

        What do I care if the class sizes are a little bigger? So what if kids are sitting on top of each other in class. They’re kids. They’ll adapt. Just please don’t raise my taxes.

  2. Warlock Jones says:

    UNION demands; PENSIONS, work hours, workd days, small Health Care premiums, free retire healthcare, bloated wages, sick days, personal time…. Financial ignorance…. Yah, all that equals about 100 million.

    Good Luck… looks like the free ride is over.

  3. Jack says:

    Cut out the boons, you would save millions

  4. dave says:

    teachers in the city make 2 to 3 times the average salary of cant last either tax base will increase or cuts are unavoidable.

  5. bill says:

    How bout eliminate busing and send kids to their own neighborhood schools,this would save millions and would cut the violence in city schools.And maybe parents who care about their kids getting a good education wouldn’t move out of the city. What you need is someone with some street knowledge to run those schools,What the super wants to do now is move kids from bad schools to good school and good performing students to bad schools to boost test scores.No matter were you move these kid their not going to do well because they don’t care and their parents don’t care about getting an education. Either way PGH PUBLIC SCHOOLS can’t win. TEACHERS CAN’T TEACH KID THAT DON’T WANT TO LEARN. BUILD MORE PRISONS.

  6. bill says:

    You can get your GED in jail so they figure why go to school now < i can do that in jail.

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