Council Proposes Allegheny Co. Property Tax Increase

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – For the first time in 10 years, there are plans to increase property taxes in Allegheny County.

Proponents say it could raise millions of dollars to help restore recent human services cuts in the area.

Incoming County Executive Rich Fitzgerald is showing support for the proposed property tax increase for Allegheny County. While he will not be voting on the proposed 2012 budget or on this measure, he said without the increase, residents will certainly feel the effects of cuts.

Property taxes haven’t been raised in Allegheny County for 10 years. Now, faced with state and federal cuts, that could change by next year.

County Council is considering raising property taxes to make up for devastating financial losses.

“It’s not a good choice, but it’s better than the alternative of passing a budget without revenue enhancements,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald said he believes County Council has exhausted all options. He said many human service agencies are looking at a grim future and hundreds of job losses if property taxes don’t increase.

A one mill increase is being proposed, raising the current rate from 4.69 to 5.69. That means, if you own a house assessed at $100,000, you will be looking at an extra $100 a year.

The increase is expected to bring in millions for the county.

“It should be anywhere from $45 to $50 million next year and that will plug some of the human service cutbacks. It will plug some of the cutbacks to community college,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald believes there will be enough votes from County Council to have a veto-proof majority.

That would mean current County Executive Dan Onorato could not veto the bill.

Fitzgerald said it’s not an easy decision, but it needs to be done.

“Look, we’re either [going to] have these cuts or we’re [going to] need money to offset these cuts. And this is where Council is stepping up and saying, ‘Look these cuts have gone too far,’” Fitzgerald said.

The vote on the budget and the increase will take place on Dec. 6.


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One Comment

  1. Victor says:

    This is great news for all of us in Butler County. Keep electing democrats Allegheny County. You deserve them

    1. I Get It says:

      Even though I was so busy election day I still managed to get out and vote against this thug, it’s a shame I’ll have to suffer because of some illiterate idiots that don’t get it.
      I understand where your coming form Victor.

    2. Milkman says:

      Go milk your cow or at least wake up to real world needs

      1. bill says:

        I would much rather milk a cow than pay fitzy an extra 100 bucks.

      2. I Get It says:

        Don’t tell me what to do maggot democrat

  2. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Cut Human Services!!!!

  3. sms says:

    let them build you a casino in butler county then say it will LOWER your taxes………

  4. 1-2-3 says:

    Reacessments will increase taxes, now the proposed 1 Mill increse, don’t forget the library tax. Didn’t take long for the Demo-rats to increase taxes. Unemployment in Allegheny at highest level, cut all of these Human services, how many agencies do we need.

    1. Homeless in Mt Lebanon says:

      Counties shouldnt be in the human services business in the first place. That is a state responsibility. Cut spending 50%, lower property taxes 50%, make people REALLY! want to live here.

  5. OWL61 says:

    Fitzgerald during his campigan said NO TAX Increase!!!!! Was Raja Wrong????

    1. Liam McPoyle says:

      Raja wasnt wrong. the voters were. Raja’s problem is he was well organized, had common sense, and isnt a white guy.

  6. King Richard the Turrd says:

    Rich Fitzgerald may be Rich, but I’m not Rich, nor am I rich. I WILL NOT PAY ANOTHER CENT JUST TO HAVE IT MISMANAGED BY TWITS!

  7. Father Frank Anselmo says:

    I will accept a property tax increase so long as i am allowed to roll that $100 bill up in a tight wad, reach in Fitz’ drawers, and stick it up his south shore connector!

    1. Jim Rowdy Roddy Piper says:

      BREAKING NEWS: the Rich Fitzgerald South Shore Connector project is over budget estimates.

      1. Steve Blande says:

        Good news. Then we should build two.

  8. Joe says:

    What happened to Onorato’s drink tax? Liberal Democrats. What a bunch of bums.

    1. sounds like revenge for Onorato says:

      What happened is Onorato lost in court , went on the local news with his eyes bugging out of his head like the out of control mental nut that he is, claimed he was going to raise property taxes, then went on the news the next day saying he would not raise taxes for at this point he was running for governor which he lost.

  9. Willing To Pay says:

    Facts are human services are needed along with other services. Taxes need to be raised to pay for them. That being said why not look at different/new taxes? Can you say Marcellus shale?

    1. Sophie says:

      I dont need any human services from the county. If they were important the state would provide them.

      1. Trust The State? says:

        Sophie – I really hope you don’t believe what you posted.

      2. Sophie says:

        What is the county giving me that I cant live without? Please cite examples.

      3. You'regonnapayoneorother says:

        So cancel all county run serivices. And then what? Make the city, state or feds take it over? Then they will have to find a way to pay for them. It’s $or $9 a month. Get over it!

      4. Sophie says:

        Where are my examples? You dont even know what youre paying for. Just send the brainiacs on county council a blank check? That is what you think I should get over?

      5. Buddy says:

        Jail, sheriff, voting, bridges, roads, parks, airport security, court, public defenders,

        911 dispatch, district attorney…. I dont know… i hate the tax increase, but the county provides more useful services that the feds or state.

      6. Sophie says:

        Your list is of essential services. Those arent the things that would get cut, but for parks. That is what they want you to think will get cut though so you let them do take more money for stuff you dont need. They want to keep throwing money at youth programs, after school programs, united way type stuff, homeless, health screenings, etc. It’s nice to do these things when you can afford them, but we cant afford them. Besides, a lot of these things are available through church organizations and private volunteer groups and, yes, THE STATE. It may sound mean but these are tough times and i want to spend my money on my family, not yours.

      7. $9moreamonth says:

        So to hell with the poor?! homeless?! and even health screening?! how about the health dept? can that too?! And who do you think subsidizes church organizations and private volunteer groups so they can provide these services? The county is one! Not providing human services makes us darn near a thrid world country or at the least heading that way. I’m glad you don’t need any help with human services and hope you or your family never do, but I’d like them to be there for you if you ever did

    2. One small voice says:

      A human Services Worker ?? Wanting to keep that Job, How many agencies have duplication of services. Own a home or rent ?

      1. homeowner says:

        Nope, never. Want to keep the job I have. Don’t know – how many? Own in Allgheny Co

  10. The truth look it up says:

    Communist Government: A form of government that plans and controls the economy.
    All property and wealth is controlled by the government and equally distributed, and all citizens are equally socially.

    The CPUSA in 2010 filed a lawsuit against the Democrat party for stealing their forum, you see they are more communist than the communists.

    1. PLEASE says:

      SHUT UP!

      1. make me says:

        Make me maggot, the truth hurts don’t it .

    2. Thomas J Duttine says:

      Why, exactly, should the wealth be redistributed YOUR way??? What have you earned??

    3. NOT SORRY says:

      I’m sure you do think it’s a great idea taking away by FORCE what other people worked hard for all their life.
      I see posts all the time how wealth should be re-distributed and laws that FORCE individuals in a way to re-distribute wealth and the definition listed above is that kind of government.
      As far as finger pointing you sound guilty of that kind of logic, what you call ignorance is actually fact and I’m not sorry if the truth hurts.

  11. red says:

    who would win in a tax off? obama or fitzy?

  12. darlene says:

    Why not raise the tax on my property….It’s already valued double what I can sell it for, and I can’t afford the taxes on it. I cant sell it .Sooo, I just keep paying for a house I’ll never get my money back on and you keep raising the taxes, Thank you,

  13. workingforaliving says:

    And they wonder why people are leaving Allegheny Co? we are paying high taxes now!! why are we always paying for Human services and eveything else..cut back like everyone else live within your own means. quit blood sucking the hard working taxpayers at every drop. Is the population in Alleg co going up or down? and don’t they understand property value is dropping in most areas. but keep voting Democrates!! the moron party

  14. A.Bunker says:

    This a-hole isn’t even in office yet and he is pushing a tax increase. Typical dumbocrat politician. I hope all the seniors in Allegheny County are happy with their newly elected officials. This is only the beginning.

  15. swin says:

    “When you talk about Democrats all you get is tax tax tax and spend spend spend.”

    …..Ronald Reagan

  16. Chris says:

    To be expected. Voters chose a democratic candidate with a college degree (and a last name of Wagner) over a guy with 34 years of finance experience to be County Controller, which is a job that requires skill, not party affiliation. Just keep trucking the ignorant to the polls, make sure they can distinguish between a D and an R, and let them push the button. Then camp out and tell us that you are the 99%.

  17. weisser wolf says:

    I love the Orwellian double speak; “revenue enhancements”…!!! Unbelievable…

  18. weisser wolf says:

    Translation: Without a tax increase, we’ll have to cut services for all the derelicts in Allegheny County!!!

  19. Union says:

    Democrats at their finest. Raise taxes so the lazy can stay home

    1. Thomas J Duttine says:


  20. Timmy says:

    I don’t need a county sheriff, I am still within Allegheny county limits but have a township police force. I also pay out the … well, you-know-what in local taxes for all these wonderful things.
    When will you people learn that voting Democrat only gets you higher taxes and free stuff for the derelicts? Being a Democrat is NOT what it used to be!!!

  21. Level Green says:

    Hey…at least the Democrats waited 6 days after the election before proposing a tax increase.

    I’m sorry but the people in Allegheny County are absolutely stupid. On the bright side, my property values in Westmoreland County keep going up because everyone is moving out of Allegheny County that can.

  22. Jeff Becker says:

    I thought it was the people of Pittsburgh were the stupid ones, now I realized it’s the people of Allegheny County! Electing Dems wills guarantee tax increases and bloated government. My bother, sisters & parents all moved to various parts of North Carolina and they ALL have nicer houses and far better lifestyles.A house that costs $300,000 there, pays about $2000 a year in property taxes. In Allegheny County you would be looking at $10,000!! What does this mean? You can have afford a much nicer house in North Carolina than you could here. If it was not for my daughter in school I would move tomorrow. Fortunately, I only have 4 more years of this aweful, high taxing county and school district! I’m looking forward to nice roads, weather, schools and affordable housing due to low taxes. I will become one of the millions of people that have moved out of this county because of the Democrat mentality and the old union mentality. I can stay in touch with Pittsburgh, Steelers, Pens and all the other great stuff here via TV and internet.

    1. Dave says:

      Jeff u seem to forget that this county was built on unions…If it weren’t for the unions pgh wouldn’t have anyone living here…pgh is old money(union pensions) handed done frm generations…well there are very few unions left, which equals very few pensions which equals very few hand me downs left…You will see what I’m talkin bout in say 15 years when everyone does move to north Carolina w ya…maken 25k a year…good luck

  23. MustafaJohnson says:

    Is Rich Fitzgerald John Shumway’s twin brother? Just Asking?
    But, anyway ten years without an increase is pretty good so I guess it might be time for a small raise. But only if they don’t waste it. (Yeah right?

  24. mustafa says:

    my momma was a democrat she said to me what the eff are you doing waking me up i be sleep mo fo i said but momma all im want to do is have some food know what her said her said jump in the lake beatch i said oh dear what have i done

  25. Jeeperz says:

    Thought the money from the casino was supposed to go towards keeping property taxes from going up?

    By the way, what ever happened with the $16 million that DC was supposed to pay us for having the G-20 here a few years back? Have we received that payment yet?

  26. Mgt says:

    When I 1st heard the news, I turned to my husband & said, did not Fitzgerald say in his campaign ads that “I will fight property tax increase”, one wk later, after winning the election, he for property tax increase, some fight. Is this a case of say anything to get elected. I am a registered dem who voted for Raja, I felt it was time for some new blood. Had I felt that Mr. Raja was not qualified, he would not rec my vote & I would of left the co exec position unselected. I know times are tough, I work a full time job, & have been working a part-time job since April, I want to keep a roof over my head & food on the table. Maybe the time has come to end some or all programs. You can’t keep raping the same group of people. Just like in welfare, why should a woman or girl, get money, food stamps & wick just because you have a baby. It is not everyone else’s responsibilty to support that child.

  27. MustafaJohnson says:

    What’s wrong with Allegheny County? Too many Democrats/liberals/socialists. If they came to your house raped your wife and daughter, stole all your money and kicked your dog, you would still vote for them because too many of you are buffoons!

Comments are closed.

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