Mike McQueary On Paid Administrative Leave

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (KDKA) — Interim Penn State University President and Athletic Director Rodney Erickson says Mike McQueary has been placed on paid administrative leave.

The decision was made by Erickson. McQueary was notified this afternoon.

“It became clear coach McQueary couldn’t function in this role under these circumstances,” Erickson said.

The university made the announcement late Thursday that McQueary would not be coaching or attending Saturday’s game against Nebraska at Beaver Stadium.

McQueary is the latest employee to be affected by the fallout from the child sex abuse scandal involving former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

On Wednesday, the university’s board of trustees fired longtime head football coach Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier.

Athletic Director Tim Curley and Gary Shultz, a top administrator, stepped down amid perjury charges.

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One Comment

  1. AG Kay says:

    On Administrative Leave? Are you serious? This he-man had to call his daddy? Just a few questions

  2. old enough to know better says:

    OK. If Paterno got fired for not following up on a report, why in the world is this guy still employed by the university????? He was the one who actually SAW the abuse. He was 28 at the time, old enough to know what he morally and legally had to do. Get rid of his butt too

  3. Pepper says:

    Can this ambitious coward…And he should be prosecuted for leaving the scene of a crime!!

  4. Jan says:

    I am appalled that he had the nerve to leave that boy there with that pervert. What was he thinking? He should have called the police right then and there…..not go home and call his Dad. This whole current scenario would have been avoided if he would have acted and helped that boy that night.

  5. Mike says:

    Mike should be fired too Penn State! Fired the old, and bring in the new. Everyone should be fired under Joe’s leadership.

  6. Jeff Miller says:

    I’m so tired of a world where every answer to healing is that old root of all evil in throwing money at it. If you have pride then send in some money and you know how it all goes. How does money take away the pain and heal the victims. Money..money…money…! Buy a blue ribbon and wear blue and oh yeah send in some money…You can criticize me but you know it’s true.

    This whole Mike McQueary deal of being on paid Leave when he did completely wrong is yet another example of just how arse backwards the so called educated leadership at Penn State University is. They fire a decent man who reported things in Paterno and keep on McQueary who was the sole eye witness and failed to act properly and keep him on paid for added insult.

    I would not even want a worthless degree from these imbeciles because if these are the people telling the future leaders they’re ready for the world and advising them then we’re in trouble…..S.O.S….!!!

  7. Jeff Miller says:

    Am I dreaming or what? I feel I have to be ! I got a message for Rodney Erickson who is the new ill equipped and stupid head guy at Penn State. Erickson says that McQueary is placed on paid leave cause he can’t function properly….You know Rodney it’s also hard for a young boy to function properly after Sandusky victimizes him in front of McQueary while McQueary watches and walks away !

  8. Steve says:

    I’ve been suspicious of the dealing with McQueary from the beginning. The initial reports seemed to paint a picture of a young 17yo student. Despite that this grad student was (I believe) 28yo. And a 28yo calls his dad when he sees a 10yo being raped? Are you kidding me? He needs to go if for no moral reason than to send a message that they don’t need a spineless ‘leader’ in the football program. PSU continues to disappoint me.

  9. Steve says:

    As a follow-up, I ask that those who care contribute to: http://www.proudtobeapennstater.com/ Even as a Pitt graduate I was willing to overlook the comical rivarly to help towards a worthy cause. Despite the rioting of a few bad apples, the majority of PSU alumni recognize that the situation is awful and are trying to help raise money for this cause.

  10. You RAT says:

    Show Mike McCoward the exit door just for his failure to intervene while witnessing the actual rape, self serving SOB!!!!!

  11. KiddyDiddlersDie says:

    I suspect everyone on the football coaching staff at Pedo State U. knew something about all this but were protecting the 27 million dollar cash cow program……Clean house now

  12. TheTruthWillComeOut says:

    McQueary is at the root of all of this (other than Sandusky of course). McQueary was and is still very close with Sandusky. He golfed with Sandusky and attended fund raisers with him after he witnessed this crime??? It was reported today that as of last spring he was still sending him on recruiting trips??? McQueary’s only motivation was to try and keep his friend and mentor out of trouble. He only fessed up to what he actually witnessed when confronted by the grand jury.

  13. Tirade says:

    McQueary is one of Sandusky’s sexual abuse victims. Witnessing the shower rape triggered a PTSD panic attack, which caused him to run away “distraught.”. Penn State is keeping him around either out of sympathy or because he has dirt on the university that hasn’t yet been made public.

    I have no idea if the above is true, but it would certainly explain a lot of things.

    1. Fed UP says:

      What a convenient excuse for this man (he ran because he had been abused ,PTSD,). If he had been abused then this is all the more reason for him to go to the police! When are the excuses for all of these people going to stop?

  14. Jeff Miller says:

    In the case of McQueary having a PTSD attack in this case instead of post traumatic stress disorder it could be renamed…Postponed Telling Sandusky’s Demented….PTSD ! Pack up Mike McQueary because you should have been gone years ago.

  15. Greg says:

    He’s on paid leave on a technicality. Apparently, he has “whistle blower” protection. Before anyone gets riled up over that, don’t. I am just as appalled. I suspect the powers that be are treading carefully here. He’s done. They just need to find a legal way to can him.

  16. Deb says:

    I cannot believe that TPTB @ Penn State can actually keep McQueary on at all! If I were the parents of the child who’s abuse was witnessed by this spineless excuse of a man, I would most assuredly bring charges against him as an accessory to the crime! How could you not do something? And if PSU is going to fire Paterno (who followed the university guidelines for reporting an allegation of misconduct) based on his “failure to act” , why does the idiot who actually witnessed the incident get to not only keep his job, but get promoted in the process? Hmmm – methinks the trustees are a tad mentally deficient. (Please don’t misconstrue my remarks as an excuse for Paterno’s lack of action-he should have known better and acted morally not politically. All involved should have.))

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