Poll: Pennsylvanians Don’t Want McQueary On Sidelines

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Allegations of child sexual abuse continue to rock Penn State University.

Earlier this week, the university’s Board of Trustees dismissed Joe Paterno, the university’s long-time, legendary head football coach. Also out is Graham Spanier, the former president of the university.

According to the latest exclusive KDKA-TV News Poll conducted by Survey USA, 46 percent say Paterno is a scape-goat, but 44 percent say he participated in a cover-up of criminal behavior.

Which of these statements do you agree with more:
Joe Paterno is a scapegoat, Or, Joe Paterno participated in the cover-up of criminal activity?

Margin of Error: +/-3.7%
Scapegoat: 46%
Participated In Cover-up: 44%
Not Sure: 10%

Meanwhile, 65 percent say Mike McQueary, the receivers coach who allegedly witnessed retired PSU defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting a young boy in a shower in 2002, should not be allowed on the sidelines for this weekend’s football game (a decision that was made by University officials after the field period for this survey).

Should assistant Coach Mike McQueary be allowed on the sidelines for this Saturday’s football game?
Margin of Error: +/-3.6%
Yes: 21%
No: 65%
Not Sure: 14%

In a statement on the university’s official athletics website Thursday evening, Penn State said McQueary will not be at Saturday’s game against Nebraska. It is the last home game of the season.

Click here for the complete poll results.


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One Comment

  1. Mike says:

    Penn State needs new leadership across the board, not just in sports!

  2. Lenora Franklin says:

    My heart breaks just thinking of that little boy being hurt and see someone come in and think he is going to be saved and Mike McQueary turned and walked away.

    1. Dave says:

      So true.

  3. mykidswillnotgotopennst. says:

    franco harris needs to shut up. joe paterno was a big boy when this happened and should have known right from wrong. he does not need a cheerleader saying that he was a scapegoat because he overstayed his tenure at penn state. joe should have left 15 years ago and then he would not have been connected to this, but his ego was much too large. joe’s whole career was based on working with and educating minors…he should have been protecting them as well.

  4. Charles says:

    Mc Queary needs to go. End of story. How he and his father can live with themselves is beyond me.

  5. P. Hay says:

    To all, read the inditement… It completely changed my view. At the first news of Paternos firing I was crushed, but no longer. He along with the entire staff had the responsibility to bring this forward when it happened, but they chose not to, they chose to hide it under the carpet hoping it would go away. Hey guys guess what? That decision didn’t work out so well did it? What could have been a recoverable tarnish to Penn State has now become an unremoveable scar. We no longer can claim pride for the “Nittany Lions”, we now must hang our heads in shame for the “Penn State Molesters”. How could you let this continue?? Those boys, now young men, I pray that they will be able to move beyond this. Their scars will forever run deep. ALL OF YOU could have stopped this!!! Warning to those of you who read the inditement, keep a bucket handy, you will be sickened!!! I now agree with the decision to remove any and all Penn State personnel who knew and were in a position to do something and chose not, no matter who they are. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  6. Janet says:

    McQuery is more quilty. He actually witnessed the rape. A 28 year old should have contacted police immediatly!!!! He did nothing . Didn’t even try to find out the childs name!

  7. Marie C says:

    I do not agree that McMike McQueary, the person that actually witnessed the sexual abuse and didn’t report it himself, should be allowed to stay as a coach when they are getting rid of Paterno who told his superiors what McQueary told him. In a court of law McQueary (the witness) is the guilty one. For Paterno to go to the police it would have been hearsay and would not stand in the courts.

  8. Dave says:

    You Penn Staters crack me up. You rant and rave because Paterno is gone, yet you don’t want to see McCreary on the field. I have more respect for McCreary than I do Paterno. He witnessed a horrific crime and told Paterno about it. Instread of taking the matter to authorities, Paterno and his cronies, swept it under the rug, in an attempt to retain their powerful status and reign. McCreary was a student, and as a student, took the matter to the head football coach. The only thing McCreary did wrong was he didn’t kick the sh$t out of Sandusky when he had the chance, but I’m sure he was in shock from seeing such a powerful, respectable man in that situation. Joe Pa is not God, though you Penn Staters worship him more than God Himself – pathetic!

  9. Honeylmalik says:

    I’m shocked this has happen ,but it’s the world we live in now & even for me that Joe Patrono would be involved in this cover-up . Praying for everyone & God will handle this His way. God Bless America !

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