Raja Responds To Proposed Tax Increase

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Allegheny County Council Democrats proposed a 1 mill property tax increase Monday, part of an effort to curb the effects of $50 million in service cuts.

Allegheny County Executive-Elect Rich Fitzgerald threw his support behind the measure, less than a week after being elected to replace outgoing County Executive Dan Onorato.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA’s Mike Pintek talks with D. Raja, the former candidate for county executive who was defeated by Fitzgerald in last week’s election,  about the proposed tax increase.  Raja tells Mike that Allegheny County voters are getting what they asked for, and what he would have done differently had he been elected.

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One Comment

  1. Raja says:

    Raja sir there are some that voted for you that did not ask for this, I’m one of them.

    1. ed says:

      That would make you the minority.

  2. GOP says:

    Sorry people, you pulled the D lever, this is what you wanted

  3. Jayrizzy says:

    I think someone forget to tell him the election is over and he lost…

  4. Mike says:

    Rich is not even in office and he supports the tax increase. We are in big trouble now because he going to support every tax increase. Well I am moving out Rich. New state! I quit voting in Pa because they are liers like all politics.

  5. Mike says:

    When are we going to laid down the law on taxation in this country, it’s gotta stop we are taxing people to the breaking point.

  6. ?Mike says:

    All liers and fools.

  7. Mr. Kite says:

    Geez,we just had a tax increase 10 years ago and as everybody knows,the cost of everything has gone down in the last 10 years.Hasn`t it?

  8. Look Whats Happening says:

    Communist Government: A system of government that plans and controls the economy.
    All property and wealth are controlled and distributed by the government equally.
    All citizens are socially equal .
    In 2010 the CPUSA filed a lawsuit against the Democratic party for stealing their political format,

    1. worse says:

      Totalitarianism (or totalitarian rule) is a political system where the state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible.[1] Totalitarian regimes stay in political power through an all-encompassing propaganda disseminated through the state-controlled mass media.

      1. Even Worse says:

        Call it what you like you’re FREE to do that, have you heard of the 10th amendment of the constitution or are you against things like that were you for it under Rendell ?
        What can be worse politically speaking than taking people wealth and property and re-distributing it, and what amendment will you attack next the second one.
        What’s next for you Communist Government.

  9. Mr. Kite says:

    You`re a fine spokesman for your party Look What, and exhibit A as to why your presidential candidates are a laughing stock.

    1. Look What says:

      Mr Kite, I’m not a spokesman nor am I a republican or democrat, been there done that, I’m concerned with what I see slowly going on in this country.
      I don’t think the wealthy should run the country and I also think the unions shouldn’t either.
      I’m mostly for what money can’t buy FREEDOM SIR, and I agree what a joke some of the candidates are and what a joke the Obama administration is,and the newly elected liar who said he would not raise taxes.

  10. Paul says:

    The entire problem started when Bill Robinson, who represents the Hill District, cried that Dan Onorato reduced the amount of funding to human services, so that directly affects his constituents, who for the most part, probably don’t pay taxes. I think it’s about time people STOP feeling they are entitled to any benefit if they don’t work for it. The Occupy morons are the same way – they think the world owes them a living, yet they don’t want to work, so they blame the people who worked hard to get to where they are at. It’s easier to blame others for one’s failure rather than to accept it yourself.

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