Mother Claims Second Mile Lied About Sandusky’s Presence At Camp

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local mother of a troubled child is angry tonight.

She says she was lied to by camp leaders at The Second Mile, the organization founded by Jerry Sandusky, the man at the center of the child sex abuse scandal at Penn State.

She says she was told that Sandusky wasn’t at the camp with her son, but he was.

The Second Mile camp is held on the Penn State campus. The kids stay in the dorms. Sandusky was a fixture there.

When the mother of a troubled 13-year-old saw the Sandusky arrest, she started asking questions. She says she was lied to by Second Mile organizers.

The camp meant a lot to the young man. The awards were to boost confidence. Turns out Jerry Sandusky was there as well.

“The program lied to me and said he wasn’t there, knowing he was a danger to the children and still had him involved,” the boy’s mother said.

She doesn’t want to be identified because she doesn’t want her son to be identified. She says seeing Sandusky in handcuffs set her off.

“I was really freaked out and I was very upset that he was involved with these children and allegations had gone back to the late 90’s and this camp has been running and he’s been involved and that was a danger to the children.”

Second Mile will not respond to requests for any information. There have been varying reports about when Sandusky was ordered out.

He left Second Mile in 2010 – the last year this woman’s son attended the camp. Sandusky was there. The camp told her that was okay – Sandusky was not alone with the boys.

Marty Griffin: “So they were okay with him being there after they knew about sexual allegations?”

Mother: “Yes, as long as it was in a large group setting.”

Marty Griffin: “That has to strike you as wrong.”

Mother: “Very wrong. It’s not right. They know those children are vulnerable and they know he’s a sexual predator.”

The woman says she does not believe her son was molested. Meantime, The Second Mile states on its website that Sandusky hasn’t been involved since 2008. He retired from the organization in 2010.

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  1. susie says:

    Second Mile organization needs to be dissolved. It should also be considered one of the villains in this situation. Everyone in this organization had to know what was going on and they too decided to overlook the abuse.

  2. Joann says:

    I agree with Susie’s comments. I hope Second Mile is also dissolved and those “in the know” prosecuted! How could they have known and done NOTHING!

  3. Close It says:

    From Penn State to the state pen

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