Artist Paints Over Sandusky In Mural

STATE COLLEGE (KDKA) — For more than a decade, the likeness of Penn State’s former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has graced Michael Pilato’s “Inspiration” mural outside the Student Book Store along Hiester Street; but that is no longer the case.

In light of the child sex allegations, the State College artist who created the mural eleven years ago painted over Sandusky’s image as students snapped pictures of the change.

“I also got an email yesterday from one of the victim’s mothers asking me to do it,” Pilato said. “It’s just a really sad day for me.”

In its place, Pilato painted a blue ribbon — which represents child abuse prevention.

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  • Hotel6

    This is an isolated incident. Get a grip and qick watching cnn

    • TonyO

      Your sick dude.

  • T

    A little late for child abuse prevention ribbons now !!!

  • JB

    Isolated?….. 40 counts and 9 kids!

  • johnny69

    What would Joe have done if it would have been his own grandchild? I’ll bet a liot more than he DID do, and you all KNOW that is true!

  • Raider2690

    If there was anybody who had knowledge of the incidents in question during that time period then they all should be brought to answer for it. I can not believe that only 5 people knew the extent of the allegations and did nothing. There are others trying to make scapegoats out of the 5 people to try and hide their involvement. Anyone involved should be stripped of all school benifits, retirements and put in jail. A cover up this long has more people involved than 5. Shame on Penn State and all involved.

  • 2000Patrick

    knowledge of sexual abuse, son abuses sister for 8 years, da says cant prosecute, son now married wife knows nothing, has 2 sons, what are chances he is doing this to his sons

  • mouse

    “In light of the child sex allegations”

    No, not sex. Child abuse. Rape. “Sex” implies consent on all ADULTS involved. And I mean real consent, not “she was asking for it by wearing that skirt.”

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